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mr. fancy pants
What happens to your body if you don't eat meat?

life still not fair

well not eating meat is bad

cuz your mody needs protein.

veggitarians eat nuts

so they can achieve protein.

Christ K Humanist "Happy H
There are innumerable health benefits of eating meat, to say, for example, it serves as a fabulous source of high quality proteins, which a single vegetarian food is not able to provide. It contains all the essential amino acids that the body requires.

The red meat contains very high quantities of iron, when compared with plant origin foods. 100 grams of Liver contains 6000 mcgm of iron as against 325 mcgm in 100-gram carrots. Read further to explore information about the advantages of eating meat…

The phosphorus content present in meat gets much more easily absorbed than that present in cereals and legumes. This is owing to the fact that cereals and legumes contain phosphorus, usually in the form of phytic acid that must be hydrolyzed before absorption. Meat also serves as the main source for the intake of vitamin B12.

Though meat is rich in nutrients, but, there are certain things that meat lacks in. It doesn't contain any kind of fiber, which helps to keep your digestive system in order. Also it is very high in saturated fats, thus it is recommended to eat meat, but in moderate quantities.

Preserved meats like ham, bacon, salami etc should be avoided, as they are very high in terms of fats, salts, nitrites and nitrates that are often held responsible for causing cancer. It is recommended to eat not more than 60-75 grams of meat per day and not more than thrice a week.

You will feal weak , if you don't eat meat.

rebecca :)
i was a vegetarian for a few months,
and i started getting really tired and exhausted easily.
i don't know if that had anything to do with eating meat,
but after i started eating it again i've been fine

Key Lay
Well your gonna get less protein and u need protein and iron also..... Idk i dont see why people should go vegetarian at all. Seriously if u think about it if animals could eat us they would. So why shouldnt we do the same? No point in favoring something that would definatly do it to us. Its stupid if u think about it.

You become smaller in stature, your skin is pale and you can become anemic (which means you will have less energy) unless you find some alternative source. This usually means A LOT of legumes (beans). Many vegetarians don't eat enough of these and you can tell by looking at them.

There is a reason that predators are strong, fast and nimble.

lover boy 212
notjing really if u eat the right fruits and vegeas nuts to but u might feel a little week at first

Your body will get weak. It will be harder to gain any muscle. And you will feel weak.

you will lose weight and you have to find protein in bugs and in protein powder. You need meat. On a spiritual level it helps you fight against the enemy during spiritual warfare!

if you're becoming a vegetarian, and you stay one for a long time (like 10 years), then when you do eat meat again, you will get really sick.

however, as long as you have another source of vitamin B12 and protein in your diet, nothing will happen to you except maybe your farts will smell different


I'm a vegan, and am pretty healthy myself :) As long as you replace the protein and iron found in meat with some other food rich in protein (as in nuts, beans, tofu, eggs (though I don't eat eggs)) you will be fine. You may want to take an iron suppliment though, as those who do not eat red meat sometimes tend to be iron deficient.

Miss May =]
As long as you get the right stuff elsewhere (such as fat) then nothing.. look up what food groups meat comes into and makes sure your getting enough of them (such as protien etc)

Brian D
Iron, B12, and Omega-3 fatty acid deficiencies.

It's possible to supplement all of these with vitamins though. Otherwise vegetarians statistically are healthier then the carnivores.

You lose muscle or body mass from lack of protein.
But if you can find something else that has protein then you dont really need meat.

It gains strength and stamina. I've been vegan all my life. You can do better without meat. Mohammed Allee generally did not eat meat except just before a fight. He needed he meat to be mean.but he need the stamina to keep fighting while the other was tired out.

I don't eat meat.

Youre body will just become weaker as you won't be able to build many proteins.

To build the needed proteins, you must take in other sources such as nuts and soy instead of meats.

You start to crave it? I don't know what you mean but If you're saying that you will never eat protein then thats totally bad! Your body will automatically break sown its own stored muscle and use it for energy, BUT cutting red meat is totally healthy (reduce Blood pressure, cholesterol..) Just replace it with lean grilled chicken (no skin because it contains 70% fat !!) And fish like salmon, mackerel.. or soy products like edamame..

Depends on what else you eat..if you dont eat meat, you will be at a loss for protein and could end up being anemic (blood disorder linked to protein and low weight) but if you substitute foods like peanut butter/nuts, dairy products, and other protein rich foods, you can live without meat. Vegetarians and vegans can actually have a very healhy despite not eating meat. I personally eat very little meat and only Chicken and Shrimp if I do and I am fine....

McCain '08
Nothin as long as you find anoter way of getting protein.

☮ Live, Laugh, Love.
Your poop doesn't smell. You have less body fat. Your body is more clean on the inside. Your skin is clearer.

meat contains protein which builds musle and repairs any cuts or scrapes so if u do weight training it will not be as effective and it takes longer to heal cuts. but if u like nuts and other high protein foods then u will be fine

your blood becomes healthier because the levels of cholesterol starts to deplete..which means your overall health will improve..its normal to feel weak a bit on the first week or so(because multiple inner organs of yours are getting used to the new combination of nutrients from your new diet and it starts to detox itself too since vegetarian food always have more minerals and antioxidants but you will get used to it provided you exercise regularly and take a wide variety of dairy foods(especially fortified ones),fruits and veggies in moderate portions then you will see that your overall body health improves..take it slow ok...

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