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What happens if you dont eat?
can you collapse ?
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I meabn i dont feel like eating ... i dont wanna be a size zero model !

no, not if you drink a lot of water. I once fasted for 30 days, ate nothing and just drank water. I did not collapse. On the other hand, as not eating means cleaning your body, and if you ate badly, all the toxins will go out and you will get poisoned by them. That is why it's recommended for people who ate junk to start with one day a week of abstaining of food, with drinking a lot of water. It's a very good way to cleanse your body. But you must consult a doctor first.

you will be anorexic and can die because of your health conditions, you should eat, but doing that, you should also make sure your body is what you want!



The Rock
if you feel hungry then yes you fint

if you don't eat (continuously) you will quite simply die of starvation. in other word it isn't a bright idea.

i Dont sugest u starve your self, just diet. trust me
i have a friend who did that to loose weight for a cuise.
she started having seisures and till this day(its been like 2-3 yrs) still does and it has caused her a learning disabilty

Misty Blue
I wouldn't recommend it.Yes, collapsing from hunger is a big possibility.Why do you ask (just out of curiosity) as it's a rather strange question?

You've lost your appetite,o.k. You need to decide why that is.Are you a bit down?Sometimes that can trigger it.If not then, are you active enough to work up an appetite?If neither of these then the underlying cause may be medical in which case a word with your doctor might be wise.

small fish
you will harm your body,this can be lifelong damage.eat just eat less,and lots of liquids.

Yes you can get sick, the human body can survive I think its 6 weeks without food, as long as it has water. But you can't survive without water.
Why anyone would want to starve themselves is beyond me. But ay whatever tickles your fancy.

jen t
you die

Mrs. Edward Cullen <3
yes you can die...... eat just exercise

Your cells don't get the nutrition they need. Cells need glucose (sugar), potassium, calcium, etc. When they don't get their basic needs, this can affect every body system. Muscles waste away, the heart can be harmed. Your body will rob it's reserves to make up for not eating. All of this can cause collapse because your body systems cannot be supported without food (ENERGY).

Well, one your metabolism slows down so your more likely to gain weight, your brain doesn't function as well, your more acceptable to illnesses, your skin will become more sickly looking, your finger nails will become brittle, your hair will begin to fall out and break off more easily, you will begin to get dizzy spells, could collapse, and eventually die. So, overall you need to make yourself eat 6 small portions of food a day. Most likely your appetite has shrunk because of the lack of eating thus you don't ever feel like eating,. You need to change this before you cause serious damage. And if your a female, well...your a fine candidate for osteoporosis. Brittle bones, arthritis, and well dying at a younger age. Hope this helps.

Basically about 2 weeks. However, your body would start consuming itself, even though you may live, the damage to your body could unrepairable.

Your muscles would deteriorate and you would have no energy and then YES you would COLLAPSE.


Jess xx
You end up in hospital with the drerange.

You get dehydratred and then you would, eventually, die.

But don't do that. There are loads of diet ideas on



Ps. If you are seriously considering this you should talk to your GP for advice

uh, Yah.
If you don't have enough blood sugar, it could cause you to become weak and faint, or collapse.

if you don't eat for a long enough time you could collapse n would have to be put in da hospital

Duh, haven't you ever seen movies or documentaries on Starvation, well here, look at these and then decide if it's the way to go...




Those idiots died from starving themselves, there's obviously more people then that, but check those pages out and decided if you want to be an idiot, or if you want to search online for a diet that fits you.

first is very very unhealthy! and your body will go into starvation mode and start to eat away at your muscle!

yeah that happened to me over 5 times. Trust me dont try it !

Jennipher Q
1. you loose water weight.
2. you keep loosing - after the water weight goes you start breaking down your muscles for energy (since they have more energy than fat) - even if you exercise
3. you are very tired all the time
4. you get gray-outs.
5. you get headaches a lot.
6. every movement you make is strained because your whole body is tired
7. people start to notice that you aren't eating.
8. weeks - months later they force you to go get help
9. you are forced into inpatient at an ED center. (whether you want to or not) - and you lose all control over everything
10. they make you eat all this crap and gain weight
11. they force you to go to boring groups and take stupid meds
12. if you still refuse to eat - they shove an NG tube down your nose and feed you through a pump; and they up your meds
13. if you disconnect the pump then they put IV's into you
14. if you pull out/disconnect the IV's then they put you on really high meds until your so loopy that you don't know what your doing and you can't disconnect/pull out the new IV's they put you on.

After this long process - you end up exactly where you were before except people don't trust you anymore.
its not worth it.

You get hungry!!!

Ruphus B Tripehound
you will get hungry and if you continue to not eat you will get very hungry and if you continue you will get that hungry you will bite someones leg off as your walking down the steet

Very, it may take a bit, but you will get dehydrated for a start.And end up very sick. I wouldn't advise it as a way to slim.

really , dont try it !


Heather Z
Your body will go into 'starvation mode' holding onto any fat it has and burning muscle. Very unhealthy.

Yes u can collapse and end up in the hospital on a feeding tube.

Your body needs food & yes you would collapse,,I get really grouchy when I hungary.

It's very bad for you.
You'll become weak, and dizzy, before eventually collapsing and being admitted to hospital where you'll be treated for malnutrition, and recieve counselling for a percieved eating disorder.
You could do yourself some very real permanent harm. Please don't do the starvation thing.
You will become very ill and your body will shut down long before you actually start losing any weight.

If you want to lose weight, do what I did.
Change your lifestyle. Start eating healthy. Eliminate red meat and replace it with fish, chicken and turkey.
Buy a George Foreman grill and a steamer. Stop frying things, and cook everything by either grilling it, boiling it or steaming it.
Reduce your portion sizes. Eat more veg than you do meat. Eat a small breakfast, small lunch and a modest dinner each day at regular times.
Choose fresh ingredients and learn to cook them instead of relying on unhealthy pre-processed meals.
If you must snack, choose fruit, celery or carrots.
Cut out fizzy drinks and reduce booze. Drink plenty of water instead.
Drink a pint of water before each meal to make yourself feel bloated, that way you won't want to east so much.
Start getting more exercise. Even light exercise like walking to the end of the road and back is better than no exercise.
Most importantly of all...Don't think of this as a temporary diet....Get yourself into the frame of mind where you think of it as a sustainable lifestyle change.

I did all this, and I've lost over 3 stone since September. I still have another 5 stone that I'd like to shift, but the longer I stick with it, the easier it becomes

: )
You die.

Just look up old news footage of the Ethiopian famines
Its not very nice what starvation does to people.. :-(

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