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tina f
What happens if u eat too much sodium in your diet?
i just learned that the good amount of sodium intake a day is about 500mg. when i checked approx how much sodium i ate each day, i ate like.... 2500 amount of sodium!! so, what bad happens to your body when u eat too much sodium?

High blood pressure and a heart attack. If not a heart attack then down the road it will be kidney failure.

Diabetes, obesity, & heart disease. Try eating less sodium~

raises your blood pressure, and when you get older, you could have a heart attack.

Your body dehydrates and you shrivel into a raisen. Meaning it might give you high blood pleasure.

u'll die

*ciao bella*
You will gain water weight and/or possibly get high blood pressure.

Xavier See Jing Han
It may cause you to be dehydrated due to diffusion of water out from your cells. Try not to eat too much sodium and you might have to drink more water.

You retain water and can have high blood pressure.

This is a complicated question.

When you are younger and healthy, most people when they eat more sodium than they need, you pee it out. I believe the scientific term is natueresis. However, with time, depending on your genetic predisposition, high sodium intake has been associated with increased blood pressure.

Increased blood pressure is associated with heart attacks, strokes, etc.

If you stress your kidneys, your kidneys may get little microdamages over time.

It is also theorized that you change your bodies set point for sodium.

An important concept to understand is that water follows sodium ions. If you have more sodium in your blood, you will have more water in your blood (so to say)... increased volume equals increased blood pressure.

Certain races have a stronger associated with sodium and high blood pressure - for example African Americans. Africans Americans respond better than other groups to sodium restriction when trying to lower blood pressure. Groups like this exist for age, race, and other factors.

I would recommend getting a physiology textbook as well as webmd. I would also recommend reading the Citizendium article below.

Also, a VERY important thing to remember is that People are people of habits. If all your life you eat a high amount of sodium, you will be used to a high amount of sodium, and whenever you eat, you'll want to add salt. Over time, this could be a bad thing. I would argue, it is better to learn to appreciate and become used to (make habit) of eating a diet with the recommended amount of sodium. If you get used to this, then eating that amount of sodium will be an easier task.

Now, there are certain people that have really low blood pressures. Petite girls with low blood pressure come to mind. When they stand up they get dizzy and see spots, etc. Eating more sodium, Calcium, and Potassium may be beneficial for them. I would especially focus on the Calcium with girls with low blood pressure and tell them to Flex their legs to get the blood up to their brain when they stand up. CALCIUM, LADIES. That needs to be a billboard sign.

Anyway, best of luck in your sodium knowledge journey.

gain water weight and have high blood pressure

Asia G
Sodium is important for certain neurological functions, so sticking to at least around the 500 mg mark is important (if you want to learn more, look up the sodium-potassium pump) However, excess salt can drastically affect your blood pressure and heart health, so it's definitely important you get those numbers down. And as has been said, sodium also affects your physical appearance, and water retention, but it also has a general affect on weight gain. Sodium is deposited just beneath the skin, where it retains water and can make you look puffy and bloated. And when water is retained in your cells, it impedes the fat burning process and slows your metabolism.1
I suggest trying to stay away from overly proccessed foods, as these tend to have high sodium levels. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a better substitute. And try not to put salt on anything you're eating (unless you're making it from scratch, it's probably already loaded with salt)

Also, if you know you're ingesting too much salt, you can drink more water to help flush it out of your system (WARNING! As I've already mentioned you NEED salt in your body to function properly, so don't go overboard. Drink your necessary 8 glasses a day, and if you're trying to get down to better sodium levels, a glass or two more can help. But don't go to overboard unless you're doing heavy physical activity- ie, working out or something else strenuous)

Good luck!

High blood pressure & you may gain weight.

Reese G
You'll get bloated, fat, obtain high blood pressure, have a stroke, become paralized on one side and eventually die in some nursing home. =)

liz m
You can get High blood pressure and retain water weight

eat all goes straight to the brain where it builds up. If you eat too much itll probably explode. The only way to prevent this is to carve a small hole in ur head.

Usually, an increase in blood pressure and hardening of the arteries.

Your blood pressure can go above normal, healthy levels leading to hypertension.
"The body uses sodium, potassium and other electrolytes to maintain a healthy fluid balance, and avoid dehydration. Thus sodium intake is linked to water retention and associated swelling (edema). Excess intake of salt is one of the commonest reasons why people develop fluid retention. Dietitians typically advise people with water-retention problems to eat fewer processed foods, add less salt when cooking and remove the salt shaker from the table. How much sodium should edema sufferers consume? One leading expert recommends women to reduce their daily sodium intake to 1,000 milligrams. (Normal Sodium RDA is 3,500 milligrams). A good low-sodium diet plan to follow is the DASH diet, which also helps to lower blood pressure."
Hope this helps. Good luck.

Charming C
kidny stones

lindsay lohan
I know it messes with the amount of water your body holds. Your body will hold a lot, but it can't really be used.

You get heavier and more dehydrated.

Wooo0ooh, cut down on the sodium!

gavin S
It makes your arteries nice and hard, which inturn raises your blood pressure,. Salt absorbs water so you will look nice and fat like an American

the mcdonald boy!!!!!!!!!!!!=p
you gain lots and lots of weight and ul get fattttt!!!!!!! thats bad

sodium holds water so you'll gain weight, also to much sodium can give you high blood pressure.

it holds in your water weight

u gain wieght

u feel bloated

Where did you learn that 500mg is a good sodium intake? That is WAY too low. 1200-2000 is withing normal limits. To much sodium ( which 500 is NOT) will make you retain water, bloat and can cause increased blood pressure.

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