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 Am I overweight?
I am an 18 year old boy who is 6 foot tall and 16 stones in weight! Am i fat? And if I am how much shall i lose and how?


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What happens if I starve myself?
will i loose any weight
if i starve myself from today ( 7/28 ) until Sunday ( 8/3 )
or for like 3 weeks ?
or what can happen?
Additional Details
i play softball too..
so can that increase the chances of me fainting?

you will probably gain weight...and you could go to the hospital and possibly die. Not really good to starve yourself.

If you starve yourself for three weeks you'll probably die. If I'm not mistaken you'll also swell up and get bloated like many of the malnourished children in Africa.

If you starve your self for six or so days you'll get very sick. Like others have said your heart will weaken. Additionally, you'll lose muscle mass which is never good. There are a whole host of nasty health conditions that go along with doing what you're suggesting. As other has said please go see a doctor. Anorexia is a serious health condition. I hope you make the right decision.

you wont loose weight because your body will keep the fat because you aren't eating anything

If you do not eat, yes, you will lose weight.... at first.

Then your body will go into survival mode and try to use the sugars as energy. Therefore, you will not be burning sugar, instead your body will store it and use it as energy. Then, you will gain weight because of holding onto all of that sugar.

It's best to just go on a fruit, veggie, and protein diet. And eat lots of fibers (prunes, certain fruits, etc)

♥CoUrTnEy ♥ H
You could die. and you just gain more fat.

you'll die.
But don't starve yourself just eat very little.

if you starve yourself u will lose weight
first your fat
then your muscles
then your organs will wither away
then u will die

be healthy please!

Hockey Fan
just run/walk for three miles a day and cut out 500 calories. you will lose weight, be very toned, and still feel good. you'll just gain it back and then some once you go back to eating after you starve for 3 weeks.

go caps! (:
You will become anorexic and die :O

William K
You'll eventually die.

Your body will adjust to the lack of food intake temporarily, but then it catches up with you. The lack of nutrients can cause organ damage AND brain damage.

What is it with people who want to do this kind of thing. Rational dieting, coupled with exercise, is the key. Try Weight Watchers.

dont starve urself! u will die! just eat healthy. starving ur self just makes it worse because u wont hav that thingy that burns fat

you could wind up collapsing and in the ER. NEVER starve yourself. You are a living thing that needs nourishment in order for your body to function! Take care of yourself.

when the body finds itself starving, it stores fat. It will consume muscle tissue before it will use fat. You increase the toxins in your body leading to kidney failure, liver disease and ultimately death. Stupid way to try to lose weight.

Your body will slowly start to devour itself and your organs will shut down.

The average person does NOT handle not eating well; in this modern time of food aplenty, the body handles it less well than someone who, say, is a survivalist.

After a day or two of not eating, you will feel weak, dizzy and disoriented. Day two or three, you might start having black outs and splotchy vision. From them on you get increasingly weak. You probably won't see any difference in weight for at least a week, anyways, so all you'd be doing is damaging yourself. Also, if you eat ANYTHING at all after not eating for a few days, it will go straight to fat. By not eating for a while, you put your body into starvation mode, during which any nutrition it gets it will immediately store, since your body doesn't know when it will next get any food.

The best thing to do in this short amount of time is eat smaller portions of healthy food (no sugars, fast foods, anything saturated or heavy in starches), LOTS of water and exercise.

Good luck!

more slack
Your body will use up muscle and spare the fat. When you go off the fast, you'll gain back whatever weight you lost and then some - in fat! That's the basic diet yo-yo cycle and why crash diets never work.

Instead, eat an appropriate number of well-balanced calories for your size and activity, and consider adding exercise. The weight will come off, slowly, but it will stay off.

you will lose very little weight this way...thats what i do and it soesnt work so i am going to stop

Hello i'm tender roni
you will past out definitely

Lol it doesnt work.
My sister tried to starve herself for a week.
Then guess what? She gained back.
It was funny. You might will feel sick.
I'm not here to tell you dont to starve yourself,
because it doesn't work, trustt me.

- Death
- ZERO fat loss
- Rebound weight gain of twice what you lost.
- You would lose muscle. You would gain back fat.
- Your metabolism could be permanantly altered.
- You set yourself up for adult obesity
- Your heart could be irrepairably damaged.
- The scale will say you weight less, but because it was muscle loss, you'll be very flabby.
- Your digestive system will be out of whack for months
- You could develop stomach ulcers
- You won't be able to move out of bed by the fourth day

Shall I go on? Don't be lazy and stupid. Do it right.

you'd starve... your body is a temple - look after it. to look after it you have to feed it, water it, clean it etc etc. do not disrespect your own body or anyone else's.

ARE YOU CRAZY???!!! why would you starve yourself for THREE WEEKS?! ok a LOT of things could happen. one -- you could die. two -- it would make your immune system verrryyy low, so you would be more likely to catch a disease. three -- uh, yeah you would loose weight, but you would look disgusting. four -- it would be just stupid. nobody in their right minds should starve themselves.

you probably wouldnt lose much weight as when your body isn't fed properly it panics and clings to the reserves it has. You could however make yourself very ill and cause life long damage to your organs if not death.

The body requires nourisment but when you stop eating you will first lose body fat. Next the body will start to 'digest' your muscle and eventually you will die.

A good idea to lose weight wothout working out so much is to drink water when you are hungry and eat fruit and vegetables. You WILL NEED PROTIEN so find a low fat food that contains protien. Most vegetarians are not overweight.

Don't do it. Just eat like salads and nothing fattening. Go jogging in the mornings.

WOW...you are stupid!
You will die and most likely turn annorexic,

smart one.

u will have to go to the hospital. dont be a moron! just eat healthy. when u dont eat ur body uses up ur muscle, not your fat. (weird, right?) anyway, it is stupid and childish

your metabolism will slow down. this means that you stomach will have trouble digesting foods.
you will become constipated.
your body will go into starvation mode
and it wont be fun.

Guess Who
You will die if you starve yourself/

you could probably die

Posh baby
Self-starvation is one of the worst things you can do to your body. It causes your metabolism to slow and your heart to weaken. If you want to loose weight I would recommend healthy dieting and exercise IN MODERATION.

Anorexia is a very serious disease. http://www.womenshealth.gov/faq/easyread/anorexia-etr.htm

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