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Gemma M
What can i do to ensure that i go to the toilet more regular??
I am worried that i do not go to the toilet regular enough (bowel movement) I probably go 2-3 times a week. I eat healthily and include lots of fruit, veg and wholemeal food in my diet but nothing seems to shift.Does anyone have any ideas? I do not want to try laxatives. (Serious answers only please)

R Stoofaloh
Stop taking it up the a**e.

shes here!!! 6lbs 9 oz
The best thing to try is ex-lax which contains the herb Senna, its chocolate and you take it at night and in the morning you go normally, you dont have to rush to the toilet, you buy them from any chemist or supermarket xxx

green tea might help,ive heard it can be good for that.
some people find coffee helps.

I have the same issue. I have medical reasons that need me to go so I don't develop more problems.
I eat alot of fruits and veggies but it doesn't get enough for me. I have to use BENEFIBER. It is in a green canister. It does not change the taste of food or anything, so I put it in my diet coke 2-3 times a day and if it works too well i back off a little. but just a teaspoon each time and your set!

gemma you need plenty of fibre,and prune juice is good,for you,and prunes and also eat an orange every night about an hour before you go to bed,

Try adding fiber to your diet it may help

Katy N
Ok. I am the same way. I don't go EVERYDAY like my husband or children. Everybody's body is different. I find that if I drink a cup of coffee I will usually go within the next 24 hours. So if you feel that you should go but don't want to take a laxative, try coffee or swimming may help too.

sweet one
as long as you are having regular bowel movements and are eating healthy there will not be a problem. Everybodies bowel movements are different and this may be normal for you. i wouldn't worry

Erin B
thats about normal. everyone's digestive tracks are different. yours is nothing to be worried about.

mandy m
eat licorice

Maybe you should go and have a thyroid test. This can make you are regular?
Also have you tried ready brek with sugar first thing in the morning, Or strong orange squash.

eat oat bran, sultanas, dates and drinkplenty of water. Works for me!

Two or three times a week is probably normal for you. There is no law that says you have to go every day or several times a day, even though that may be normal for other people. As long as you're feeling well, I wouldn't worry about it. Just continue to eat your diet of fruits, veggies and whole grains, but be sure to include proteins, carbs, and small amounts of healthy fats (olive and canola oil -- no animal fats like lard), and drink plenty of water. You'll be just fine.

telboy everton forever
try weetabix with rhubarb on top it does for me

Drink plenty of water.
Try taking Sea Kelp tablets, available from Health Food Shops - they help with the body's metabolism.

Firstly if you are not going to the loo more regularly then it is likely that your diet is not as good as you think. You may have a food sensitivity which is causing you to be constipated so I recommend that you get a test. Make sure you drink two litres of water per day and take a fibre supplement - Lepicol is the best on the market and is available at all health food stores. Have a course of colonics - you will get a lot of information from the session for example you can see whether peristalsis is occurring etc. Colonics will also give you bowel a bit of a work out as well as clearing you out.

Everyones toilet routine is different. Drink plenty of fluids and make sure you have five pieces of fruit and veg ever day. Avoid laxitives if at all possible, it only makes the bowel lazy.
Dont forget the rule: What goes in hard comes out soft and what goes in soft comes out hard.

thats quite healthy, and if you go to the toilet with ease ( no constipation) then you are fine not every one needs to go every day

try prune juice Gemma

it'll soon have you cr*pping through the eye of a needle

Del Piero 10
Drink strong black coffee first thing in the morning. I must do the frivolous answer - read ghost stories.

you need fiber!... try prunes, oats, bananas, bran...

This may be fine for you. If you want to try to stimulate your bowels more then eat prunes or drink prune juice daily. Sit on the toilet for 5 minutes every day after you eat breakfast whether you have a BM or not. So long as you stools are not hard or dry and marble like you are fine though.

Eat a bowl of shredded wheat in the morning. Coffee/tea is a stimulant. If you eat lots of veggies, you need lots of water to help move that fiber out, otherwise many of them can actually be constipating. Some vegs/fruits are constipating in one form and laxative in another. Raw carrots are laxative like, but cooked carrots are binding. Raw apples-laxative, applesauce-binding. Spinach is very good for you, but can be binding so try to drink water to move the bulk.

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