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True or False. Do corsets really slim your waist line?
A friend of mine was telling me that a corset can slim your waist. I would like to take my waist down a few sizes and I haven't found anyother exercises to work. I'm slim in build but want smaller waist line to go with my slim build. If this to be true, where can you find the 1800's lace up corset or one similar? I have checked Victoria Secret, Newport News, Fredricks of Hollywood, and Ebay. I haven't found any to my liking but would like to know if this to be true before purchasing a corset.

Big Mike
Try duct tape!

Victoria Secret has wonderful corsets.

I imagine it does. But for future reference, DO NOT USE DUCK TAPE! Previous expierience, it leaves marks.I wouldn't use a corset, personally. I'd do it the old fashioned way: Sit ups, crunches, and lots of work out.

candice s
I say true

i always need help


A corset will do it but it is really a pain. I worked where we wore pants and a real wide leather belt, This acts the same way but is much less painful.Wear it a bit tighter then you normally do though and as each week goes, you can go a bit tighter and a bit tighter. Just 'cause you are loseing your waist.


True as some of my friends who wears them benefits. But do not wear them too tight as there may be stretch marks after you remove them.

Adrian S
Why endure all that discomfort for a short term fix? I don't know why you ladies do that.

animal luver
Corsets only create the apperance of being slimmer. I am not sure where you could find an old one but I would try british stores...... I think that they would have them............ But it won't actually make you thinner.

You should be careful because it is possible to injure yourself if you lace too tightly. When women wore them as everyday clothing, many would faint or become dizzy because it can be difficult to breathe. They also can cause damage to the ribs and possibly problems with internal organs.

I'm not sure that cinching causes permanent reduction of the waist although it might stop you from eating very much. Remember Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone With the Wind"?

I go to many reenactment events at which cinchers (like a wide belt) and bodices are worn. If you wander around in the summertime, you might drop a bit of weight. But, reshaping the body generally starts with exercising the right muscles. I wouldn't depend on a cincher/corset as a shortcut.

*White Girl*
false they just make you look slimmer. i have one, if you want it just pay for shipping. school play

Mrs.sexy women Brenda
boy! i wouldn't want to try it,

No, but it can break your ribs if you so desire.

It won't make your waist slimmer, as soon as you take it off it will be back. What it does is stuff all the flesh into a small container. It is like wearing shoes too small. It won't make your feet smaller, but, people who don't know you will think you have small feet.

absolutely a real corset will make you look much much slimmer instantly. but no, nothing you buy from any of the companies you have just mentioned sell real corsets. what they sell are novelty items not meant for functional use. they might make you feel slimmer but in actuality they have not and will not. a real corset is custom made for your body and made of heavy duty materials as well as having steel ribbing. if you are interested in them this is a site that will custom make a real corset you can wear for functional use rather than just novelty.


i mean yea it does but only for the time period you wear it oh and it hurts while you wear it to though

A corset only slims your waistline when you have said product on. But if you mean it'll slim your waistline permanently after several years of wearing it? Perhaps, but I highly doubt it.

It matters you have to wear it like all of the time, sleeping, eating, walking, and even having "FUN"

Wow, I don't know where, one thing they aren't very comfortable, is it really worth all that? Try slimming undergarments, there are alot these days, usually one piece.

It is true but many women were deformed by these terrible under garments.

they can slim your waist but there are some health notes you should look into. they shift around your organs inside your body. check out the web address it will tell you more.
I was looking for an under bust corset for haloween and cam across several websites where you can have a corset specialy made for you. They are pricey but they will be the best for you and chreate the most waist cinching.

Only while you're wearing it. As soon as it comes off, gravity takes over again and everything goest back to its normal place.

They do hold you in. But they are very unhealthy because of that. Not to mention how uncomfortable they are. You may have to find one in a vintage shop or on ebay or a costume store. I wouldn't advise you to wear one for a long length of time.

it can be done... but you need to know how to properly use a corset. don't just buy one and throw it on... it can seriously damage your organs, since it's them pushing everything up into your body

corsets do trim but not the way you want. I saw a documentary of women in the past wore them to slim down their waistlines but they suffered for it. It affected their health, the internal organs were displaced by force and ulitmately suffered early deaths. I would recommend ab excercises.when you do them remember to twist your body to focus on the sides of your abdomen to get that shape

While you are wearing them, certainly. But if you wear them long term they most certainly can cause a permanent change to your torso. Smallest waist in the world was 13 inches and it was achieved via corseting. However, you have to know this WILL be uncomfortable, cause pain, and will permanently rearrange the orientation of your internal organs, primarily your liver. It hasn't been shown to cause any particular diseases or whatever, but it will be painful AND expensive.

Stephen K
Trick question. It slims by compressing and reshaping your body, but once it comes off, you slump back to the real you

You can use corset to make your waist line look slimmer. You can wear it when you are wearing a dress or something you particularly wants to look slimmer. But if you want your waist to look permanently and you want to use a corset, it will be very painful. Because you have to use it almost the whole day. And it will not work overnight. You will see the result after a long time. Your body will actually go an unnatural form. Some say it's kinda mutating your body. When you use the corset for a long time, the organs in your abdominal area will shift places to accomodate the new limited space. For example your liver will get higher squeezing in with your stomach and etc. So I would say, it will be a painful process. So if I were you, since you said you're slim already, I would just be happy with the how I really look. Try abdominal workouts to make your abs look great so you would not think of using a corset!

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