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Lucine H
Stupid question about cereal but I need to know?
I need to know this because I am recovering from an eating disorder and... just need to know

When you eat cereal in the morning, how much do you put in your bowl? Do you automatically fill it up to the top, or do you fill it halfway, or do you scoop it with a measuring cup or what? Or do you just eat however much you want?

Devil in Details
I usually stuff it in my ears. Thanks for the two points.

I believe that the normal is 1 1/2 cup of cereal and 3/4 cup of milk. Perhaps, you can use 2% milk. That is my serving.

What a great question. I hadn't given it much thought, but when you asked, I realized I always do about the same thing with my cereal every time.

I fill the bowl until it is about half and inch from the rim along the sides. Then I pour milk in until I can either see the milk through the holes in the cereal, or until the cereal starts to shift (from floating on the milk). Strange.

Eating disorders are peculiar. Some people just need to find a food that they are comfortable with to break their destructive cycle. I knew a young woman who was probably saved when she decided that carrot cake was okay to eat. After a while she started branching out into other foods and now eats what she wants. Good luck.

i mostly fill it up to about to the top but not really cause you still have to put the milk in so you dont want it to overflow
haha thats a random question

Usually I fill it to just above half way.

There are no stupid questions. To begin with... what size bowl? The cereal lists a "serving size"-start with that. There are tricks to the "presentation"
If you were not eating enough... start with a the serving size in a larger bowl that normal. It won't look like so much. Eat slowly.
Make it as pretty as possible- add some fruit- a slice of toast...
Cereal is a great start. Make mine Froot Loops or Lucky Charms- smells soooo good..
Never begin a meal with out 1st giving thanks for the food and it's nourishment for your body; make it taste that much better. Good luck. Be blessed.

Jackie S
I am presently on a 1200 calorie diet...and I eat the serving that is suggested w/ skim milk on the packaging..I also put some kind of fruit in the bowl....usually 1/2 cup of something...berries ...1/2 banana...etc...this is what my family Dr. has suggested...just as long as it is a good cereal...not junk food cereal...good luck

nicole f
Umm just make sure you have enough for milk but maybe you shouldnt take my advise I weigh 320 pounds

funny guy
I exercise a lot so have no worries about me eating 2 or 3 full bowls of cereal for breakfast.(that is a bit unhealthy for a normal person.) A normal person would eat about 1/2 to 1 bowls of cereal for breakfast. Someone recovering from a eating disorder would probaly want to eat double the normal serving though.

Put how much you want, just remember to leave room for the milk. Congrats on your recent recovery!

Jovi Freak
I fill it to just over the half way mark, adding milk takes it upto the top.

i usually fill my bowl half full, leave room for alot of milk

~Your Resident Psycho~
I would say go by the "serving Suggestion" on the back of the box. Personally, it depends on how hungry I am as to how much I put in my bowl.

since you are recovering from an eating diorder this is not a stupid question but a valid concern. Most cereals serving sizes are 8-12 ounces however very few actually measure it. Just fill your bowl to a level you and your parents are comfortable with and if you want more you can probably have more. You didnt say if your disorder was from not eating enough or eating too much that is why it is wise to have someone else help you determine the right amount to eat. Sometimes when battling these disorders our judgement is not as it should be.

fill the whole bowl up, especially because your recovering from a eating disorder..it will be best to eat the healthy cereals and eat two bowls a day so your body can take in what it lost. also eat plenty of vegetables & fruits.

That's not a stupid question. I don't even know how much you are supposed to fill it up to. I can be concidered fit and I fill it up all the way.

most servings are about 1 and a half to two ounces, if you look at the side of the box it'll tell you what a serving size is for that cereal.

Rainy Day Lover <3
it depends what cerial, try looking on the nutritional values on the side of the box. it should have the serving size there.

good luck with it!

i just eat however much i want

i take about a cup, taht's normal ps. granola has 800 cal a cup

I fill it about halfway, sometimes a little more, and I eat up to 2 bowls.

Fill the bowl.

Chris H
i also have recovered from a eatin disorder and i just fill it up to the top

I just pour it into the bowl until it looks like enough.

put in as much as u can eat.

one bowl

Since bowls vary in sizes, and you are recovering from an eating disorder I would recommend a measuring scoop or a food scale. The benefit of either of these two methods is you can ensure you are getting enought food and can quantitatively track your food servings. Remember your body needs a certain amout of calories per day.

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