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Document Guy
My pants are loser my face is thinner, but I don't seem to lose any weight, why?
I've been swimming 1.5 km daily for some months now. Everyone tells me how much I've lost weight, how much my face is thinner, all my pants are looser; I need to buy new pants 'coz all of mine are falling to my knees. But as for my weight on the scale, I just don't seem to be losing any weight. I thought it was my scale, but I've tried different ones, and I'm just not losing weight. Somehow I've been getting slimmer, but the weight is still there WHY???

Playing Nice
Don't look at your scale as the be all and end all, but get a measuring tape to check your progress, and that will show more tangible results.

Good luck and stick at it.

You are experiencing the loss of big, blubbery FAT and the addition of dense, rock-hard MUSCLE. Adding muscle is keeping your weight up. Don't worry about what the scale says, this is a good thing.

Why do you ask?
muscle weighs more than fat... you are gaining more muscle mass and losing fat.

Alfa Female
My sister and I are the same height and dress-size, but she weighs a stone (14lb) more than me, but she does the gym 3 times a week and runs marathons! Whereas I just have an active job.

So, you've got your answer, as muscle is indeed heavier than fat!I just wanted to say well done!! I think it's amazing what you've done!


lost fat built muscle. you do know that muscle weighs heavier.

cuz ur fat become ur muscle

muscle weighs more than fat so if you are thinner and happy do not worry about the scale.

Sometimes we lose weight in odd places such as our face! You may only be losing the fluids in your body or some body fat. keep on going, if your pants are looser you must have lost some weight in your waist. If your trying to lose weight it seems like your on your way. good luck...

maybe its jus ur muscle building up! relax. who cares about w8 if u got the perfect build!

Trainer Gregg
Hi there!

You are likely replacing body fat with muscle, which is a good thing. Muscle does weigh more that fat. My guess is that you didn't have that much fat to lose and you really weren't that fit just prior to trying to lose weight. When this occurs, you can see this phenomenon. Keep your dieting up and your weight should come down a little when your strength gains start to slow.

Take heart, it sounds like things are working for you.

I believe this answers your question, but if not, you may email me.

Good luck on your diet and fitness goals!

Trainer Gregg
"You can achieve anything you set your mind on."

you are losing fat but gaining muscle, which weighs more than fat, so you look stronger but will maintain the weight. If you change your diet to eat better you will lose weight

Congratulations. You have converted all that fatty flab into muscle. No kidding. I wish I have your determination.

u are converting fat to muscle, if u still want to lose wieght try a high protein diet

You are turning fat into muscle -- that is great news.

Now -- about those loser pants -- now that they are probably looser, too -- you should get some winner pants.

jenny s
Your muscles are toning that's all, after a while your weight will drop.

muscle weights more than fat. if you're swimming everyday, probably you got muscle and lost fat. you get slimmer, but weight doesn't change that much, i guess.

The reason is you are gaining muscle which will increase your weight and you are losing all of the blubber that you used to have on your face and on your waist. Keep up the good work!

The weight is there in the form of muscle. You've built muscle by swimming, and burned off all the fat. Muscle ways a ton compared to fat. It doesn't matter how much you weigh, as long as the fat is gone!

Good job!

You are losing fat and gaining muscle. Muscle is heavier, that is why the scale has not changed. Continue your cardio workout. FORGET about the scale and measure yourself according to the clothes you are wearing (or buying).

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