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 Swimming good for muscles or what?
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My husband calls me fat all the time. i don't know what to do. Any ideas?
I've tried to lose weight but nothing works. i've had 4 kids and i way 230. Ive never weighted that.

Everytime he calls you the eff word (fat), go get mcdonalds and eat it right in front of him. This should shut him up because it will show him that calling you names will not help you lose wieght. If you are like me, I eat more for comfort when someone is making me feel like crap. Good luck hun, and remember that they majority of people are dealing with your exact issue so don't feel like you are alone.

Makenna S
Tell him he doesn't exactly look the the same either and that if he doesn't love you the way you are then he shouldn't have married you and had children, and if he's open to it go on a diet and exercise plan together.

been there
Does he say other demeaning things to you or otherwise treat you in a disrespectful manner? This could be the beginning a verbal and emotional abusive relationship.

As for trying to lose weight and not being able to, maybe you should talk to your doctor and find a safe way to help you, but because you want to do it, not because someone says you're fat!

no man shound ever call any one fat there no right to call any one one. if u are is husband he sound know never to call his wife fat. wow if u hand 4 kids go girl and no wonder yr fat because u hand 4 kids and u will lose the baby fat and its not fat its all the water inside u. i think u and him shound chat and u ask him why he calles u fat, tell him u dont like it and it upsets u. i think that if he callin u fat he sound be the one who will have 4 kidds and see wat it fells like havin 4 kids. but chat about it and try and sort it out. ey and also 4 kids wow like to keep them goin.
never let a man call u fat because tat to me he dont like u hats u and dont love u but him self

Try consulting your doctor, you may be diabetic, or have thyroid problems. This usually causes weight gain in itself. Also, walking always helps shed the pounds..Good luck!

I bet he's no oil painting, give it him back, see if he can take it, most men can't.

Call your lawyer and dump the insensitive bastige.
I'll bet you have never said anything bad about anybody yourself, Have you?
Wear balck clothes and try to make yourself look thinner.
Lose some weight and dump your husband.

You may go in for "weight loss" programmes if you like ... ignore remarks from your hubby .. it's your health and your body ...who cares ?

Step 1: Smack the **** out of him for saying that.

Step 2: Worry about how YOU feel, not about how he perceives you. Maybe you aren't losing weight because you are doing it for the wrong reasons and you can't stick to it.

Shaun the Sheep
Eat less and exercise more. If you're not losing weight then you're not trying hard enough.


Tell your husband to stop being an insensitive pig and that you will lose weight when you are good and ready. If he really loves you it shouldnt matter what size you are.

Tell him......
I may be fat but youre ugly
I can lose weight.

I think you should give your husband a good kick in the A$$!
You have 4 kids!

Jennifer T
Don't take that, no one has the right to call someone else fat. I am sure he has imperfections of his own. Whatever you do don't sink down to his level and don't let him call you that in front of the kids

Well besides the fact that it's rude for your husband to call you fat, you can try weight watchers. My parents have both done it and lost 100 pounds so far and are so much more happier!!! It takes some dedication and change but is definatly worth it! Good luck!

tell him to shut up
lets c him haveing 4 kids and being small.

Tell him you're trying, and him calling you fat isn't helpful. I'd bet he's overweight himself. Try starting an exercise routine involving both of you, doing active things together, like going for walks with the kids.

Smack him

Thats so mean, tell him how you feel, ugh id leave him!

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