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My 5 year old is overweight?
My 5 year old weighs 72 lbs. She acts like she is constantly hungry. The women on her dad's side of the family are all obese and diabetic. I am trying my hardest to control her weight without making her selfconsious. I try to make her eat healthy, but she just keeps gaining, and she's pretty active. I feel so bad for her though because she's the biggest in her class (tallest too). What can I do to get her back on track without making her feel bad? I only want the best for her, and want her to be healthy without "dieting".

Wow. Some of my classmates don't even weigh that much...and I'm in 5th grade. Did you try the pediatrician? I'm sorry I can't really help:(

try smaller meals, or eat more fruit (it acts as a laxative)
try and get her to drink water or squash to.
perhaps shes eating fine, maybe she doesnt do enough physical activity?
try to keep her busy, it will take her mind away from thinking of food

umm i saw this show on discovery health and its where ur child keeps growing adn growing and never stops.... so it could be a really bad disease so yaa go c a doctor and tell them the whole situation. if shes always eating and is never full it could be pradar willie syndrome. so yaa go tell ur doctor immediateley and mention that disease and if thats not it then ask him/her if there fimiliar with a disease where the dont stop growing b/c it is a rare disease, i just dont no the name sry!!

Try to use whole wheat for pasta, bread .Keep refined sugar out of diet .Everything that goes in her mouth has to be high nutrients.That should be a way of life not diet.

Jesse M
just start changeing her meals over a period of time with more vegtibals and stuff

Well now. If you want her to be healthy, she needs to be supervised on a diet by a doctor. Get it done brfore it's too late. See a childrens doctor for this.

la reyna de 941!
dont diet!thats bad for children...give her healthy foods like strawberrys and grapes
they also make nutional drinks that taste great
special k cereal is good and comes in different flavors...dont limit intake on heathy foods just on the fattenin ones...also get her active...play outside with her...u say she is very active but try to let her cheer or do karate...to answer your question yes she is overweight but not obese yet so there is time for change...to help...cook healthy and remove some unheathy foods...im tall and was on the thick side and this is what mi parents did for me so try it

Cut down on Fats and Carbs -- thats what makes people gain weight. Eat more protein and fruits and veggies. See ur doctor. Also excerise would help her out too.

Danielle M
Talk to the docter. See if he has some suggestions. Get rid of all the unhealthy food. Throw it out. Never buy any of it again. If she wonders why say because it went bad or you eat it all. If you only have healthy food, she can only eat healthy food. Right?

You buy the groceries and you fill that pantry and if the junk isn't there for her to eat, she won't eat it. Sure there will be times when she'll be somewhere else and she'll indulge, but she's going to be fed by you 99% of the time and if you make healthful and low fat choices she won't have a choice but to start liking healthy snacks. She should get 3 meals a day with one snack in between. the meals should be low fat and half should be veggies (and fries don't count). Do away with fast food (my kids don't even crave it anymore) and prep snacks and put them on a plate like apple wedges with natural peanut butter, grapes, oranges etc.
Eating fruits and veggies is a habit and if she's only 5 you can instill that habit now. If you wait, she'll reject your attempts and it will just get harder. Do it now. She'll follow.
Sugar is in small amount only once a day and only after the plate (half veggies) is eaten. She may say no at first, but will eat it if she knows the small treat depends on it.

My cousin was overweight as a child too and her father was always DIET DIET DIET (he had been the same way and his mother didn't do anything and he resented that) ... but then she resented him for that. So it's HARD, i know. Buy diet food (diet cakes and cookies etc), for her to snack on, and then find different low fat dinners you can make that still have a lot of food to them. Sign her up for a ballet class to join a little kids soccer team ... my cousin plays tennis every almost every day ... Exercise WITH her ... go on hikes , ride bikes! Buy her presents for her b-day etc that involve physical activity ... this way it becomes FUN and she doesn't get the idea that you are like DIET but more be healthy! I want to be healthy too! kind of thing, you know? Good Luck! :) I hope everything works out for you

Well that depends on a lot of things, you should talk to her doctor to rule of any health reasons.

Most kids have baby fat which wears off as they get older (sometiems it wears off at 8 and other times it wears off at 16)
And if shes tall its jsut natural she is going to weigh more (people don't always realize how much more a healthy tall person really weighs.)
Plus kids need fat to develop correctly.

If you are worried that she is over weight start by recording what she eats. I know you think she eats healthy but you may be suprised by what you find if you record it. Perhaps you are eating out often (which is usually high fat food, even in formal resturants) or she is drinking pop more often then you realized. Maybe you frequently cook pre-made "boxed" meals (these are often high in fat) or cook with a lot of butter. Try making sure her snacks are healthy without added fat. Carrot sticks are good, but add dip and they are loaded with fat.

You should avoid fad diets as these are usually very unhealthy, especially for kids, and many diet products contain nutra-sweet which, though it has less calories, has been shown in studies to create a craving to eat more. A diet is something you do for a few months to shed some pounds and then stop (and usually put the weight back on) Just make changes that are better, don't look at it like a "diet" you should look at it as making a healthy lifestyle chage that will stay with her into adulthood.

If you are still worried I would consider having your doctor reccomened you to a nutritionist to help organize a specific diet for her or try putting her on a vegetarian diet which is very healthy for diabetics and low in saturated fats.

its child psycholgy to try .........what we try to stop..
gaining attention!!!!!!!!!

give her to eat what u eat at home..
if u eat good she will learn good habits in life..

remember in the long run ..kids copy parents>teachers>friends..etc etc..

keep a chech if she gains weight despite not eating good .go to doctor..
take care

Get her to practice sports; she may like volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track. You may want to play a little ball with her outside, it will help her and it would be fun to...Good Luck.

Well, if she puts on a pair of pants and her fat is hanging over, she's overweight. However, if she's just 'larger' than the other kids, and her weight fills out her height, she's fine. If not, just set up an eating schedule for her. SO many eggs in the morning, so much for lunch. Them some excercising. Maybe go for a mother/daughter walk/jog around your neighborhood? Then after dinner, give her a bowl of chopped fruit ( like grapefruit, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, etc.) instead of ice cream and junk!!!! It works with my kid!!

shes growing man thats normal to always be hungery the same thing happend to me theres only a problem if she done growing and shes over weight

if she active that a good thing to maybe you should talk to a doctor of try webmd.com

well being tall means shes goingto be bigger, just ensure she stays active and eats right. With a healthy diet and exercise eventually the weight/ height ratio will even out because kids all go through growth spurts at different times in their lives, you should talk to you doctor if you thinks its a valid concern because i cannot tell you if shes overweight based on the info you provided.

yes and you are in charge so help out before it is too late

blue. eyed. snowmoblier.((girl))
i would try by telling her how small her life will be if she is obese or try to tell her that she is still pretty but she need to be just little bit more active like sports constintly or play with other kids out side every day. say no to treats. no pop no sugar gum. no snacks every few minutes.
try that for awhile.
hope i help just a little bit.

Take her to the doc for a good physical if she hasn't had her yearly physical yet this year. The doc can run some tests to rule out medical causes for her weight and then offer suggestions on what my be most effective at controlling her weight.

Melissa S
Encourage activity to help balance out the food she is eating. Maybe enroll her in a sports league of just playing at the park or in the backyard can also burn calories. Also only provide healthy food as options for her to eat and be creative with them. Chewing on a carrot at 5 is no fun!!! If you have difficulty with coming up with things she can eat, talk to her pediatrician. Explain to her why healthy food are important without focusing on her weight as the issue. Talk to her about the importance of healthy bodies. You definitely do not want her to develop a complex about her weight, especially at such a young age.
Good Luck!!

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