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Made fun of for being skinny?
i know im skinny...i just turned 13 in november..and i weigh 78 lbs..im 4'11? my friends and people call me anorexic or whatever and they dont know how it hurts and i barely ever make fun of the way they look? they always make fun of me but they're still "just joking". i tell em it gets on my nerves but they still do it. how can i get a lil chubbier?
Additional Details
i eat alot. but i have a high metabolism. so it makes it harder to gain weight. =

stay the way you are ,fat will come

Pedro S
dont be an idiot..people would kill to be thin..look around at the fat slobs...you cant be too thin or too rich..old saying still true

Chihuahuas Rule!!!!!!!!
People also call me anorexic and it really bothers me I also have a fast metabolism and am skinny just because your not fat doesn't mean you need to gain weight would you rather be fat or skinny be happy with your body don't let people pressure you into gaining weight don't star eating junk food it is unhealthy and if you have a ast metabolism it may not work remember just like people are pressured into being skinny don't get pressured into gaining weight as long as you eat healthy you should be fine also if it really bothers you the next time a friend says something confront them don't just shake it off be happy about who you are

punk cheerleader #1
ur not too skinny......they are just jealous because they want to look as good as you. you should not try to get "chubbier" because people will pick at you even moreee

Dont try to get chubbier, its not healthy. Play softball or soccer or some other sport, it'll put a lil weight on you but it'll be good weight. I used to be really skinny when I was little and I got picked on a lot. You know what helped me get through it? My family and the fact that most of the people making fun of me were overweight. Be happy if who and what you are and don't start overeatting because you feel too skinny. Plus your still real young, give things time and see what happens.

The Pack
First of all there probably jealous of how nice u look, i dont think u want to gain weight. But if u do just start eating and be lazy.

You're 13, you're just starting your normal development process, so I don't think taking supplements would be a good idea since they CAN interrupt with this. So, even though you are skinny, you have reason to be so don't fret about it. It's always a good idea to get checked by your MD just to rule out any pathologies (illnesses), like a thyroid problem or maybe diabetes.

Look, nature will take care of making you chubbier (and, God willing, chubbier in "all the right places", that's the tricky part *lol). And as far as the bullies go, all I can say hon is that: Karma's a ***** ;) I know that right now, this is one of your the biggest challenges, all I can say is that every experience like this builds character if you decide. Empower yourself and make a conscous decision that this (or any other sh*t people may throw your way, and believe me, middle and high-school WILL bring experiences like these) does NOT define you, it's just a way of life giving you the tools to build from your life whatever you set your mind too...where it really counts: in The Real World. Only losers with no goals in life let bullies define them, and they end up blowing themselves up in the school's cafeteria or something, that's so 2000 *lol. You may be skinny but you can be strong if you just decide to be.

If you still want to gain weight healthily, try seeing a nutriologist and get a healthy weight-gain diet plan (no eating Snickers bars till you drop or whoppers until you get a coronary). She'll probably give you more protein and exercise weight-plan.

Now, I know you're short (by your descrption)

I can symptize with your situation, but let's just say I'm just about decade past 13, since I'm 5'7 and weigh 115lbs. Even more, I'm latina so in the latino culture thin is not always in. I have been skinny ALL my life and have been subjected to thin "jokes" for as long as I can remeber and most of them came from my own parents (latino parents / family members prepare you for the world by helping you develop a thick skin this way, and from an early age *lol). I feel very comfortable in my body, which is the most one can aspire to.

Kids will tease you no matter what sometimes. They find something to tease about, but it is usually easier if you are fat or skinny. I know. I have been skinny all my life and so is my daughter. It is just how I am. Nothing I can do to help or gain weight.

As long as you are eating and eating healthy and getting plenty of water and it is not health related and you are healthy then don't try to gain weight for other people. Now if you truly are unhealthy and think you might have an eating problem then you do need to talk to someone about learning how to eat again. Your BMI is pretty low like 15.8 which 18.5 and below are considered underweight. I am very thin 5 '5 and 100 pounds and I have a BMI of 16. something. I eat healthy, but still have a hard time gaining weight.

hello kayla. :)
you're not anorexic.. you're petite. i have friends the size of you. tell them how you feel & if they keep making fun of you they're not good friends.

Luke F
I don't think you should try to gain weight, it will just happen as u get older.

omg....we should be twins!!!:)

this is the same problem as mine......during the last few years i learnt that there is nothing u can do about gaining wait and ive chosen to accept myself for who i am......and it wasnt easy......every time u see urself in a mirror tell urself u look fine

Just don't diet


there is nothing wrong with being skinny. dont let it bother you, and dont try and change who, and what you are. i'm skinny myself, and i get made fun of all the time too. let it slide off your shoulders. we skinny kids will stick together! their just jealous! hang in there!

Fruit Cake Lady
If only I had had your problem when I was your age. Your lucky, being fat made it much worse. Eventually you will probably fill out some. Those who are making fun of you are just jealous. Stay the way you are, you are much healthier this way. A phrase one young man who was very thin told me was: " I eat to live, I don't live to eat."

I go throigh the same thing. It's not nice when people say that.
But if they are trying to make you feel bad,just turn away.

that is very light for a 13 years old, but you are also very short, but i am no doctor.
anyways, eat healthy and dont try to get fat. realy, it will just backfire on you.
eat lots of fruits and vegtables and carbs some times, but dont eat fatning food or just junk .
think healthy, and you will be .

♫♪♫ The Music Makes Me Sway.
try eating a lot of protein.....and healthy foods so your at least being healthy. Chances are you will hit a growth spurt and gain some weight.

i just checked a websight and you are actually underweight the normal weight for your height and age is 79 to 116 pounds

talk to your doctor

Jdouin F
I know how you feel. I know that you aren't anorexic becasue you are adressing the issue and want to fix it. If you really want to get some meat on the bones then there is a powder that gets some muscles and meat on you. This is actually healthy. I am sure your oarents will have a problem at first with it becasue most parents dont like kids enhancing themselves, but reassure them that it is not unhelathy.

Tell your friends that it isn't your fauly, you eat what you want and that it is not a problem to u. If they don't stop try consulting your parents to help you deal with the proble,m.

eat a burger. there's a start.

at 4' 11"...U R the most beautiful young lady at 13...do not and I repeat myself...worry about being that weight...YOU WIlLL gain weight eventually....your body and functions are still growing un til you are between 18 to 21....so if any one say U R skinny..tell them a doctor says you are the """PERFECT YOUNG LADY""" and that they are jealous!!!!

danielle h
don't pay them no mind becuse they all are jealuse of u.

Get a little chubbier, my eye. Look at these rude people and tell them that you may be skinny (and could gain weight if you wanted), but you can't fix rude and stupid.

You will in your own time, wow, with friends like them who needs an enema..haha..j/k...yeah, so ignore them, they are just hating on you because they are jealous...wait till you are about 22 and they are lard asses and you are perfect....

you should gain muscle mass, or eat more.

First of all, try telling them again that you're serious about how their making fun of you makes you feel. I hate to say it, but it might be time to make some new friends.

Have a chat with your doctor. He/she will tell you if you need to gain weight and then how to do it.

It's natural the way we are don't let it get to you, have a talk to them indivudally seriously saying stop it because its pissing me off and getting me upset, I'm 16 and i weigh 8.5 stone, convert that to lbs, its hardly as heavy as I should be but when I was your age I was about 5 stone, we all grow and we all change just let time take its toll and dont try to make yourself chubby as you might turn obease... I eat and eat and I dont gain much weight but its my metabolisim and i assume thats what is going on with you...

Don't change yourself becuase of other people :)

Michael M
Well first off, you should tell your friends how you feel. If they don't understand that, then they aren't really much friends at all.

Secondly, if you are unhappy with your weight take a look at a food guide. Try and create yourself a new diet with that. One can never be too healthy, whether it be to gain or lose some weight!

they're just jealous cause they probably wanna be as skinny as you.
learn to flaunt it (:

Rockur the Pink Floydian
They call me stix...
You are not the only one!!!!!!
I'm 15 and weigh 79!!

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