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Jami N
Love handles? good or bad?
Is it a good thing to have love handles?
my friend was trying to tell me that it is. and that guys like them.
do most people think theyre unattractive or what?

I say that they are unattractive. I don't understand why any quy would like them. I mean yeah, it gives them more to hold onto, but I think it would be more of a turnoff...

It just means your overweight. But yeah some people love them. I've met a girl who thinks pimples are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hate them, but i wish i wouldn't.

As a man, I think female love handles are unattractive. Sorry.

Also, although it may not be fair, I think it's not as big of a deal for men to have them, judging by women I know and who they've dated.

bad , very bad

El Chino
only the little ones are ok i guess but the big ones look really nasty


♥snow angel♥

killll them hee hee throw em into a volcano!!!!!!!!!!!!! now who's with me???

If the waist is small its ok.

Well I for one am not a fan..

Erin J
Love handles are where your body stores fat.
Maybe your friend was trying to be kind, but in all honesty, the less "love" on your "handles", the more attractive you're going to look and feel.

every man that i've ever been has loved them....no man wants to sleep with a skeleton. My finance loves to hold my sides and pull me onto him, he always tells me he loves my body b/c he feels like he is making love to a women not a corpse. but i guess its every guys choice....more importantly be happy with yourself and you'll find the man who values your body!!

: )
On women, they are good as long as they are not excessive. Love handles are actually just the fat on your hips which is what gives women their curvy shape. With absolutely no 'love handles' aka hip fat, a women would have a straight up and down body shape which would not look too good. This is why men who get love handles complain that it makes their body look too feminine and curvy.

uhm not very attractive from my point of view. deppending on size. little ones are cute...big ones are a little grosse

love handles are fat

i have them and hate them but hubby loves them

Not a big deal one way or the other as long as the person is healthy and they aren't big fat bulges.

Kenton C
i want to cut mines off

Ms. Vida
love handles are a good thing and can make many men happy. But remember a little love handle not the whole roler coaster.

Icy Gazpacho
A firm body is attractive... but a bony body is not so much. If the choice is between an athletic female body... a scrawny twig and a curvy girl with a little love handle accesories.. I'd go a) athlete.. b) curves... c) twiggy.

Does that help? I mean.. athletes have curves too, but r firm... I really like curves.. so love handles can be appealing.

If the person you are with likes them, then they are a good thing. If he/she does not or if you do not like them, then they are a bad thing.
Personally I do not think that they are attractive, but if I like/love the girl I am with and she has them, I guess that is part of the package. I would not dump someone I like simply because of love handles.
People are not perfect, and to expect perfection in your mate is totally unrealistic.

I'm not too wild about them, no. As for your friend, everyone likes different things and maybe knows a guy who likes that.

it depends how big they are. guys like aomething to hold on to but not too much something...

This question is crazy....you make it sound like guys think of this. You will never be naked in bed and hear a guy say ooohhh hell no get your love handles out of my bed. Guys do care about the size.......of your breast and butt. not your love handles or your brian. Sorry guys thats just how dumb we are!!

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