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SHE'S 5'8


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It's late, I'm starving. What can I eat that wont make me fatter?
I am so hungry everynight around 10 o'clock. I'm 20lbs over weight. Should I go to bed hungry? I drink water (which causes me to have to get up and pee during the night). I'm just hungry RIGHT NOW and I want to eat really bad. Would a bowl of whole grain cereal be ok? De-caf coffee? What?

Phyllis D
It is so terrible to eat before laying down, I have the same problem too though, every night I am hungry. Discussed this with my doc and she said to eat a half of a peanut butter sndwich and that will sustain you all night. The p-butter is high in protein and stays with you longer. I have a habit of waking at night and eating, so she said to try this before bed. It does work. Maybe you could try that about 6 or 7 pm and maybe it will hold you over. Godd luck, weight is a tough thing to battle, believe me I know.

zhao y
I would have a plate of different kinds of fruit!

mandy b
yougurt a peice of cheese and a slice of lunch meat for protien..it's good for you and will help you think!

fruits and salads are good to eat before bedtime!

sweet shy girl
I like cottage cheese and pineapple chunks yummy, yum-yum!

I like that swedish rye-crisp bread and verde taco sauce- it's crunchy, spicy and fills me up w/ almost no fat and calories- eat a Tums if you get heartburn...

oh baby
eat cereal......or just plain water who cares if you have to pee...go to bed hungry its not good to eat late at night

How about a cup of Low Fat Yogurt or some nice cold fruit like cantelope, or strawberries. I am also trying to loose some weight.

cereal is fine. have anything that's whole grain, low-cal, low-fat, etc. just keep it light.

♥ Jae ♥
When I am hungry and it's late. I just chew some gum and go for a short walk for about 10-15 minutes. It will curb your appetite and then you will fall right to sleep.

its been proven that eating late at night or right before bed does not make you gain weight....IF you do not make it a habit.

Go ahead and have a half a cup of ice cream with a dash of cereal....

A hot cup of tea usually makes me feel full, as does a piece of toast (no butter). Try an apple, or a few crackers. Cereal would be Ok as long as you watch the portion..many of us tend to overfill our bowls with cereal

i would say the fruit would be ur best opinion a little popcorn (not the whole bag) might not hurt.
Good luck losing weight is hard enough without ur body going "HEY FEED ME" hope everything works out ok for u

Whole grain cereal would be good. Or try a piece of fruit, such as an apple or peach. (No oranges though. That will make you get up at night.)

Molly M
Try carrot sticks or some other raw veggie or a piece of fruit.

no, carbs turn into fat while sleeping, a glass of milk would be best in my opion

Sounds kind of odd but a good cut on the carbs calories and such. Take 1/2 cup vanilla lowfat yogurt, 1/2 cup lowfat cool whip -- Mix together then top wiht 1/2 cup of special K low carb. You can mix it up or just leave topped. It is a good special treat that will not throw you over your diet.

Pasta or Fruit!

try an apple.


Fruit and vegetables. Just know that sometimes weight gain is temporary--it's nothing more than retained water. It'll eventually go away.
Or have a nice cup of warm fat free milk. Coffee (decaf) will do too. I also like fat-free hot cocoa (only 25 cals a cup) by Nescafe.
Chewing gum may also curb hunger.

some fresh fruit or vegetables. unsweetened cereal should be alright if you only eat a single serving with skim milk

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