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Lady Me
Is spaghetti fattening?
today I had soem salad with a little spaghetti on the side. I didn't finished it all though. is that an ok meal?

Hardly. Serious lack of protein and dairy.

Food is good for the human body, it keeps us alive. Don't be scared of it, just eat in moderation and make sure every meal is well balanced. Salad and noodles is not balanced.

I don't want to jump to conclusions but I'm picking up on hints of an eating disorder. Few people would question if spaghetti is fattening. And then your lunch of salad with a little bit of spaghetti that you didn't even finish also hints at anorexia. Maybe it's time to talk to a school nurse or doctor about your body image.

John A
If you are trying to lose fat don't eat spaghetti.

th3 g!r└... ... !s fr3shm@n
i love spaghetti even if it is fattning i still eat it cause it is delishious

Yes. It's carbs.

in a way yea cuz it has lots of carbs but it is at the bottom of the health pyramid so if u dont have alot of it then yes

too much will go right to the thighs.

yaa its a good meal, has a good mix of carbs and vegetables. Spaghetti doesnt have fat in it , but it does have carbs, and to many carbs will lead to weight gain, but just a little is just fine!

Spaghetti doesn't have to be bad for you. You can use whole wheat pasta (limit yourself to 1-1.5 cups), organic sauce and make turkey italian meatballs. It is really good this way. It is just like any other food, it can be healthy or un-healthy depending on how you choose to make it, so make it good for you and eat up! Just remember portion control is key!

Ally G
yes its noddles it will expand in ur stomach

no.... not that much

spachetti is carbs
carbs cause the insulin levels to rise in the body
the insulin stops the fat from being metabolized .
what that means is the insulin in your blood is stoping the fat from turning into glucose to be burned by your body as energy
So the body stores the fat and we get big =)

to avoid this
eat cards with protein ( so no fat or very little)
eat carbs with no fat

so you ate carbs with salad (no fat) so you're ok

sure thing.. thats no problem at all,, you said you did'nt finish it at all though right.

Yes it is.

Yeah, it's really good meal. Spaghetti in general isn't fattening, but you have to follow these guidelines--
1. ALWAYS have whole wheat pasta. The white pasta spikes your blood sugar levels more than eating actual sugar. the pasta from health food stores is best if you have access to it. Look for 100% whole grain.
2. Watch your portions. A portion is much smaller than you think, so check the box. Pasta is loaded with carbs, even if they are complex carbs. Don't over do it, but remember that people do meed carbs to survive. Spaghetti is a great source of energy.
3. Fattening sauces are bad! A bit of tomato sauce is fine (watch the salt though). Don't load up your pasta with creamy sauces or butter. That makes a perfectly healthy meal fattening.

I'm sure your meal was fine! It sounds like you didn't have very much pasta anyways, and salad is obviously good. I say enjoy your noodles in moderation. Nice job!

EDIT: Gosh, looks like we've gotten hit by a troll. Every one of us has a thumbs down! I wonder who they're following now...Yech, I sure hope it's not me!

yeah its an okay meal.speghetti isnt gonna make u fat overnight. just dont have it too often. it is quite a few carbs.

absoultely not!!!!
that is fine
spaghetti is bad but so is anything else if you have TO MUCH of it. The size of your fist is the serving size for it.
don't starve yourself
you need calories in order to burn them!!

*summer chiq*
Umm, it's not fat as much as heavy on carbs. There are a couple ways you can tell if it was good or not for you. Did it have 7% fat in the meat in the sauce? Was it really salty? If the answers to the first were no, then it was bad. If the answer to the last one was yes, then it definitely was bad!!! Spaghetti is one of those things you might want to just have a little of. But you had a salad, and it only was a little, so it was a portion-ate. I really hope I helped and have a good day!!

Texas Cowboy
Great. That's what I am having for dinner.

maurizio f
hi I'm Italian, i have spaghetti with tomato, basil and olive oil very often, it's very very good, I'm no fat. It's very important you walking and going to the gym every day.
sorry for my bad English.
a kiss from Italy

<&gt; <3

edit: I meant yes, it's a good meal, not yes it's fattening


Pasta is not the enemy! Carbs are necessary, you need them to survive. So unless you ate a whole box of spaghetti noodles, you're fine.

Spaghetti is Delicious, but it has noodles... and noodles have LOTS of carbs. I would suggest that you don't eat too many carbs, but a little spaghetti now and then is perfect.

Pleasant Peter Perkins
Pasta is a carbohydrate...the natural fuel of the human body.
Providing you are active there is nothing wrong with it.

Sports people need it for 'quick burn' energy!

That's a fine meal. It's not the spaghetti is fattening, it's the sauces. Same with the dressing on the salad.
I'll tell you what we do in our home. We make a big salad with dark leafy veggies,(not iceburg, but Romaine or any one you like,) other veggies like tomato, celery, green peppers, etc. then add spaghetti noodles (no sauce, but cold) Then we throw in some ketchup and low fat mayo (homemade 1000 island) mix it all up, and that is DELICIOUS!! The spaghetti makes it so good. We add pepper too. You really should try it! :)

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