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 Peanut buuter lover--help!!!!!!!?
i eat peanut butter everyday. at least a serving or too. is this bad? how could i replace it? i love PB and i crave it as a ...

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 Fart problem?
normally i dont take animal food, dairy products.i eat rice and some curries in the morning and at lunch.sometimes at lunch also rice n curry if not beens or peas at night.i have gass in my GI Tract ...

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do i need to lose a few pounds??...

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 Ii eat about 6 slices of white bread a day, is this healthy?
If not anyone know anything i can replace it with as i love toast and sandwiches. Thanks....

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I am 5,6 and 210lbs i have a small waist and a big stomach and butt what do you reccomend for me!...

 What is the fastest way to lose weight? Exclude surgery.?

 What's the ideal weight of a 5'5" (165 cm) girl? age 19?
"ideal" meaning thin and nice, not.. "acceptable, but can still lose some", with meat on her~ personal opinions, ...

 We should drink 8 glasses of water a day?
but what is "a glass"
Additional Details
so a pint glass is?...

 Appropriate weight for girl of 12??
My daughter is slightly worried about her weight and I wanted to know if anyone knew what they age/height:weight ratio for a girl her age is. She is 5"1.
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Could ...

 Do you think i will grow taller?
I'm 13 [going to be 14 at the end of march] and i'm 5'8 or 5'8.5
Do you think I can grow to be 5'10"? that's how tall I want to be=]

by the way, ...

 Am I anorexic???
I dont eat much at all and my friends are always asking me about it. I excersise a LOT, and I think I am fat although my friends dont think so. Is there supposed to be a voice in your head that ...

 Do fat people realize they're fat?
what about people that are just a little (but noticably) chubby?...

Why is it that in this world .. eveyone complaines about USA being very obese.. Then why is it that health food is so expensive and junk food is really cheap.. !!! Why isnt it the other way around..!!...

 Help im skinny?
im 16 and weigh 80 pounds my height is 4'11 i really need help? i tried to eat alot of healthy food.sometimes i gain 2 pounds but then the next day i lose the two pounds. i just dont know how to ...

Is musterbation bad?

yes i guess so

$Sun King$
It will destroy your learning processes. You will first notice this in your spelling skills.

when you start going blind you better stop.

Yes. Now put that thing away before you go blind.

No, of course not. However if you post this in the Religion section, a bunch of lunatics will tell you that it is bad and you are going to hell if you do it.

it's normal........at least i hope so ;-)

It depends how often you do it

whats musterbation.
i don't like mustard.
so obiousally it is bad.

White Shooting Star of HK
It must be bad for you if you can't even spell it right.

No it's actually really healthy for you---it relieves stress

its part of life, so no

and there are many health benefits, go to the link in the source for more information

wish I were
no, everyone or most everyone does it!

nope n
Depends on what kind of mustard you use. I hate that grey crap.

I Hate Players
if it was bad nobody would do it!

Heinz M
Only if spelled incorrectly!

Hello =)

No, but spelling it incorrectly will make you go blind, and grow hair on your palms....



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