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Is it true that people who are thin feel the cold more?

the fat layer is pretty much like wearing layers of clothing ......the more fat..the thicker the layer

No and yes but it is definitely the hairy.

Of course! Fat acts as an extra layer of insulation.

Of course. That is why many small mammals hibernate and most sea water mammals are large and well insulated.

I imagine so because they have less fat to insulate them. Also I have noticed when I am on a diet I feel cold. I need to be on one now since I put a few pounds on over Christmas. :-)

Absolutely yes. The fat and oil in your body insulates heat.

they tried an expirement with a fat boy and a thin boy the thin people shiver to try to keep themselves warm, so they do feel the cold more, cause i think its rare to see fat people shiver.

Mr. Kinky
i don't think so, it seems like girls are cold all the time, big or little.

Diana J
Yes, nothing there to keep them warm

Yes it has to be.

blubber is excellent insulation. Wild animals feed themselves up for the winter.


definitely true. I lost 28 pounds and now feel the cold really badly. My hands and feet are always really cold.


Sure is, just like people who are obese tend to sweat a lot in the summer.

yes definitely, body fat is an insulator.

Yes, more so than fat people who have blubber to keep them warm.

I have to agree with this question. I am 5 ft. 2 in. and all of 104 pounds...and I'm freezing all the time. The more subcutaneous fat (fatty layer of the skin) that you have within your epidermis (skin itself) the more you body should insulate itself.

I think so, they don't have the body fat to insulate themselves.

Yes, because fats act as heat insulators - meaning they retain heat in the body. Therefore the more fat one has, the more heat retained and hence, the warmer one becomes. It is the opposite with thin persons.

peanut butter
yes as fat acts as like an insulation layer


Yes? they have less fat which keeps us warm

Steve M
Nope, it's people who expect to feel cold who feel cold more. From experience of being both under and overweight (as well as a brief time at optimum lol) I was always the last person to feel a need for the extra layer of clothing. But as has been previously mentioned the effectiveness, or otherwise, of someones circulatory system holds the answer, poor circulation leads to someone feeling the cold quicker - whatever their size.

Yes, that is true...In 8th grade we did a test on who would get cold the first (we went to the white forest in NH) and I was the first one to get cold and I was the smallest and the biggest person there stayed the longest.....It's because If you have more fat in your body then your body can use it up to help keep you warm, if it's all muscle then there's nothing there to burn so you get cold very easily

Some do and some don't it all depends on their metabolic rate

Spell Check!

In fact, hypothermia is a very real danger for anorexics.

Hmm...not so sure about that...I'm not thin, but freezing all the time. Poor circulation is another reason people could feel cold all the time, and I don't suffer from that either.

old know all
It's not that clear cut. Fat provides an insulating layer, but fat people tend to have poor circulation and don't move around much. People who get a lot of exercise tend to be thinner, but also tend not to feel the cold.

There are some people who get little exercise, have poor circulation and who don't put on weight. They feel the cold.

duy n
yes i think

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