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redneck girl
Is it possible to lose 80 pounds around 5 to 6 months?
I am 5 foot 5 and I weigh 207 lbs, I am 14 years old. I want to try and have atleast 20 bs off by june. Can anyone tell me if this is possible, and how, without having surgery of any kind. Answers much appreciated. Thank you
Additional Details
i have been going to the gym, and i have put on some weight because i have gained muscle. so a little bit of that is what i have gained from "working out"

I am the answer
No I doubt that...

mike d
Your 14!!!,. STOP EATING THE CRAP!!!! Say goodbye to the cookies and ice cream and whatever got you to 207. Do you have parents? Are they fat too? Tell mom to start cookin healthier non-fat foods, no more mcDonalds big macs or happy meals. You wanna lose the weight? You better start takin care of yourself, of get used to bein a big gal!

technically you are supposed to lose 1 pound a week (that is considered healthy). So you are correct 20 pds off by june sounds ok, follow the basics, eat healthy, drink water, and exercise. Good luck

Wait, do you want to lose 20 or 80 pounds? I think 80 pounds would be a stretch, but probably possible. 20 or 30 pounds is more realistic. You certainly don't have to have surgery to lose weight. Just eat healthier, exercise more, and you will lose weight.

20 lbs is very possible.. lots of goodluck to you.. you might find this site helpful: http://www.calorie-count.com/

it's a cool site that helps you attain a weight goal by a certain date & what to do.. log in your foods & workouts & what not

Jane S
Hun, I think you should seriously see a dietician about this. It sounds like a major plan and it's hard to do it alone. You need to be dedicated and you need to exercise a lot. But in the end, you are going to feel great about yourself!

Well at a pound a week max, (recommended by doctors) and looking at 20-30 weeks, I would say no. :(

Just remember it took you longer than 5-6months to put it on..it will take sometime to get it off. I'm assuming you have a date in mind, and just do your best to look your best by that time...don't put a "weight" on it.

oh lol I though you wanted to lose 80lbs in 5 to 6months, Yes, 20lbs is obtainable
good luck

Tortured Soul Suffering Silently
the healthy weight range for your height is 119 to149 pounds, meaning your really only need to lose about 50-60lbs not 80, but it is your decision. NOW:
20lbs by june is no prob if your willing to work hard.
1) Limit yourself to 2,000 calories a day to begin and in about two weeks bring it down to 1,500.
2) Drink half your weight in ounces of water/non-cafinanted liquid each day, currently 103oz (I suggest protein water).
3) Exercise at least 5 times a week (45-60minutes each time)
a) 2-3 days of aerobic
b) 1-2 days of cardio
c) 1-2 days of strengthening
4) Maintain a positive self image
5) try to avoid carbs and sweet but do not deny yourself
6) if after speaking with you doctor he says a weight loss pill would be healthy I would suggest Alli

personal suggestions:
don't think of this a a diet, because it is a healhy living and eating plan
do not weigh yourself the first month of starting this new eating plan, then only weigh yourself 2-4 times a month afterwards
once your reach your first goal of 20lbs celebrate by getting a flatering outfit and havign a night out wiht your friends
don't get discouraged if your plateu, this can and probabaly will happen at some point, this just means to step up the exercise and wait.

I lost 80 pounds in 16-weeks on a liquid diet program called OPTIFAST, through Kaiser-Permanente. Of course, I weighed and still weigh considerably more than you. You really need a medically supervised program in order to safely loose that much weight, that high a percentage of your total weight. And the real problem isn't getting it off so much as keeping it off afterwards!

You have the added complication of your relatively young age. You cannot sacrifice nutrition for weight loss at your age. Your body and brain are still developing. It is essential that any program you undertake be medically supervised!!!

Learning and Teaching
yes it's possible! eat healthy stay away from refined sugars and carbs like white bread, pasta, fried foods, white pastas, cookies, soda, diet soda (worse than soda), and many more things like that. drink 8-10 glasses of water today. YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO WORK OUT! run/jog for about 30+ minutes a day and do about 20+ push-ups a day. it'll all work if you don't give up STICK TO THE DIET TOO!

Antonio D
Since I started to work out I was looking for a good weight loss product (I only wanted something 100% natural). I was on a diet but I felt that I needed a little "help" so I decided to try this great product and I had fantastic results. You can check their website at
http://www.diet-happy.us , they give you a free trial and you only pay $4.95 shipping and handling.

Mrs. Nelson
DAILY: Cardio of 40-60 minutes. Pilates 30 minutes daily. Light weight lifting will tone and not build muscle 30 minutes. Always stretch before and after so you don't build lactic acid and get sore. Plus you need to watch your diet and drink LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER....

I wouldn't say how much you'd lose... but you will lose.

Shally tally
Walk every day. I lost 42 pounds. Don't worry about the time. You will lose it fast because you are "big". It flies off girls like us. The formula is simple - burn off more than you take in.

No its not...but it all depends on a person body type & how much or easy it is for them to loose wait...everyone is diffrent & thta means certain things & exercises & diets work better for diffrent people.

>But no it is not impossible...but it will take alot of hard work...diet & exercise is the key..everyday...& no slacking off like for a week u do good but then one week you eat tons of junk food...that will not work...so find a a gym & go there everyday if you can. There even exercises you can do at home. DIet also is a huge help...there are even things u can go on like jenny greg. etc.
Get out an jog or walk everyday....etc.

& thats wrong! what that one girl said...a pound a week max..no that is a lie..yes maybe a pund a week if ur lazy but i kno people who have lost up to almost 10 punds in 5 to 7 days!!!

It is possible to loos 80lbs in 5-6 months. You should do it under the direction/observation of your doctor. Theres is a diet called The Master Cleanse, it will help you loose weight quickly. Good luck and please be very careful.


Totally avoid milk & milk products likes sweets, coco drink etc. (You can take buttermilk ). Then also avoid salt totally from all the food ( the natural salt available in vegetables is enough) If you can do this then buy homeopathic medicine Phytolica berry (30) pill and take it 3 times a day ( this is optional and you can try this if the medicine is availablie and you have faith in it and cosume) Drink plenty of water at least 200 ml every one hour. This you do continously for the 4 weeks and then check your weight. You will be surprised that you would have lost most of the excess weight from your body because salt helps in absorbtion of fat and milk consolidates the fat and when both are missing in diet and if phytolica berry is taken the result would be double because it acts as a catalyst in breaking down the fat

Good luck to you. I'm 5'4" and 212 pounds. I've decided that now is the time for me to feel good about myself too. You can definately loose 20 pounds by June. First thing... go to your doctor and tell him you are wanting to loose weight. I'm sure he will agree that you need to. He will probably recommend exercise and cutting back on certain types of foods. Have your parents find out if a nutritionist is covered by your insurance. This is something they should get involved in too. Start working out... but start slow. If all you can do right now is walking, then at least start there. Try riding your bike, swimming... it all depends on how much money you can afford to spend to help you loose weight. If you can afford to join a gym, thats great... if not, you'll have to just go it on your own. Look at Walmart, Target, etc for workout videos... or try finding some online. I'm sure there are some on youtube. Good luck and hang in there! You can do it!!!

Oh... and another idea that I had... I think I might go buy a bathing suit that is about 3 or 4 sizes too small... and keep it hanging in clear site in my bedroom... or maybe the kitchen. haha. that'll keep me motivated. :)

there are many "weight loss" methods out there, but the healthy amount of weight to lose is about 2-3 pounds per week. It should be lost by choosing a diet that is best for you... this diet should be considered a lifestyle change and not something to try to a couple of months or the weight will not stay off.
Diet and exercise. Sounds old-fashioned, but it's the one combination that has lasted the test of time, and when it is done results are absolutely going to be positive.

My wife has a subscription to SELF magazine and with it you get free access to the weight loss part of their website.
It allows you to view your caloric intake and monitor what you eat. Once you actually "know" what you are really consuming, then you will know what changes you have to make going forwards.

Good luck.

Crystal M
ok So I stopped reading the answers when I read that someone said cut out milk products. That is TOTAL b.s. Low Fat milk (skim or 1%,) low fat cheese, yogurt, are all vital in keeping your body running, and it's actually been proven that when you have the required amount of milk products for your age and gender, it actually helps shave inches off around your middle! Only when it's low-fat though! Plus you need protein, I think its 4 oz a day, so for example, 2 eggs for breakfast, and a boneless skinless chicken breast at night. It is VITAL to get all your food groups if you want to stay healthy and keep your body going. If you starve yourself the body will just start burning muscle rather than fat, and the less muscle you have, the slooowwweeeerrrrrr the fat burns off. Stick with multigrain breads, cereals, pasta, etc, and any pastas, meats, etc that you have should be a serving no bigger than the size of your fist. When you eat, sit down at the table, at least for your main meals and take a good 20-30 minutes to eat. Take a sip of water or juice in between every few bites, it aids digestion. When you eat slower, you can enjoy your food, and your body recognises that it's fuller, faster, so you don't tend to overeat. When you're snacking, whether it's fruit or crackers, or even if you're indulging in chips...put a handful in the bowl, and put the rest of them away in teh cupboard or the fridge, because often you'll find that with the container not in pure view, you're satisfied with what you have! uhmm what else. make sure you have your "me" time without food, the best time is right after you work out, have a shower, and then lay on your bed, play your music, and just zone out. you would do really well with an 45 minutes to an hour of excersise four or five times a week, however much you can handle (but you should push yourself!) and make sure you do a combination of weight training and cardio...cardio being the bikes, the treadmills, the elliptical...whatever you choose to do to get your heart racing, and that is what burns your fat, and then at least 20 minutes of weights, to build muscle, because as i said, muscle not only looks good, but it aids in burning fat! anyways....i hope this helps, and best of luck! (I'm aiming for 65lb lost by myself for my 20th birthday in august!)

yes its possible

i would say if u have the money.......go on nutisystem or weight watchers.....and stick to it

u really need to cut ur fat intake, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, cut sugar intake,keep breads to a minimum, exercise daily (anything thats gets u sweating and ur heart pumping), wear a waist trimming belt get it at wal mart for like $6.

breakfast should be ur biggest meal of the day....u should also eat 5 times a day that way u never get real hungry

a typical breakfast should be....oatmeal, cheerios, special k, or any whole grain ceral..like total. with fruit or eggs.

for a snack after breakfast eat friut, veggies or yogurt,

for lunch eat fruit or veggies with a sandwich (chicken or turkey only, w/ lettuce tomatoes pickles...etc. light on the mayo) or a salad with light dressing.

snack after lunch can be nuts, raisins, veggies or fruit, cottage cheese...etc.

dinner.....dont eat red meats...chicken and turkey are ur friends right now......eat ur veggies.....cut out butter and other unnesscessary items

dont take enerdy drinks or diet pills they will only cause u more harm. remember to burn the fat (dance, jump rope, treadmill, running, cycling, play sports... go swimming...etc)

hello :)
of course its possible! you gotta cut down on calories, and burn more calories then you eat in a day. good luck!! i know you can do it! make the kids in your school shocked as hell next school year!

if you exercised for about an hour a day, ate veggies, protein, and fruits. Don't let anyone give you diet pills cause those really dont help you either. Exercise and better eating habits are a good start.

That would be extreme. Safe weight loss is about 2 lbs per week. so 48 pounds would be more likely anything more and you could be loosing a lot of muscle weight and sabotaging your weight loss by slowing down your metabolism. I do not like the Atkins diet or some of the other extreme diets, lifestyle change is more the rule.
I am 5' 8" male and was at 285lbs, my waist was a massive 55" this was back in October. I have been working out almost every day, have kept to a good sensible diet. My normal routine is about 45 to an hour on the treadmill daily, and a weight lifting program, I am looking to build more muscle. Right now I am at 258 lbs with my waist down to 49" It is slow but I can say I feel much better today then in October. I am aiming for 200lbs by this October. Good luck, Check out a book called Fit or Fat by Covert Bailey. A short read but very informative.

killing is making a choice
Yes it is, especially since you're so young.

Stephen K
It is, but you have to alter what you eat, how much of it you eat and add an exercise program

yes its possible

I dont know about 80lbs. Try a ton of cardio. Like run everday, and try to eat only fresh foods... nothing processed. You cant be lazy, and expect to lose weight.... You also have to build muscle. The more muscle you have the easier the pounds roll off. Try some light weight lifting for toning. You should ask your parents for help too. Let them know how your weight is effecting you.

oh wow.
it's possible.
but it'll take like TONS of effort.

My Life is in Black and White
yes its possible but you have to be committed

That is extremely unhealthy weight for your age! Please, for your sake see a doctor and go on a diet...NOW!

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