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soo, i have a project for school on obesety...
and im listing some ways people could lose weight easily...

so, if you can give me some ideas?

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 Why do women, even the slim ones have the constant notion that thier overweight?
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 I weigh 121 pounds and i am 5'4" is that overweight? I want to lose 10 pounds is that possible?
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 Can i lose 15 pounds in two weeks by only eating fresh fruit and veg?

 What do you consider fat?
I know that there are statistics--BMI, height-weight ratio and so on, but in terms of American ladies' pants sizes, what do you consider fat? A size 2? A size 9? A size 12? Why do you consider ...

 Ways to lose weight at home?
I dont have any excersising equipment at home and i live in an apartment so theres nothing i can really do.
People say tht if you do crunches and situps they just add muscle not lose weight.

 How come most men are fat and wide???

 This Cant Be Possible!! I Just Asked A Question, How Much Do You Weigh?
And Out Of All The 20 plus People That Answered, No One Except Dan 1515 Matched My Weight(230lbs)
Come On, Be Real!! I Will Ask You People Again, On Diet And Exercise.....Your Telling Me Im The O...

 I need help and only IF YOU WONT CRITISISE ME!?
ok how does a 13 year old who has been overwheight her whole life lose wheight if her mother dosent want to go with her. please dont say its her mothers fault because im very protective of my mom....

 Why do most vegetarians look ugly?
except for some of them like Halle berry, who doesnt drink or smoke, she looks gorgeous!
being a vegetarian might keep weight down in some people but most vegetarians ive met look terrible.

 Im 13 and i weigh 130 pounds how do i loose wieght?
im just a fat girl who tries to look better but cant any ideas besides starving myself i tried that it didnt go so ...

 Does my friend weight too much?
idk wat to tell her when she askes me. shes 5'5 and she weights 150 pounds. she looks a bit thin but shes not like obese cuz shes not but idk if she weights too much or not.
Additional D...

Is it harder to drown a fat person...?
...due to their increased buoyancy, and if so, what other method would you recommend?

Just wait theyll die anyway from a heart attack.

Spanglish McWhirter
Make 'em run up some stairs or something.

poison their food

Just give them plenty to eat they'll kill themselves !!

I would recommend that you not ask questions about how to commit crimes in a public forum!

What you are asking about is murder!!

Red Rum
Actually, due to their unhealthy body, they'll easily drown. Reasons?
1) They can hardly move their body while swimming, so they'll keep floating until they've exhausted all energy
2) Their high fat levels constrict blood flows, which decrease the effectiveness of their attempt at breathing to stay afloat

Steve F
have a plate of pizza + chips at the end of a tread mill and watch the fat git have a heart attack,

He may get fit in the process.

Do you wanna take that chance

i suggest tying another fat person to his/her ankles then you got a 50/50 chance of one of them drowning

Oh...that big fat bully...

Only if they have a REALLY fat head. Otherwise you'd just need to get the head under water for about one minute. If you want to be theatrical a whole-body drowning would be more difficult, but you don't see that too often do ya? I would recommend rat poison in coffee (a la "9 to 5")

Just stick their head in a bucket. Or throw a hotdog down the toilet.

♥♥ §åråh ♥♥
but no would they sink?

Haha!! Such an awesome question!! I don't have a method to recommend... but I think you have a valid point.

If you are thinking of commiting a crime you shouldn't be posting this question in here. I'm calling the police!!!

just keep feeding them random crap and eventually they will exploded. Helps if they are eating explosive chemicals mind....

Well I don't think so. Even though a fat person has more mass than suppose a skinny person, not to mention hes bigger, so if a skinny man and a fat man jumped into the pool together, (And they didn't know how to swim...) The fat guy would probulary drown first. But i remember from science physic class that Bouyancy Force of the pool could keep him afloat lol. But anyways i dont see lots of fat people drowning and an overweight guy can swim just as well and some skinny kid. Oh, and to answer your question..you shove him down till he drowns i suppose...hm but why would you want to drown people? doesnt seem very nice. I hope this answers your question!

yes, they float better so it would be harder, i hope you dont plan to kill know one

Annie M
Just throw some food in the bottom of the water.

G.B. Fan
I think it would be harder simply because they also have more muscle mass (not just fat) and could fight you harder. You could just suffocate them in their sleep.

Seungyong W
people say it is hard to drown a fat person, but it is only 5% of the overall fact. the person will obviously drown and die.

They probably will take longer but they can pack a harder punch so could knock you out.

I don't know but as a fat person I'd be quite happy to sit on you until you drowned. Just name the place.

morrigan a
Ok.... thats an interesting question...... but whatevs, no, they float like everyone else, perhaps a bit more, but nothing extremely exaggerated. Go for it.... or whatever the hell you're doing!-m

dont know never tried

Elaine P
I suggest you go to a psychiatrist before you commit a murder and spend the rest of your life on Death Row.

sylvie c
yes because they are usually holding onto the skinny person that's trying to drown them

Why would you want to drown a fat person? :O>

Big Ste
Nobody has ever drowned me yet, they have tried many a time but thus far I've still managed to float. LOL

Yes, we float. we are also harder to kidnap.

Yes, definately. But it's a lot more fun. Bit like ducking for apples but with more shouting.

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