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Ava love
Is is Spaghetti bad for you?
I'm starting a diet tomorrow. I'm wanna lose weight. I'm not going to eat a lot just a little

Finisher 3000
is is

It can be. It can produce sugars into your blood stream. You probably want to switch to whole wheat spaghetti.

no not really. Spaghetti is bread and it is not the best thing to be eating but it isn't bad either. If you buy whole wheat pasta, it will be healthier for you.

spaghetti is ok to eat but contains alot of calories and oils. if i was u, i would eat a little bit of spaghetti.

it isnt too bad for you, just make sure you check you're portion sizes.
its also better to use whole grain pasta and a veggie filled sauce insted of creamy sauces
hope i helped!

everything is bad for you when you eat a lot of it.
if you eat spaghetti, just have a small portion
but the carbs in spaghetti are good for your body.
they give you energy

It is a carbohydrate, we need carbs for fuel. If you want to enhance the benefits of your carb intake try whole grain spaghetti (you will eel more satisfied longer), add fresh tomatoes, a drop of olive oil, fresh garlic and a sprinkle of parm. cheese. Add a salad packed w/ green and red peppers, celery carrots and tomatoes and cucumbers... and a drop of olive oil and vinegar salt and pepper...

Well not really. But is has a lot of carbs.

as long as u dont eat it like everyday or alot it is very healthy for u and will give u alot of energy. Hope this helps!

The sauce isnt bad for ya, nor the meat, its the noodles...Get the noodles that have high fiber or the whole grain ones. You cant really taste a diff in the taste. Always eat in moderation and u will be ok!!

Kofi Kingston Is The Best
k thts bad dnt eat just a little bit. eat a fair amount and work out 40 mins everyday with a light warm up and then a strectch. DNT TAKE ANY MEDICINE LIKE FAT REDUCTION CRAP. and as far as ur question goes... Wen ur on a diet alot of carbohydrate is bad for u (Carbs are mainly found in wheat) so it depends how much of spagetti u eat.

whole wheat pasta is better for you it has less sodium and more fiber

carbs give you energy but can also be bad if you not active...

Heidi Ho
Well it has a lot of Carbs in it..,and Carbs aren't exactly good for you. But if you eat small portions with organic wheat noodles, no harm is done. I know it doesn't sound tempting, but trust me it is very good.

~Miss Curious~
No it's not bad for you. It's not low in calories either though.

I would recommend using Whole Wheat pasta instead.


Good source of carbs.

Also, during a "diet" you can eat "bad" foods, but just remember - eat them in moderation.
Don't forget to exercise too.

Anything in moderation is not bad for you. You need to have a balance in your diet with all the food groups.

Layla Lou C.
no it just depends on the ingredients use healthy stuff

Cowgirl Meli
A small portion a week wouldn't be bad. It's just high in carbs.

(: D.O.T :)
Depends on what you put in it! Like what kinds of noodles you use, the sause type, and stuff like that! Use the healthy stuff to make it!

spaghetti has a lot of carbs, but if you eat whole wheat pasta instead of white, it will be a little healthier.

just me (:
no why would it be bad to eat??

Julie R
no it gives u energy

van kedileri
eating less will make you lose weight.
spaghetti is not per se bad

No pasta is good for you.

i don't think it is, you could get whole wheat spaghetti and choose a healthier/natural sauce

No it's not

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