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Is eating what you want at weekends and eating less on weekdays ok? is that a good way to lose weight?

Additional Details
i am 17 years old, and do a 1/2 hours of exersise a day. i weigh 8.7st, is this normal? i eat really strictly in the week and eat near enough what i like from saturday to sunday afternoon. is this normal?

My daddy was that way and died one month past his 36th birthday, from a heart attack.

r. d. naples
Eating less is never a healthy way to lose weight. The trick is to actually eat once every two hours! Just make sure what you're eating is healthy and keep the portions small... that along with exercise will help you lose weight the HEALTHY way.

And there's nothing wrong with allowing one day a week for you to eat exactly what you want...

When you eat less and/or irregularly your body never knows when it's going to get its energy (food) so as soon as it does it immediately stores it as fat just to make sure... (because they don't know when they're going to get it again.) So, not eating is a bad idea!

The thing is if your eating less on a weekday your slowing your metabolism down...then your eating what you want at weekends and your body will no be able to respond correctly

Your better off having a little of what you like everyday...rather than having one big binge or you will just yo yo all the time..

Don't starve yourself....or your more likely to put on a hell of allot of weight once you eat properly

Take it slow just eat sensible..light exercise..and a little bit of something as a treat won't hurt...you can eat almost anything as long as its in moderation

Good Luck hope you succeed :)

Update: just read update on your question you weigh 8st 7lb ...how tall are you as that sounds a very good weight for average height you don't want to melt away to nothing..

NO! You need to balance your meals daily. The occasional pig out won't hurt, but not every weekend. You also need to think about exercise, you will see results much more quickly than by diet alone.

luke n
At your age you are better off exercising, and then you can do near enough what you like. I never put on weight at your age. I burnt it off. Plus you will look better if you exercise.

I can't see it doing you any harm but then 8stone 7 isn't excatly gargantuan hell im more than that and im 5'2


You can't eat like a pig all weekend, and diet during the week and expect good results. But sometimes, sticking to a diet is hard. I found that I can stick with it longer if I "relax" a bit on weekends.

Weight Watchers allows that. If you're not familiar with WW, foods are assigned a points value. You're allowed a max. number of points per day, based on your weight. Let say you can have 25 points a day. You can actually "bank" a certain number of points to use any time that week. So if you have a party or special event, you can use your banked points to allow a little more freedom.

Successful weight loss is more about changing your eating habits than depriving yourself. If you eat healthy, low fat nutritious meals all week, and then want to relax a little on the weekend, I think you'll find you're able to keep that up a lot longer than constantly depriving yourself. I love pizza. I "diet" all week, but then on Saturday, I look forward to having my pizza. Just be sure you don't eat so much you undo all the work you've done during the week. And be sure to keep exercising.

You should know. Is it working?

No its the way to put weight on, eat and drink sensibly all the week, a well balanced diet, it will eventually come off.

Kenzie D
just watch what you eat all the time. dont eat more than you need to. but dont starve yourself.

THEN... thats all good in itself but you must exercise to lose the weight and tone your muscles

Not really. If you want to lose weight you need to be aware of what you are eating. Lowering you carbohydrate intake helps alot. Try not to snack on chips, crackers, candy. Anything that has sugar and white flour as one of the first 3 ingrediants is bad for a diet Depending on your age and weight you need to keep track of your calories, as much as you can. Keep it to between 2000 and 2300 to loose weight. No more though. Try to eat lean meat and veggies, egg whites, whole grain breads and cereals. Good Luck!

It is a good way especially if you're not exercising as much as you suppose to. So eating strictly for 6 days out of the week and go crazy on the 7th day is perfectly normal.

Mary J
If you want to lose weight some weeks.
You can try Lose weight a week plan first!

Day 1:

Eat the soup accompanied with watermelon and melon for your main food all day long. Consume a glass of unsweetened cranberry juice before you go to bed.

Day 2:

Stop eating fruit at all! Consume your soup and you are allowed to eat green salad. Make sure the salad contain no dressings, peas and corns.

For dinner you can consume roasted potato or baked potato with butter (don’t ever think to fry it)

Day 3:

Consume the soup, salad and fruit but no potato today.

Day 4:

Eat the soup accompanied with a glass of skimmed milk. Consume 8 pieces of banana to provide your body enough energy. Your body now need carbohydrate and protein also calcium to lessen body need for sugar.

Day 5

Eat your soup again. Today you should consume salad and salmon fish. Make sure the salmon fish don’t exceed 10 ounces.

Day 6

You should consume maximum 10 ounces of meat along with your soup. You need the protein here.

Last Day

Consume 4 table spoons of rice with vegetables. Drink fresh watermelon or melon juice without sugar and eat your soup also today.

More information in
<--" How do I lose weight in a week?"-->

Please enjoy it!

WRONG WAY!!!! you have and eating problem

You already know the answer to that question

No you really need to keep to your plan. You will throw off your system and your routine and you will only confuse your system and it will fail. Your body is like a computer..you have to program it to do what you want.

Stephen K
It is better if you eat a lot of little meals throughout the day

No- try checking out the fat grams in the foods you eat-I'm losing by sticking to 25 per day-then when I want to have a fun meal-like on a weekend-I don't feel bad. Its just less junk food, more veges, lite yougurt, lean meats and seafood etc. Even bread but not heavy breads-just read the packaging. Its been great as I'm a wife and Mom and work.

no, but there are tons of weight loss snack subsitutes around, look it up on google maybe,(the weight loss snacks i mean)

I don't think so. If you don't eat enough food your body will think it is starving. I know from experience that I went for years not eating breakfast, eating raw vegetables for lunch and having a really light supper and I never lost any weight. Then I started eating breakfast and a sensible lunch and supper and I lost weight. Too little food can be as bad and too much food

eeerrrr NO

idk my dad he eats watever on saturday and during the week he is on a diet and he has lost 50 pounds in 2 months

just me
NO... you need to eat small meals fequently (5-6) during the day everyday. an occasional binge wont hurt you but don't do it on a regular basis.

Been there done that, then the weekends become extended, like friday to Monday and then it gets out of hand.

no it isnt.

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