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 If we banned all fast food restaurants, do you think americans would lose weight??
I personally think we should rid of them!..well only b/c i enjoy fast food...especially after a hang over :)

I also dont cook much so fast places come in handy. but SO unhealthy...i wish ...

 Is this a big change????
4 weeks ago i was 12 stone 5 pounds.........now im 10 stone 2 pounds..........is that a big diff????
Additional Details
all ive been doing is using over new threadmill constently lol........

 Is size 10 or 11 fat?

 My mom wants me to loose weight but my bf likes me the way i am it will be good for my health what do i do?
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 Is it bad to eat 6 tins of tuna a week? and 2 loafs of bread for sandwich?
i normaly make everyday 2 sandwich in side i put. Tomatoe, tuna mayonnaise and tomatoe sauce over the top then a drink of coke. should i change my diet or is this actully good for me? cause tuna is ...

Is eating shushi every day bad for you?
Well its not that raw one the fish is actually cooked but yeah I been eating like 15 little pieces almost every day.. but every else is fresh

dunno, I feel sick looking at it!

It is very good for your heart and brain...

The Dark Knight
No. It's like saying eating cereal everyday for breakfast is bad.

It's not bad for you to eat everyday. Make sure you eat your veggies too.

except for all the rice intake, i would say no.
however, there is a lot of mercury in raw fish.

Eating fish everyday is not truly healthy for the body. Like everything else it has its pros and cons. Fish is lean, low in fat, and helps your heart; but since most fish that is made into sushi in the US is caught in U.S. waters the fish often contain high levels of mercury. When you eat that fish the mercury goes into your body, and over time it builds up and starts to affect you in bad ways. Mercury has been linked to cancer, birth defects, and other forms of disease. Eating sushi or fish once or twice a week is okay, but every day is not good because of the mercury in the U.S waters.

too much of anything is bad for you

Mr. God
Not at all

Its supremely good for you, and as long as you vary your sushi so you get a bit of everything you need then you could eat nothing else and be a lot healthier for it. And - plus, its lovely grub!

belle f
the only problem might be the mercury levels. Some fish can have fairly high mercury levels. Tuna is one that is known for high mercury levels. However the amount of fish you eat in sushi is fairly small, so even the mercury levels should not be that big of a deal.

Katrina R
If the sushi you are eating is healthy then it should be fine to eat it everyday- the key is moderation but as long as you don't overdo it then it should be fine. People eat cereal and bread everyday so I guess eating sushi (as long as the ingredients are fresh and healthy) in moderation should be fine.

eating everything in moderation is the best thing.

so varying your diet is good, to get a balance of carbs / vitamins / protien etc..

if you eat loads of carrots apparently you turns orange, although i've not eaten that many..lol

Sushi is a great healthy choice for food. Howerver, like every good thing.....moderation is key.

yes it is

No not at all..fish is good for you

i loove sushi, i eat those crunchy rolls. their my favorite, their the only ones i eat.

i hope it's not bad for you because when i graduate from high school and is done with college, i'm going to make lots of money and eat sushi everyday.

Bad for your pocket! Learn to make your own.

It could be bad for you because when the fish is not completely fresh you could have a stomach that is upset from some bug or poison.
And eating anything every day is not good. You need a more balanced diet.

HOW..... Do you know the FISH.... IS FRESH? NOT!

Did you know that on a average.... the FISH... is handled by .... NINE-People... before it is made into Sushi.....?

Thanks, RR

P.S. And they are all HEATLTHY PEOPLE.....? NOT!

dont know, ive never tried sushi

You shoud be fine just make sure you know what kind of fish your eating some fish (like sharks are higher in mercury than say some types of tuna

Jimithy ™
Eating anything everyday is not good for you.

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