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Is eating more than 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day unhealthy?
Since joining weight watchers a month ago, I find that I am eating approx 6-7 pieces of fruit and veg a day i.e. an apple, an orrange, handful of grapes, salad twice a day (lettuce, spinach, onions, tomatoes and cucumbers), a banana and pineapple...I know 5 a day is recommended but is having more of it unhealthy? I replace chocolate aand crisps with it. I have my protein, healthy fats and carbs too so I'm not using the fruit as substitutes for these other foods. Is it ok?

Thanks :)

I read somewhere that it is actually recommended that you eat 3 portions of fruit and 4 portions of vegtables, but they just made it 5 a day to keep it simple. It probably won't do you any harm, I'll bet you'll loose loads of weight if you keep it up.
Good luck :-)

Happy Murcia
5 pieces is the recomended minimum,,,

Actually you are supposed to have 5-10 a day so you are fine :)

Careful though because natural sugars that arent burned up still get stored as fats.

The only thing to watch is the high sugar content in fruits. Make sure you are staying active and you will be fine. If you are eating that many fruits, stay away from juices, because they are loaded with sugars as well.

no...you can eat as many fruits and veg. as you want there not unhealthy

No its really healthy

as long as you eat a balanced diet along with it.

Eatable Rainbows :D
That's perfectly fine! You are actually supposed to take 8 portions a day but they don't tell us because they don't want us worked up! lol!

6-7 should be fine, but be sure to vary it up because some fruits and/or veggies can make your skin turn yellow or reddish if you eat them tooooooooo much.

tongue in cheek
as long as you dont eat more calories than you burn off then eating a diet that includes plenty of fruit and veg is healthy, but make sure you include the other food groups as well - several servings of grains, pulses, small amount of good fats

Totally fine...how could something that is nutritionally good for you be unhealthy

The more fruits and vegetables, the better...you don't need chocolate and crisps any way...

It's fine just make sure you are in the vicinity of a loo, you know how fast it digests...

Lil Debbie
God made it for you to eat.
if you eat too much heavy acidic fruit it might cause a little indigestion.
oranges aren't included in that, because they are good citrus, and they level out your ph balance.
the carbs you do eat should be from fruits and veggies.

the key work is moderation,so if your over doing it, no matter what you do is not good.

nah i think ur doin well there! and congrats on joining. however there are articles to suggest that eating too much fruit can be bad for ur teeth due to the acid in the fruit. in the meeting on tues however we found out that in france instead of 5 pieces of fruit and veg they do 10 pieces and it doesnt seem to affect them. so carry on slimming!!!

ide say its more than ok....its completely healthy..

keep working out]]]]]]]]]]]] and keep eatting ]]]]]]]]]hey iam going to check you know me]]]]]]]]]]]]

sounds fine. wish i had such a healthy diet. A ctually im Vegetarian. keith

Laura g
its good for you but not all at once. unless its a smothie. fruits do have sugar which helps kick sweet cravings but dont eat like 5 apples for a meal, i know a girl who used to do that.

insane draggin
Your bowels will be happier.

No my g/f eats vegetables and fruit and whole grains continuously and she is VERY HEALTHY.

Megan M.
Absolutely not! Fruits and vegetables is what we would naturally be eating so there is no harm in heating just that, and I am sure that you eat other food along with your produce. Eating alot of acidic food might be hard on some people, such as eating alot of oranges every day, but if you have a serving of a few types of each kind of produce each day, thats great.
Like having a handful of baby carrots, a salad, an orange, a banana and some strawberries just for one half of the day is fine. I eat lots of produce and I love it! having more than the recommended amount is fine, just dont stress out your body by eating too much of something particularly acidic or hard on your system.

Eating a ton of fruits will NOT help you lose weight. Yup, I said it. Contrary to popular belief, eating lots of fruits every day will not be beneficial to your health.

Needless to say, replacing a bag of chips or a package of cookies with an apple or orange IS a great replacement. But too much of anything can be overkill. The recommended serving of fruit per day is 2, 3 being the max. The main problem is sugar. Once you exceed the 3 daily fruit max, then you are not doing your body any favors. Yes, many fruits are loaded with great fiber which helps you to feel fuller- but so do vegetables!

Veggies are limitless in diets! You can never never never have to many! It's fantastic that you eat salad twice a day, but you might want to consider adding some lean protein, like a little grilled chicken or maybe some slivered almonds to help keep you fuller.


~Eat 2-3 fruits per day to replace "junky" snacks
~Eat as many veggies as you like! (Try replacing some of the fruit with carrots or red bell peppers because they tend to be sweeter than other veggies)

Lastly, congratulations on your healthy eating skills!! I wish you the best of luck!

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