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Is doing 100 pushups and 100 crunches a day good?
I already work out and am in shape but if i just do 100 pushups and crunches every single day for a year plus working out will it make a difference?

yes it sure is

Apparao V
Can you do for me also.

Giovanni Paoletto
No your muscles will stop growing up like , after your training you need a day of rest to let your muscles grow up , if you r playing everyday your muscle will not have the chance to grow up , you can note that in the gym the guy you see him working out 3 days a week is looking better than the one who workup everyday
...its ok if you push up daily but push up with working out is too much for your muscles because your muscle need a day after the gym to grow up ..my self i do 40 push ups before going work ( 10 minutes after i wake up) and another 40 before sleeping and i don't go the gym no more now coz no time, for the abs its better if you burn your abs only 3 days a week , my experience with my abs says that the more you work out your abs the more your abs wont respond .
I recommend you to concentrate more on your push ups and abs more than the gym workout because the gym once you stop your work will disappear but the push ups are so so loyal.
So as i told you just shock and surprise your muscles better than doing a daily routine .

yep. i doubt youll serioulsy have the dedication to do it EVERYDAY for a YEAR, but good luck.


Yeah it works plus with those other workouts you are doing so do this start less and day by day do a little more so your body gets use to it that way you can reach your goal without pulling a muscle or something.

try 200 crunches but ya that is amazing I don't do push-up i just do 200 crunches

Ben R
it depends on a hell of a lot of things, like your diet, motabilism, etc. its not just a case of saying i do this and am i healthy!!!

Very good for you physically. You should be a machine after a year of doing that everyday.

Craig J
If you are doing them right. Yeah they will work but I would suggest 5 days a week becuase rest is just as Important as the workout!Give your body two days to rest and youll get better results!

All I can say is WOW! That's great, keep it up and yes it will.

You would have to go a million miles to find someone who thinks it wont give you results.

Ofcourse it will but are u capable of doing this for a whole year? ask yourself that.

No amount of pushups and crunches will make a big difference if they're not of good form.

You shouldn't do each set of 100 all in a row, because you will lose form quickly and begin to use other muscles instead of your abs and arms/chest. It'll be a waste of time, you won't get the results you expected, and you'll be discouraged.

Instead, break it up into 4 sets of 25 for each exercise.

Also, doing the same thing every day for a year won't give you much results after a certian amount of time. You'll see results quickly and continue to see them for a few weeks maybe, and then you'll plateau and won't continue to progress. You'll still have the definition you initially attained, but you won't progress any more because your body is now accustomed to the workout routine. You have to change up your routine to continue to see progress. This can be done by adding more sets, using weights, or doing different exercises to target the same muscles. Do other exercises other than pushups for your arms and chest, like bench presses, rock climbing, etc. For your abs, do planks, bicycles, etc.
This way you'll continue to see results and you won't get bored either.

Good luck!

it should but if you are already in shape it should definitely help keep you in shape

Most definitely. Obviously it will help. By doing pushups you are building muscle in your arms and the more you work out and gain weight from muscle, the more your arms with have to work.

Crunches are good for building and retaining abs. If you do reverse crunches you will get rid of any "belly flab" that lines the lower stomach.

After you body grows immune to your crunches and pushups, either extend your reps, add more to each set, or change them. (Ex. for pushups, switch to one handed pushups. For crunches, do bicycle crunches.)

Bicycle crunches are crunches where you place your hands behind your head and pull together your right elbow with your left knee, then relax and pull together your left elbow with your right knee. To make it look like a bicycle you move your legs continuously in a circle as though you're riding a bike.

I hope this helped with your self-confidence and helped answer your question. Good luck!


Ashley S
Totally,it will make your strings in your body pull as hard as they can and it will hurt tomarro.maybe!

yes it willl
but gradually
itll take 2 weeks before u notice (:

yeah, you should always focus on your tummy and arms daily... these are the lpaces people notice the most

bummy cheeks
I'm sure it will, for a month I only do 30 pushups a week and and 80 crunches a week and it's made a big difference already! pooowwwaaa!!

Ask yourself....How long can I do this and what will happen to my body when I stop?

if you are already in shape i would say 100 pushups a day will help you stay toned but if you wanna have and keep good abs i would say 200 - 500 crunches a day is going to make a difference, 100 crunches a day isnt going to do much but if u want to improve you gotta do more crunches.

If you are already in shape, why do the extra crunches & sit ups?
If you are going for really sculpted arms or a washboard stomach...then yes, these extra exercises should help.

i know it is

John J in love with doglover2962
yeah its excellent

why not?

of course it would help. more you do the more it will pay off on your body.

It will definitely make a difference!

No, no, no! It's TERRIBLE! Never do ANYTHING that might improve your health and physical condition resulting in getting dates and living longer. What are you some kind of wacko?

Hint, hint.

it is really good but you dont want to over work yourself because you might pull a muscle..... :o(

It will certainly make you a year older!

Grape Stomper
Yes but NO, You need to let your muscles heal for a few days between excercising.
A rotation of body parts work out is the most beneficial.

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