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Is barbecue bad for you?
...as way of cooking?. If it's then how bad is it, can it cause cancer?

jc q
it's only bad if you get burned..:-)

Batista 4 Champ
barbecue is good it is a good source of protein because of the meat in what you barbecue and you can also barbecue veggies to

yes but i don't care

BBQ rules!

Amanda Christine_17
Its not unless you burn it too much or its really got the crisps of burnt on it those are carcinogens that cause cancer so if you like your food really cooked and crispy then you need to watch out cause after a while it can effect you

Steve H
Only if YOU are on the grill!

i have heard that something in the cole can give cancer....
but i haven;t seen any hard core evidence

I was actually just reading through my monthly health pamphlet that our local clinic sends out. Since it's almost summer time, BBQ was a big topic in there. From what I read, the burnt/black/crispy parts of food off a grill contain carcinogens which can cause cancer. They recommend not grilling constantly and also to not burn the food. Uncharred food is ok. Just don't consume exceptional amounts of grilled food.

i love barbecue!

It depends how burnt the meat you're eating is

everything is bad for you even breathing in this air of ours. big deal just have fun with life.... i love watching people trying to save the planet, it has been here for billions of years and will be here a couple more billion after the human race has killed itself. and people are afraid of global warming and know BBQ?

Jovi Fan
no. your fine. barbecue your butt off!

it is better than deep frying food or frying foods. The food is not sitting in the grease

If the smoke rising from the barbeque pit is worrying you, then hear this. It contains no poisons therefore it is not bad and has a nearly invisible chance of cancer.

no just dont eat too much

hell anything can cause cancer but barbecue if it does we are all in trouble but i think it is healthier because it cooks in natural juices ec t

well, if you burn then yeah, the carcinogens can cause cancer. just don't eat the black part.

it cood kill u, yes. if u CHOKE ON IT! what is wrong with BBQ?

No, where did u here that

It is good for your heart.

no its great and we die anyway might as well enjoy the ride!!

Look man I eat barbecue and I'm fine, but if you're on a diet, then you could eat the food you like. You just have to look at the calories, sugar, fat, sugar from fat, and cholesterol, so you can stay healthy you should just make sure you look at the nutrious facts and no it doesn't cause cancer.

100% Organic Snarkâ„¢
If it was, I'd be dead by now. I was born and raised in the south and barbecue is a food group.

Its a great way of having nice tasty food, make sure you let the coals burn down to a red glow not flames, dont over do bbq's as i think (not sure) that to much of the sulpher or something is not good in high quantitys

I've heard that too, but it's so darn good! Stubs yumm!

Red meat is very hard to digest. Smoke contains carcinogens, and cooking meat well increases them, too.

No. Anything that tasty has to be good for you.

Besides everything causes cancer.

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