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Is It Okay To Skip Exercise For A Few Days?
I Work Out Everyday. But Sometimes I'm So Exhausted That I Want To Skip A Day Or Two (Weekly) But I Usually End Up Feeling Bad & Getting The "You're Never Going To Get Muscular" Thoughts. & I End Up Working Out Anyway.

Well, Quite Frankly, No Matter What I Do I Always Doubt Myself & Think I'm Doing It Wrong. Someone Please Help!

john cena
If you wanna be mascular, u gotta work out everyday..

Yes. I do 4 days a week, and I'm good.

yh u need your body to rest sometimes so no need to worry if work it to hard you will end up pulling a muscle or somthing so have a days rest or just do a very light work out

its not too good to exercize everyday. you should do it every other day

it's perfectly fine and necessary to take a couple days off.
you're not doing anything wrong. dieticians and physicians suggest working out 3-4 times a week. you don't have to do it everyday.
just keep consistency and you'll get there =D

Hannah F
Yes!Its greAT sry bout the caps lock i do that every time!LOL!
If u have 2 much exersise u may eb]nd up dying!So dont exersise 2 much!

You should excercise at least 4 times a week for an hour...

Eat healthy, Drink PLENTY of water, and do your routine excercises and jogging...

Workin out 7 days a week hurts and aches your muscles..
Is bad for u...

Hope i helped!

yes, it is fine to skip for a few days! but not for weeke on end, then it gets to be a little 2 much.

yea, your body needs the time to recover from the work out. If you are always feeling tired, make sure you are eating a good diet. well balenced.
Instead of working out everyday, you could workout every other day.

good luck

jin k
no, because if you skip days of exercising then you will gain weight. i know its hard to understand but the days you skip exercising you eat and eat. And you can gain weight. I'm telling you this from my experience. If u get exhausted of exercising just try to do it at home for 5-10min.

John M
I can take a day off with no harm, but two days in a row and my BRAIN muscles tell me GET BACK TO WORK!!! Slow and steady wins the race, and you can take breaks from steady.

skipping, thats good enough. even walking is an excersize, so skipping is great. if you feel tired dont be afraid to take a break inbetween days. muscles dont grow on continuous work outs. when you work out your muscles tear, then it grows bck with a bit extra to stop it hapening again so thats how they grow bigger. if you dont take a rest then youll injure yourself from not letting the muscles heal.

Three days of exercise and one day off is ideal. Your body has a chance to form new muscle fiber and you come back re-energized, too.

Good luck and don't doubt what your body is telling you!! : )

I think you need a chill pill....you shouldnt be so hard on yourself.. I wouldnt stress so much if you miss a day....bad on your heart. You need a break once a week. I do 3-4 days a week for a few hours each day and I feel great. My workouts are very physical though. Lots of cardio and dancing. :) GOood luck!

If you're going to do a non-aerobic workout you should alternate muscle groups and take a day off every 2-3 days.

Sdfsdf D
Some people dont even exercise once a year! So no i really dont think its matters. I only exercise about 20 minutes every 2 days or something like that. It keeps me fit and slim and doesnt wear me owt to much =]

idk its good for u to keep going, but probably like 2 days of rest a week would be good so ure muscles have time to grow.
when you work out your muscles dont get enough oxygen, causeing them to produce energy in a different way that produces lactic acid. the lactic acid burns through your muscles, but then your muscles grow back bigger. so the 2 days will give them time to grow back.

Jess Bby.
yes, its okay to miss a day or two.

pushing your self is good, but theirs a limit, so take a break, sit back, && relax.

-->Doubting your self isn't the way to go, if you set your mind to it you will accomplish it.

Corporate Mom
the problem with skipping a day here and there is it's way too easy to skip a day, then two days, then three, then before you know it you don't work out anymore. Just do it, you'll feel better for it!

Yes, it is equally important to give your body rest, at least once per week, and then take a week off every few months for recovery. Weights one day, and cardio the next day is also a good way to mix it up so your muscles heal properly.

Yes...in fact periodically your body needs a bit of a break from a tough workout!!!! Great question!!! BUT stay with your routine!!!!



Of course it's alright to skip a few days. We all need a break sometimes and it won't change anything.

Yeah, its ok, in fact your body actually need a few days off for your muscles to repair themselves.

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