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Is Eating Cereal all the time bad for you?
I eat cold cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner almost everyday. will i get cancer or something bcuz of mal nutrition?


sabrina b

Zac C
No you won't get cancer, but you could have a vitamin deficancy. Just go to the store and buy some cheap vitamins. you will be ok.

i guess it depends on what kind of cereal it is...

not if your cereal contains a balance of food from all of the food groups.

C'mon dude. You know you won't get cancer. Maybe a big case of gas!!! Seriously though, you need to eat well balanced meals. Too much of anything is not good. Some cereals contain allot of sugar and you don't need that. Balance out your meals.

They Know
No cereal has to has the 14 essentail vitamins and nutrients. Although the texture of fruits and vegtables is very nessesary for good health.

cereal is actually good for u bc of the whole grain qualities and usually people eat it with milk which is also great for you. i would suggest you balance out these foods with others to make sure you get ALL the nutrients you need such as protein and vitamins from fruits and vegetables.

but i would have cancer by now if that were true!!

No. But you should exercise after it or the starch will turn in to fat! Hope I helped!!!

Well, you'll probably get something or other, or lots of somethings or others. If that's really what you're eating, you're not getting enough of what you need to be healthy. At least take a multi-vitamin.

Some fruit with the cereal would be good. Or as a snack.

Some other source for protein would be good too. Do you have a microwave? You could at least try some frozen dinners -- the healthier kind, which, unfortunately, are the somewhat pricier kind (i.e., more than $1.)

Evan P
Eating anything all the time is unhealthy, but if what you're eating has a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins, then it is less dangerous than eating something that only has a few nutrients.

Our bodies need many different things to function properly, and having TOO much of any one thing can be bad for one's health. Too much vitamin A can cause skin disorders. Lack of protien can weaken muscles and cause a disorder known as Anemia. The list goes on and on, but there's far too many things to mention. I've included a website that has some more information for you about different vitamins.

I did the same thing for a long time and then one night i got ill and had to be taken to the emergency room. While there I had to be hydrated and also they did alot of test. The docot said that my stomach was like eating itself b/c I didnt have enough carbs and such. And no I am not skinny If my stomach ate it self I would still live, but at that moment I was so sick and I stayed 3 days and was made to eat other foods b4 going home.

Patrick M
No cancer or anything, but it might be too much fiber. You need protein eventually.

no you wont get cancer silly, but you do need to get some nutrients like veggies and some meat or whatever. Do eat other kinds of cereal like cheerios or something healthy.Just get some other kinds of foods in your body besides cereal.

two face
well it depends on what cereal your eating but from what iv read no its actually very healthy although it shouldnt be the only thing you eat

depends. if you eat a lot of sugary cereal all the time then it is bad, but normal cereal then no it is not bad for you.

Probably not but I wouldn't make a habit of it.

I guess it may not cause cancer, however it may cause constipation as well as affect the intestine in some way. You need to adopt a healthy meal mix of whole meal with some oat variety can be helpful as well. There are other meal options that are quick and surely contain this variety mix advised earlier. Swapping some of your cereal meals with fruits and other fibre rich diet is equally good for your bowels. Surely will keep IBS and the like at bay.
Good luck!

You need a more balanced diet than that. Cereal is mostly grains & sugar. Try to avoid the cereals with a lot of sugar, and also eat veggies (salad) and fruit.

robert w
eating ceral , commercial type, is bad for u .
as for cancer , no one knows .
as for lack of nutrition , u'll short ur nutrition balance.

always confuse
We'll, I don't think so... coz Cereals I believe has also vitamins on it, especially if you will have it with milk.

The only thing is that... since it is considered as light meal...your body weight or measures will be maintained.

So if you are on the gaining side... don't expect good thing to happen.

But, for the health conscious person.... it is their way to maintain their body figure.

I believe, you are eating at least complete meal during week-ends. This will, at least... your body will receive natural vitamins from the food you intake.

We only have one body and life to live and we have to love and take care of it... if you want to enjoy more and have a long and happy life.

Take care.

I would add a multi-vitamin to your diet to ensure that you are getting the proper amount of nutrition every day.

Maybe start adding strawberries, bananas, raspberries or blueberries to your cereal.

You need many more nutrients in your body than just cereal will provide. You need to be eating 2-4 servings each of vegetables and fruits. You need at least 2 sources of protein each day which cereal provides none or very little of. Cereal provides you with good grain (depending on if you eat the right kind) and provides you with sources of dairy. If you eat cereal only eat it in the morning and for a nighttime snack. Make sure to eat a whole grain cereal...not a junky kind. For lunch and dinner eat vegetables, fruits, and protein!

If you are going to eat cereal all of the time, at least make sure it is cereal that is good for you...high fiber with good vitamin content, like Total Raisin Bran.

However, you really should be balancing your meals with more food groups.

Most cereal (even the high sugar types) are fortified to provide a significant amount of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for vitamins and minerals. The majority are also low in fat. An added bonus is that you are taking in a fair amount of calcium from the milk being added to the cereal.

That doesn't mean that you aren't missing out on benefits from other food groups, especially fruits and vegetables The key is balance, variety, and moderation and it doesn't sound as though you are getting that eating cereal for nearly every meal. If you love cereal then try substituting at least one meal with foods that are more balanced amongst the food groups.

Note - as some people are suggesting you take a multivitamin it really isn't necessary. Check the label on the cereals that you typically eat and you will likely see a significant number of nutrients being supplied by such..!

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