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 How can i put on weight?

Is 5 foot 4 and 100 pounds fat?
What about 5 foot 3 and 107

No and no.

Andy L
no thats good


no i'm shorter and weigh more but i'm by no means fat

XD (loves JB's)
no way

Nicole H
No, that's actually skinny.

Wilson C
I think it is OK. Cause my wife was like that when we got married.

I think not.
For both of them.

Armour-Plated Angel
Neither is anywhere close to fat!! I am thrilled to be 129lbs at 5foot 3, It took a lot of work for me to get down to that weight, I can not picture myself much thinner and still look healthy

I love the boy with the FRO

thats good weight maybe even a little under weight.

no way

ryan h
i dont think so


Less Confused
No! Unless you're mentally disturbed you know it's not. You're just on here to get attention.

You obviously have internet so do me a favor, look up BMI. Okay? Thats B as in bad, M as in mother, and I and in introduction.

I may get thumbs down for this, but it needed to be said.

no thats a good weight

no and no. :)

Definitely NOT! That is closer to underweight than it is to being fat. And no to the 5'3 and 107 lbs either, that one is just right. =)

Kenna Coconutâ„¢
no, babe.
in fact, you better work on gainin some weight!!!
im 5' 2" and 125 pounds.
and im skinny.
sometimes i think I am too skinny!
be happy, i mean.... you could almost be runaway model like that. plus four inches though.
5' 3" and 107 is also extremely skinny.

you sound about right or maybe even a little too skinny

Ummm no. Too skinny. I am 5'4" and I am definitely more than 100 lbs and I am NOT fat.
5'3" and 107 seems healthier, but still on the slim side.

codster l
depends if its muscle or body fat. Also, its different on every person.

it all depends on the persons figure...im 6'2" ... 235 lbs...am i fat????

by the way im not :-P

god no
im 5'5 130 and not over weight, not skinny ether just healthy with some muscle cos i love sports.
if your 5'4 and less than 100 pounds thats a bit worrying


................how old are you anyway............????

both are underweight

Mandy <3 [rip MSK]
umm no, not fat at all. i think that is really skiny

Ummm, no~ you could easily gain 15 lbs, and probably should. You should see someone

Narcissa K
OMGGG Eat a sandwich or something, you are SO not fat

you're a dumbass....eat a cookie.

Holy GRACIOUS NO! That is anorexic! My daughter is 5'2" and 100 LBS and she is going to the hospital to be treated for anorexia! Everyone says she is thin as a rail.

The doctor said her ideal weight is actually 114 - 116 LBS for her build. EAT SOMETHING before you become like my daughter, if you aren't already.

EDIT: BTW that is how I spell my name too Jeni (please don't loose any weight...put some on....PLEASE??!!)

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