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Im trying to wait for my stomach to growl b4 i eat, but its been 10 hours and it hasnt growled?
i have a very low metabolism, but still is this normal

i am 15 and i need to lose 40 pounds
so im realy trying to only eat when im hungry, but my stomach wont growl!!!

John F
Your stomach growling isn't an automatic indicator that you're hungry. Don't rely on that.

Sure T
Waiting for your stomach to growl is going to slow your metabolism more. Your body goes into a stravation mode and saves everything it gets.

You need to find a more healthly diet plan. Perhaps small, frequent eating. 40 lbs is alot. Ask your doc for suggestions.

um... your stomach might be too weak to growl

eat healthy and exercise often. it doesnt matter how much it eat, it's what you eat.

Spreads Love Like Violenceâ„¢
You stomach has eaten itsself, and you will die.

thats not good for you :/

you should eat a small 6 meals a day

or a regular 3.
dont skip anything. but if you arent hungry dont eat
but dont wait for your body to BEG.

you should eat small 5 meals every 3 hours

don't wait until you're hungry

you're just starving yourself that way & will end up slowing down your metabolism & gaining weight

check out NutriNerd.com for great, helpful tips =)

Stomachs don't necessarily growl only when your hungry. I believe that when it does growl, it is just part of the normal digestion process.

eat three healthy meals a day, with small snacks inbetween large gaps of meals, dont eat till your stuffed, just till your comfortable, and youll be fine

Evan M
Here is the thing if you are trying to lose weight then that isn't the answer. I know you might be like "give me a break" but it is not healthy. When you don't eat or skip a meal the next time you consume food it turns it all the calories into fat. If you want to lose some weight here are some options, exercise, become a vegetarian (my brother lost 35 lbs that way), become a vegan (I lost 40 that way), stay away from sugars and fats and watch out for those calories. Thanks for listening.

that's an extremely unhealthy way to lose weight.
your stomach growling doesn't mean that your hungry.
it just your intestines rumbling to digest, which makes a sound.
your stomach can growl whether you're hungry or not.
so your little method isn't going to work.

to lose 40 pounds you need to exercise, rather than starve yourself.
start eating until you're satisfied and not overly full.
also, you can replace snacks with fruit.
it's going to be challenging, but if you are really committed to losing weight you'll be able to do it.

good luck.

Dont go by that when you should eat. When it growls that doesnt mean your hungry. Jus watch what you eat and PORTION control.

seeing as your dieting, not feeding yourself isnt always the best solution... can be the cause of anerexia
your body needs certain amounts and types of food
the best solution is exercise... besides it looks better being tone and feeling fit than always feeling hungry and looking like a stick... boys dont like it when you look like a stick anyway
and you can eat what you want when you r exercising

Instead of starving yourself, exercise. Your body is made to tell you when you need to eat. If you wait for your stomach to growl, you're starving yourself.

Eat more frequent smaller meals throughout the day rather than a few large meals. It's easier for your body to break down the smaller amounts of food - and if you eat healthy foods (NO CHIPS!) you'll soon feel the results in more than just weight loss (confidence... energy... fitness)

Uh eat something hun!

Well eat something light, like yogurt.
You don't need your stomach to tell you you are hungry.

I understand there is pressure on most women to lose weight. But don't over do it. Rather than deprive yourself of food completely, seek a healthy diet and pick up some excercise.

Remember the absence of food can also make you develop sicknesses you do not want, such as an ulcer.

Jessica L
Hi! Please don't wait for your stomach to speak to you...

The best way to lose weight is to accelerate your metabolism. The best way to do this is by eating small meals every 2 to three hours. It will seem as if you were eating all day long but it works.. This is what I did when I was on a diet for a bodybuilding competition. Also make sure you get on a good exercise routine.
Check with your Doctor and play it safe!

The trick is not to only eat when you're hungry. Eating 3 or 4 or even 5 smaller, healthy meals (the more times, the less you should eat) Is better than eating 2 large meals a day just when you're hungry. Plus sometimes if my stomach doesn't growl, I drink some water, and usually growling ensues.

It's not the amount that you eat, It's how healthy you eat. Healthy foods like fruit, yogurt, granola, and water (not juice because of high sugar content of most) are all good for eating a few times a day. Start to feel hungry between breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Eat an apple, or something like that.

Stay away from most flavored drinks like VitaminWater or even Gatorade, because the amount of calories in them are often counterproductive in losing weight. If you want some flavor, grab the crystal light flavor packets. You can put them in water and have a nice flavor to your water. Drinking enough water can also help curb appetite by filling up your stomach so you won't eat as much during meals.

Hope this helps, this is all from personal experience.

Rachel J
growling isn't the only thing that tells you you are hungry you know..... Does your stomach hurt? eat a peanut butter sandwich it will fill you but and theres tons of good stuff in it.

just because your stomach isnt growling, doesnt mean you arent hungry.

here's a better plan:

BREAKFAST: egg, whole grain toast w/ jelly or peanut butter (etc)

SNACK: snack bar (special k, luna, powerbar, zonebar, yogurt bar, etc) or apple/orange (you can be creative with fruit)

LUNCH: sandwitch (not entending a burger! make your own with deli meat or a PB&J), fruit (again, be creative), carrots (really any veggie, broccli is my favorite, but carrots are easy.) and a treat of your choice (watch the calories)

SNACK: same as before

DINNER: meat (not bacon or burger), rice/pasta, fruit, veggie, treat

make sure you eat everything 2 hours apart, eat until you're 3/5 full, you dont have to eat if you arent hungry, and mix it up, or your body will get used to the foods and burn less carbs digesting!

good luck!

your stomach doesn't growl b/c you are hungry. the growling sound you hear is actually the sound of food travelling from your stomach (food is actually squeezed out of it in small amounts like a tube of toothepaste), through whatever else it goes through, and through your intestines.

so when your stomach growls it doesn't necessarily mean you are hungry.... sometimes it will growl when you are hungry... but it will also growl when you're not too.

You could be hungry without your stomach growling this is just when your stomach muscles retracting so yes it does mean its empty but you can still physically be hungry before that happens.

Your body needs nutrients to function.Go to mypyramid.gov and evaluate what you are eating and give you a meal plan.There are many things that can go wrong when the body id deprived of what it needs.It also will help calculate how much you are burning during exercise.Exercise is important when loosing weight and for cardiovascular health.

You need to eat breakfast so you can give your metabolism a jump start ! Eat 5 smaller meals in the day . No sweets,no sodas etc!!!
And a lot of exercise . You could start with walking or ride your bike

It doesn't need to growl, don't starve yourself. The good way to lose weight is to go on a healthy diet. Actually, starving can just make you fatter or gets you anorexic (however you spell that). If you feel hungry, eat. It isn't normal that it didn't growl -- but still, don't kill yourself! Go with what you feel is right. :]

well when it growls that a little after when you should eat. Stop worrying so much it's not when you eat, it's what and how much.

I also have a very low metabolism at age 18, it's normal. Just depends on genetics and all sorts of other stuff.

But I would say that as long as you're not hungry (you're stomach isn't growling/you feel hungry despite the lack of stomach growling) and you can still perform normal activities without feeling any threat to your health, then just go with it. I would keep waiting it out. If you were hungry, I would imagine your stomach would growl. But don't go for more than a day. If your stomach goes that long without growling then I don't think it' very dependable. Good luck :-)

Not eating, will only make gain weight, and doesn't help you in anyway.

You have to eat more to increase metabolism, in order to lose weight. As well as be active

You are 15 for christ sake, don't worry about losing 40 lbs, try to just watch what you eat and get out of the house. You will eventually get there.

Your stomach growls after you eat as the last of your food is leaving the stomach into your intestines. It is a common misconception that your stomach growls only when you are hungry.

Paul W
Ok, first off, your stomach isn't always going to growl, that's not a good idea to go off of. Secondly, At your age you need to be very careful about weight loss, losing maybe 1-2 pounds a week to be healthy. Starving yourself isn't going to work either, since your metabolism will just slow down further.
Pay attention to what you eat, and EXERCISE!!! That's the most important thing. Running for 30 minutes a day will get you major results, but not eating won't do anything for you in the long run.

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