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emma and mummy
Im dying to eat something sweet but im on diet..?
please what can i do i really want to eat something sweet right now but i will fell guilty.......

Your sugar craving is probably due to your lack of sugar in the blood. Apparently the body is clever like that.

If you feel cravings, it is probably self induced, due to the lack of sugar earlier on, your brain can only use sugar for energy so it makes you crave when it is low...clever really.

I know that doesn't help you now, but may give you an idea to feed the body regualrly so as to avoid these sugar dips and corresponding cravings in the future.

For now get some sugar into you - even if it's fruit or honey, avoid the chocolate though so then you can feel proud you did it.

Hope that helps.
I found this out and far more from the info I got at http://www.sixpackseeker.com

Isagenix has chocolates! Chocolates that feed your brain, plus are loaded with vitamins and minerals and stop the cravings. The Isagenix system has helped my mom go from a size 14 to an 8 in 9 weeks and now she gets to eat chocolates while she continues to lose weight. I am 6 months pregnant, so I am only doing the shakes. But these delicious amazing chocolates are in the program and you can have 4 a day! WOW. My mom loves them.

there are a lot of fat-free and sugar-free products on the market - lucky for us these days.

ice cream, sodas, also I like the Torini sugar free flavorings (they have at least 15 flavors!)

I like to make a lot of smoothies - fat free milk or yogart, lots of fruit of any kind, a big spoon of fat free ice cream - is super! really filling, healthy, and seems better than plain old ice cream

if you have the willpower just have nib of something sweet if you can't stop then my suggestion would be get some of those 100 calories pack cookies and that will fill you up and they are good and you've only taken in 100 calories less than some fruit

fruit.. oranges or pineapples.
maybe flavored rice cakes by Quaker... Apple Cinnamon is my favorite. Hang in there !!!! Good luck.

i don't know if your into waking or working out but if you do have something sweet to eat don't worry just work it of by working out are a 30min walk i lost 12 stone in 24 weeks and i was not on a diet just did walking now mind you i was of all sweet things but if i had something sweet i just did a longer walk know what your going true believe me

Eat a piece of fruit or chew some sugarless gum.


Linzi LEW
have some sugar free gum or some fruit....or if your realy craving and think your gonna crack have a fun size bar of something its not gonna make a whole lotta difference and be a little stricter tomorrow.if you want something that much your better off to have it and go back to your low fat eating plan tomorrow or you will end up giving up .

Here's the drill: Your diet is doomed to fail if you are never allowed to have the things you really love. If you're craving a Snickers bar, a cup of lowfat yogurt won't work as a good substitute. The trick is to develop a system that allows you to have the things you want every once in a while but to make the treats the exception, not the rule.

Here are two possible solutions:

(1) Make a rule that you have to "earn" your treats. If you want that Snickers bar, require yourself to walk or do aerobics for an hour or to spend 40 minutes on the treadmill jogging.

(2) Stick to your healthy diet for 6 1/2 days a week, but allow yourself 1/2 a day every week where you can eat or drink whatever you want -- as long as you don't gorge yourself. Bodybuilders and professional athletes do this, and their physiques don't suffer for it.

Good luck!

There are so many sweets out there that are only 100 calories or less. It usualy says it in big bold letters on the packaging. Also many good yogurts that are low in calories.

Have a cadbury's options hot chocolate drink, and eat a green apple - I know it sounds weird but it really hits the mark.

How about some raisins and a yoghurt? Healthy but nice and sweet

Mystery Lady
have a piece of fruit or dried fruit, that's sweet. or a low fat yoghurt or a tic tac 1 calor

Tina R
Tinned fruit is sweet enough specially pineapple. Give it a go better then chocolate.

Dr Frank
Try Alpen Light bars. They are really very sweet and only 60 calories.

‚ô•A.Marie1 is A-Okay‚ô•
Angel food cake topped with fresh strawberries. :)

Fruit, low-fat yogurt. Try the chocolate yoplait whipped yogurt. Yum!

Liqourice is very sweet and low in calories

A low-fat granola bar with chocolate:) MMmm

go to the store and get some fruit pieces just make sure they dont have any sugars or fat

Lanikai K
Think how much better you will feel if you make it through the whole day without eating any junk!
Make yourself a smoothie, eat dried fruit (but not too much - eating one dried apricot is the same as eating a whole apricot but without the water. you may want to eat more dried fruit but try to only eat as many pieces as you would a normal piece of fruit because you will just end up getting too much sugar)

You could also try...buying 'diet food' or sugar free. most shops sell sugar free sweets.

TIP: Don't chew gum when you're on a diet - the chewing action makes the body think it's going to receive food. You don't actually eat gum, so it makes you feel hungry even when you may be full.

Also if you're craving stuff it's ok to have a little as long as you don't overdo it... it may be that the diet isn't working if you're constantly craving sweet things. You should feel satisfied.

Dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate bars which come with loads of fat and sugar...

Good luck!!

the key to a successful diet is to allow yourself what you want to eat. in moderation though. not labeling good and bad food. because the label makes you crave the food even more and you are more apt to over eat if you dont allow yourself to eat it. so have just a bite size piece. if you are still worried about it do a little more exercise that day.

David Thoma
don't feel guilty one chocolate a day wont make you fat but eating the box-full will !!!!

yadda yadda
eat some fruit

Don't feel guilty. As a nutrition student, I will tell you that you should not completely deprive yourself of sweets and your favorite foods because that will only make you crave it even more and if you do end up eating some, you will possibly over indulge in it and go back to your bad eating habits. It's about moderation. It's ok to treat yourself to some sweets once a week as long as you don't over do it. Just don't eat straight out of a package/container. Portion it out and limit yourself to just one serving (read the serving size in the nutrition facts and check the calories). There's nothing to feel guilty about. You'll still lose weight if you keep within your recommended caloric intake...that's what it really comes down to- to lose weight, you have to burn off more calories than you take in. Sure you'll be healthier if you stick to just nutrient dense foods but you can still lose weight if you eat a little junk food every once in a blue moon. Focus on eating a well balanced diet of whole grains, fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and heart healthy monounsaturated fats and whatever calories you have left over would be your descretionary calories (basically calories than you can choose what to eat, healthy or not). Just portion your food out and you'll be fine.

One more thing- one of the most helpful things you can eat to help you lose weight and maintain it is whole grains and practically anything high in fiber. That includes things like brown rice, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, popcorn, etc because they are packed with fiber and when you eat fiber and drink plenty of fluids, it will swell up in your stomach...basically making you feel full quicker and since your body doesn't have the enzymes to digest fiber, it takes a while for it to pass through your system, so you will feel full longer and with that being said, high fiber foods are generally lower in calories than other foods.

By the way, diets don't work...what works is a lifestyle change. You must learn good eating habits and stick to them for the rest of your life if you really want to lose weight and keep it off forever. If you revert back to your old eating habits after you lose weight, you'll just gain it all back and possibly more.

Fruit, eg melon, apples.
I just had 200g of mixed fruit = 89 cals so it says.

If you keep plenty of apples around, you'll always have something to nibble on if necessary, and they are not high in cals. I usually cut mine up - making it more difficult to eat, so its not easy to eat many at once. Fruits like raspberries and grapes are too easy to eat in large quantities quickly.
Melon can be extremely low, depending on type. Don't stick to one kind of fruit, you'll get bored.

Dried fruit is not good - its too easy to eat a lot quickly.

Try rice cakes dipped in salsa too.

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