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Keith H
Im 75 pounds at 4'11, is that too skinny. Im small frame?
tell me the truth idc (

For you this is average weight but eat healthy.

That is grossly under weight. Get help

OMG me too!!!! you are built exactly like me! you are not to skinny either!

ya my friends mom 4 11 and she 100 pouns try to get up in that range

David T
yep waaaaaaaaaaa 2 skinny. Eat some nanners to put some weight on. I'm not saying balloon out like a whale, but that weight for you isn't healthy.

If you are small frame, that is still just a little to skinny.

daniel k
Not for everyday life I guess, don't go into any pro wrestling or boxing career though, also speak softly to folks cause' most hotheaded girls could take you let alone most men.

Somebody H
Just make sure to eat from all the basic food groups. If you are eating square meals, and getting exercise - you probably just have a high metabolism and you're fine -

The "Axeman" cometh
I really think you know the answer to this,you need to eat and eat healthy foods,NOT processed and junk foods.

it depends how old are you?

Cierra S
It may be too skinny. Talk to your doctor. If they think it is too skinny, ask some ways to gain weight in a healthy way.

I do think that is rather skinny, sounds awfully scary.

I'd recommend eating or maybe start exercising alot to build up some muscle.

Are you crazy? 75 pounds is sickly, even at your height. You should be no less than 100 pounds. Where are your parents, because you're obviously not an adult. Go eat a bacon double cheeseburger or something.

well u should gain a bit more pounds =

nawwwww. ur fine to me. as long as you eat.

hell yes

You should surely see a doctor, take some pills, and eat some more

My friend gracyn is just liike that.
That is very skinny.
Try seeing why you arent gaining any weight...
If you aren't eating... you need to!
Its the best thing for you, because too skinny isnt good.
Just stay healthy

If you feel good and sound, you aren't skinny but if you are over 15, you should try to put on some flesh under that skin.

Cali Chic
hmmm how old are you? Im 4'11 but I dont weight that much. At one point I did tho. Sometimes its not about the weight is more about how healthy you are.

Yes it is. I'm 4'11 and I weigh 97.

sicilian b
o hell yeah ur boarderline anerexic

Malka D.
No, I was 100 pounds at 5'4 but if you feel you need to gain some weight to feel meat instead of bones, eat a lot fun foods.

Alan F
it depends..... were your parents small and light? could be simple heredity.....

from this height-weight chart from the UK, http://www.food.gov.uk/multimedia/bigimages/weightheight.jpg , you should probably be closer to 90 pounds [looking at 4'11" to be about 40kg minimum, which is about 88 pounds, from the chart, to barely make the "underweight" section of the graph.. 45 kilos would be on the low end of "ok." and that's about 100 pounds.

lots of people think skinny is pretty, but for the most part, it's as unhealthy or worse than overweight!

and all of these charts are "typicals" and "averages"......... what does your doctor say?

*Love Me If You Can*
Way skinny, eat some food!!!

yeah, you are definitely thin. I would suggest you eat more.

Tasha C
I think 75 pounds is too skinny at any adult height. Basically you need to look at a body mass index chart. That will tell you exactly what weight you "should" be at your height.

I am between 76-80 and am the same height. People tell me I am too thin. I prefer to be that way.
You do what you feel is best for you.

I am middle aged. That is all I will say.

um yes! you need to get up to at least ninety-five to be healthy. how old are you??

Yes, you are too skinny! The ideal weight for someone (both male and female) that are 4 foot 11 inches is at least 100 lbs. You are 25 lbs under that!

Do a search online for the ideal weight and they will all tell you the same thing no matter how small your frame is. This is a site I found...


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