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About Right On D.I.C.K. S...

If your 5 ft 3 and 11 stone is that overweight?

Additional Details
And serioulsley dont be a ***** about it. I get enough of that **** at school

Nicks a pinball wizard
wow, im 5,4 and almost 7stone thats way overweight

I believe it is called clinically obese.

dolly bird
not excessively. but id say it was bordering.

5 foot 3 wide? or tall?

rock star
yes a lot

Jeff 01
Simply yes.

Yes. Your BMI (body mass index) is 27.5. A healthy BMI is between 20-25.
Your ideal weight is between 8 stone 5 and 9 stone 12.

chris f
i don't know what a stone weighs??

What is stone?

David D
only if you planning a career as a Jockey

Juliette B
Yes. Go to the NHS website and use their BMI calculator. This shows you the HEALTHY weight ranges for your height. At 11 stone and only 5 3" you will be putting serious strain on your heart. Do something about it now, in your teens, before you regret it later on. My suggestion would be the good old calorie-controlled diet. 1200 calories a day is the most recommended diet level.

To give you an example of what that might be:

Breakfast - Bowl of porridge with skimmed milk, glass of orange juice (Quaker do some really nice flavoured ones such as syrup)

Lunch - Ham sandwich made with nimble bread and diet flora, bowl of soup, apple

Dinner - Half microwave lasagne meal, loads of veg, choc biscuit

My tips would be to drink plenty of water in the form of squash, get normal meals and simply split them between you and another member of your family (that way you can eat anything), keep a diary of everything you eat each day and record weight loss on this too and get an amazing piece of clothing in a smaller size so that you have something to try on each week and keep you motivated. e.g. a dress for a school dance. Oh, and only weigh yourself once a week. Hope this helps.

Jack Daniels
of course it is. I'm 5'10 and I weigh 11 stones and I am about average for my height to weight ratio.

depends how you carry your weight....im 5'3 and weigh 9 stone, so i wouldnt say that is overweight just maybe need to loose a few punds :)

PaRaMoRe FaN!!!!
yes. i am 5ft 1 1/2" and i weigh 7 and a half stone

Your BMI (bod mass index) a measurement of body fat based on height and weight is 27.3 anywhere between 25 and 29.9 is overweight and 30 plus is obese. If you are very athletic then don't worry too much as muscle weighs more than fat. But If you want to try and loose weight don't go on a crash diet just eat healthily and exercise regularly. Also if you are teenager you may have a growth spurt very soon and become more proportionate.
Good luck

maybe alittle but if you like yourself whats it matter.

Yes definitely.

Ace Babe
Well I am exactly those proportions and yes I believe it is over weight, but not by a great deal. I used to be 8 1/2 stone so would really like to get back to about 9-9/12. That would be a healthy weight for that height.

check your bmi

Yes. No offense but you need to go on a diet and quick. Go and see your GP or a dietitian, they can help you to loose weight.
Hope I helped :)

Your bmi is 27 something - that's in the middle of the overweight range. You're not obese but you're not in your optimal weight either.

yeah im 5 4 and 8 stone 11 which it 130 pounds and people 5'3 to 5 '4 are meant to be between 120 - 135 pounds .... be careful and go to the docter for information on a HEALTY diet


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