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If you make yourself throw up once, does that mean you're bulimic?

Yes and very unheathy too.
Please dont start !

Sara b.
its has to be done repeaditly
to be called bulimic

mony BG
No! There are all kinds of reasons to throw up. illness, dizziness, feeling sick, stomach ache... all kinds of them

no, my boyfrind and his brother make themselves sick nearly every weekend. they eat so much at the all can you eat place that they gotta puke up, but they only do this cos they think they're gettin they're moneys worth. bulimia is a serious mental illness, not just the physical motion of being sick!!

depends.you know why you did it.intention answers the question.

By make, what do you mean? I've made myself throw up after eating fish I know was going to make me sick, I've thrown up after workouts. Short Answer: No, as long as it doesn't become a habit, and your not doing it to lose weight. Long Answer: You really should never make yourself throw up, so no matter what you are doing it for or why it's happening it's not a good sign.

I would'nt think so,i once ate a bad hard boiled egg and i made myself throw it up.now i weigh 165lbs

Ashley F
Not necessarily. But if you continue to force yourself to throw up, you would most likely be considered to have SOME sort of eating disorder.

Heidi B
I've done it a few times when I knew I was going to get sick anyway and throwing up made me feel better. I'm not bulimic by any means, so I doubt you aren't either.

☺♥ Edward's Gurl ♥☺
no, unless u didn't to loose weight, like if u said " i feel and look fat ima go make myself throw up" then ur bulimic but if it's something else no,

if u did do it because u thought u were fat then just don't do it again or else it may become addicting

Answer Fairy
Nope. I've made myself throw up before (I'm in my late 20s). Usually, it's because I ate something bad and it's the only way to feel better. I like to try new things.... I ate some Mexican delicacy once... eeeeew. If I didn't make myself puke, I would have probably puked on my own, lol! I've only done it about four times in my life, though. Anyway, just be careful. Making yourself throw up is really hard on your esophagus.

Not at all. There have been times I've had to make myself puke, or else I wouldn't ever have felt better. Don't make it a habit. And bulemia has other ways of purging. You can take tons of laxatives to make yourself burn the calories, or you can over-work out. It's not just puking.

if you try and kill yourself once does it make you suicidal?

No. I've made myself puke in a case where I ate something and it was making me feel quite ill. I felt better afterwards.

Its frequent self-induced vomiting that is a key point of bulimia.

every disorder starts with the first episode, if you persist in doing this you will eventually be bulimic.

a m a n d a .
no it means u wanted to throw up.. if u do it all the time.. then u might be but u don't know until ur diagnosed. go to a doctor if u think its serious.

no, but bulimia is more concerned with WHY you chose to make yourself reach.

No, not necessarily

no and yes

no, you might have eaten some poison or something and had to vomit on purpose

no, bulimia is a chronic psychologiocal eating disorder of binging on junk food and purging(vomiting) it out. If you force yourself to vomit once you may be sick or have another reason to not want whatsever in your stomach to be there.

no but if you do it continuously and it becomes psychological and ppl think u're sick or anorexic, then yea, youre bulimic


No, but you need to stop. I say this firmly because I know for a lot of people, they can do it once, and just continue in the habit. Try to think about what you eat more before you consume it, that way nothing will have to come back up. (:

Just that once, no. Once a day, yes.

no but make sure you dont make it a regular thing

No, some people make themselves throw up just because their stomach hurts and after puking feel a lot better

It is the start of it! Better nip it in the bud FAST!

Spider Freak
No that does not mean you are bulimic, because sometimes throwing up makes you feel better if you feel really sick.

not necesarily, but its a slippery slope from there to a real problem. If you don't do it again, it wont be a problem!

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