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If you are 5ft 3 and way 135 pounds are you fat and over weight?
i am a 15 year old girl!

slightly plump

Dennis J

this will determine how you should be but to be honest you do sound tubby

just a little bit, not too much to worry about tho actually if youre 5'3 then you should be about 120

Bobby H
Well i think it actually depends, if ur a girl with huge butt n belly than probobly. but if ur all pumped up with man like muscles then obviously not.

The information you provided gives a BMI of 23.9.

This BMI means your child is at an ideal weight. An ideal BMI for your child's gender and age is between 16.6 and 24.4.

Having an ideal weight means the calories your child is getting from food are balanced out with his/her level of physical activity. Keep in mind, though, that some calories are nutritious and others aren't. Your child may eat the right amount of food for a healthy weight, but still not get all the nutrients needed for good overall health. That's why it's still important to encourage your child to eat nutritious foods and get plenty of exercise. Good habits learned now will last a lifetime.

im not exactly sure

Susan H
If you are happy with yourself, don't worry about other people telling you whether your weight is ideal.

Joel M
Not really you are not over weight you might have a little fat but nothin to much to get worried about

E Marie
NO you're not fat!! You're in the normal percentage of BMI.

you are probably muscular. or more developed. according to bmi 135 is an ok weight for your height, i think. since you are a teen check out this BMI calculator.


Bob L
I wouldn't technically say that.. I'm almost 15 and I'm almost 5' 10" and I weigh less than that..
( oh, and even though my name says bob, imma girl x] )
but it kinda depends on your proportions..
like if you have a full "bust."
I don't.
Hope that helps :]


If you think you are over weight,Start exercising :)


no your not fat your just curvey and anyways remember that the world it's perfect ,nobodys perfect!! You are special the way you are !!

That's a good weight. Now be sure to eat right and exercise so that you're healthy too.

Annie B
According to the table at : http://www.annecollins.com/dieting/height-weight-table.htm , if you are 5 feet 3", you should weight 107-141 pounds!
You are precisely in the normal weight range for your height, not even overweight at all. Congratulations! Keep in mind that things like how much muscle you have and how dense your bones are affect how much you weigh. That, and at fifteen, you still have some growing to do.

Nicole B

That would depend on your body makeup.
If you are 135 and active and muscular...nah

If not...then just get more active
Remember to watch what your putting in your body.
Most teens don't realize all the mac&cheese and pasta
bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner
This doesn't include snacks and soda.

You put alot of carbs in your body and really don't work it off.

You need to stay healthy and not let your wieght get out
of control.
So take a look at what your putting in !!

Your beauty comes from within :-)

no thats normal!


i am 5'0 and 118 lbs. am i fat?? you have no idea because I did not tell you that I am actually 14% - 15% body fat and have been lifting weights since I was 16 (i'm 28 now).
(well, i am now 15 weeks pregnant....so the above stats have since gone out the window, but I hope to get them back after the little one comes along :)

my point is.............just because you weigh a certain amt does not mean you are fat. ask your doctor if he/she thinks you should lose wt for health reasons. if you want to tone up then eat a healthy diet and exercise....but you should do this even if you are NOT overweight!!!!

hazel eyes
no,that is the perfect weight...don"t let your friends or others tell you that you have to be sickly looking to be seen as a beautiful women..

No. According to a bmi calculator, you are in a "normal" weight range.

Kathryn P
No. I am 5'3" and weigh 170, and wear size 10. (that's 31" waist in guy's jeans).

There is more to the apearance than weight. If you are in good shape, muscle weighs more than fat.

If you are 15, I bet you have plenty of muscle.

Anorexic girls are unattractive. Girls with curves are girls that look the way that girls are supposed to look.

In a word, NO. You are not fat.

No. You are at a good weight for your height. Believe me. I'm 5'3" too. It would not be unhealthy for you to lose a little weight if you wanted to, but you don't need to. If you decide to lose a little weight, make sure you don't lose more than 5 - 7 lbs.

not really no - I am 135, 5ft 4

stacy g
Not at all and don't let anyone tell you otherwise that is a good weight for your height and age. Your perfect not to small and not big.

kathlene m
no absolutely not...omg are you kidding me....you are perfect just the way you are....dont let a weight thing control your life its not worth it


No you are not fat or overweight. the normal weight range for a girl that is 5' 3" is 113-141 pounds. You are absolutely normal, don't listen to whoever put that you are slightly plump!

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