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If i eat three eggs a day will i lose weight?
i hate being fat...i had my second daughter in May and I am 40pounds over weight
Additional Details
i mean 1 egg for brekfast...one for lunch ...and one foe dinner

not unless you stop eating the 25 rashes of bacon and two loves of toast too dude washed down with full strength coke

Dance D
Nope,dont think so.....eggs have a lot off cholesterol..... eating 3 eggs daily is not advisable..... From a health perspective one should eat at the most 6-7 eggs a week.

hmm.. probably not.

eating 3 eggs alone will not help you lose weight, you seem to be alking of a low carb diet, in which you eat only proteins and no carbohydrates,so no wheat, bread, rice, potatoes, sweet etc, only non-veg, meats and pulses...it works for some, and soemtimes only temporarily, it could help you lose weight, reach your target weight and then you could see how to go about maintaning that weight eating all you want to, probably by balancing your calories and your activities. Cheers ...to being a healthy active mommy ...!!

yes because you're body will be running on carbs and reduce the amount of fat that enters her system

Rofer J

Chace W
You WON'T lose weight by changing your diet. You HAVE to Run and work out. If you do all those things everyday for a long period of time, your meals should be healthy obviously, but they don't have to be that restricted.
americans don't want to work for anything, they are all lazy and except things to just happen without working for them.

I dont understand where you came up with this theory but the idea is to have a balanced diet and excercise, not just eat 3 eggs a dayd.

Eggs lets you gain weight! Esp the yolk, if you must, eat without the yolk

Sidrey Doringcorth
you'll get hypertensive

I dont understand why you still have to ask this question...
If you need attention just get in the middle of the street and shout your lungs out..

i want answers :)
*Eating 3 is too many.
Try eating 2 and then 1.
1 egg a day is all the body needs, try some other foods like chicken, pork, etc. more variety of meats and vegetables are good.

Hope his helps! :D

3 eggs a day is good for 1 meal. They are a good source of protein. However, I do recommend that you eat 2 healthy meals at lunch and dinner. Make healthy choices for ALL meals and exercise daily. Stick to diet soda and stay away from alcohol completely. You can do it if you really want to. Good Luck!

I <3 Joe

three eggs is too much!

two is good though.

seriously: read a diet book- read the newspaper- watch TV, anything...there are diets everywhere....where did you come up with this one???
Eggs are a large source of (HDL) cholestrol- bad. egg whites are ok, but they should be limited. go to the library, look up different diets- or talk to your doctor, and find a diet that is best for you and for losing the max amount of weight for your situation. dont eat a bunch of eggs- that is just silly.

What you should do is stop eating actual meals and eat small portions throughout the day. Have a full breakfast of fruit and dairy, with maybe a piece of toast, so your metabolism kicks in, then continue on snacking on carrot sticks and other veggies. Snacks are good to keep your energy up and they help maintain a healthy digestive tract. Stay away from complex sugars and stick to natural sugar, like in fruits and yogurts.
Also, make sure you exercise. Take your daughters out on walks; to the park or just around the block, so you are getting in a good amount of steps. 10,000 steps a day in MINIMUM.
Eggs, in truth, are not the healthiest thing on the planet. They have a high cholesterol content, and eating more eggs (unless you remove the egg white, but even then the cholesterol content is still high) could cause a heart attack.

no way 3 eggs don't do it,,,,,you are not rely over,just look for what you eat and eat 4_5 times a day,at different times [you know eat normal but divide what you eat aday into 5 times instead of 2or3,]because if you eat 1s your body will take all the calorie and t wont barn nothing, but when u eat more it will take just what u need,exercise hopp you will get what you want

Cait M
2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast keep your appetite down throughout the day, but i wouldn't make that the ONLY thinkg you eat all day...if you do that for breakfast and then eat a balanced lunch/dinner (i.e, NO McDonalds and such) then yeah you might shed some weight....it worked for me!

Samantha Y
No it will gain a little weight. but if you drink water, or eat things that have low calories under 100 ur fine.

i know, that eating two dozen eggs made up into deviled eggs within say, a 3 day span... you don't feel quite yourself. and it takes a couple of days to feel better... lol

If you starve yourself you will put the weight right back on!! Try a weight doctor. It always works for me. He tells you to eat egg whites not the yolk. That holds too many calories. Try eating less and walking. it takes longer but it works!!! Be safe.

no cut down on the eggs

Uh, yes, you will lose weight if you eat three eggs a day, but that's not enough!!! Try the Atkins diet.... you're allowed to eat high fat and protein... you'll lose FAST, then you'll be happy again!!!

Could be a lot worse, you could be hundreds of pounds overweight... ugggggg.... you can do it!!!

Sabrina G
eggs arent that heathy, the yolk has too much coleserole for a day, u should only be eating about 3 eggs a week, mabey u should exersise, yeah it is hard to exersise but mabey if u joined a sport or something ull be more dedicated to that and ull lose weight while having fun, and mabey for the eating part u should check out raw food eating, its the best way to eat, and ull lose weight for sure.hope this helped

Eggs contain a lot of cholesterol so I'd be careful..

*Honest Blunt Opinioner*
i recently got an exercise bike in the house. i use it everyday, i watch what i eat, usually try to eat things that have calory ranges of 0 to 100 or maybe alittle over. my trick is keep salad in the house. i get some southwestern chicken strips with some light ranch whip all that up into my own southwestern salad if i ever get so extremely hungry, and you know what. i did that for a few days and notice that i still have food in the house. try that. if you ever get soo hungry then go after the salad instead of that candybar, or a burger

If you eat nothing but 3 eggs a day, you're going to lose more than just weight. In time, you're going to lose health.

The best way to loose weight while remaining healthy is through exercise and proper diet.

Eggs are full of cholesterol, which in time, can block arteries, resulting in a heart attack.

Yamking7 got it right. To lose weight it is an overall commitment, not just making a slight change to your egg intake.

3 eggs a day, won't let you lose your weight.~

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