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seth g
If i drink a six pack of beer every night is that alcoholism?

are you serious?


No, a 12 pack a night would be though. Damn....Im an alcoholic.

Master Ang Gi Guong
NO because the earmark trait of an alcoholic is tht they lose control of their alcohol consumption once they start to drink.Not that drinking a six pack is a great idea; maybe you think you can't relax without alcohol. This indicates that you need artificial substances to ease your "suffering" or to feel good. You may or may not become alcoholic-- only time will tell.
It seems there are those who believe that alcoholism is determined by an established pattern of drinking on a daily basis.
Besides , alcohol was NEVER my problem, and any alcoholic will tell you that their problem is in the mind, not the bottle. If, however, you spend a great deal of time thinking about when you can have that first drink as a reward for making it through the day, then maybe you are a potential alcoholic. I know because I have been sober for over 13 yrs and had the obsession to consume alcohol taken from me on Jan 30, 1994 but then I had nothing to turn my mind off and had to seek the help of God to find relief from the chaos of my thinking.

It depends. If you feel like you need it. That you can't live if you don't drink it, then it is. It is possible that you have not reached it yet, but by doing it every night, you are going down the path that will lead you there.

Alcoholics drink all the time and can't function in the real world. Problem drinkers drink heavily on a regular basis (i.e. every night) - that's what I would consider you to be. If you can't go without the booze for at leaset a couple of nights a week then you have a problem. You are also putting your health at risk - no more than 1-2 drinks for women or 3-4 drinks for men per night and 1-2 alcohol free nights a week.

Hot Pants
Yes. Anything over two drinks everyday for a man is considered alcoholism.

it depends on which beer your drinking. usually, 3 is borderline. 6 is a bit much.


Only you can decide if you are an alcoholic when I got my last DUI the class I had to go to the lady said go three days without alcohol and if you start getting the shakes or very irritable you could be an alcoholic but if you feel fine than you are not an alcoholic.
Read this

kim t
i drink more than that every day,,, yeah beer, i know im an alcoholic, but that doesnt mean you are... you have to come to terms with yourself.

uh yeah

If you have to ask on Yahoo Answers...then yes...yes it is.

And I bet it's causing trouble in your life and relationships!

No, that's not the definition. You'll be very much in danger of losing your liver. If you HAVE to drink the six pack, that's alcoholism.

Laura Marie B

I would say probably, if your feeling that you MUST drink that much every day then yes..

Honestly, you probably are. If you feel like you HAVE to drink at least six beers a night -- you probably have a drinking problem. I know a lot of people who drink a six pack and don't act drunk. Still, they have a problem. Also, the more you drink, you will find that you have to drink more than six because you stop getting a "buzz" from a six pack. So, the next thing you know it will be seven, then eight and so on . . .


phil man
yes if you drink more than four times a week that is called being an alcholic. i am not prejiduce against it, but i dont like it when my dad drinks, and he is never drunk. i would think about that before i drank if i were you.

Yep it sure is. Sounds like you either need to quit drinking or get help for you problem.

dont drink it tonight...if you just thought i was crazy then your an alcoholic

Matt S
That depends....if you skip a night, do you miss it? If the answer is yes then you are probably an alcoholic. If you skip nights and you don't even think about when you can get a drink, then you are probably ok.

do feel you have to drink the beer, or can you go without it. ask yourself that question, if you feel you have to drink, that even if you don't want to you still have to, you may be an alcholic

If you can't stop yourself from this behavior, or if it is negatively affecting your life.... than yes! you are an alcoholic.

no it just means you like to drink beer

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