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If ground beef is a little brown on the outside but still pink in the middle is it good, no bad smell either.?

Crystal C
No it's not, MANY bacteria grow in undercooked meat; tape worms and round worms. Trust me I'm in school and we just talked about that today. Definitely eat all meat as well done as possible.

if theres pink, you are risking of getting sick. make sure theres no tooo much pink. but if theres very little, its okay

" Cubi "
taste it.

as far as i know ground beef should be thouroghly brown with no pink, with steak its ok but not ground beef

i wouldn't eat it except by accident without a beer

CRAZY?cook it till its brown and juicy (dont forget to use blackpepper to spice it up[no it doesnt mak it spicy]).

you CANNOT eat ground beef with any pink in it. you'll get food poisoning.. it doesnt matter if it smells bad or not.


X Ttricks
Do you mean raw?
If so, then it is okay, meat turns brown when exposed to oxygen, so the outer surface will discolor like that while the inner remains pink. It happens quickest with ground beef because. Cook it and the problem will disapear.

If you mean cooked - also yes. You've just got medium-rare meat.

It's good still. When you find it to be red and have a bright unnatural red color to it that it is treated with carbon monoxide...that is the newest thing to keep it red and fresh longer...God knows what it will do to us in the long run? I'd rather eat a little brown that still smells good than that stuff. It's usually the meat that is puffed up in the package with air...Walmart is like that , I don't buy it.

ground beef has a lot of bacteria in it you have to cook it extra well so the inside is not pink before you eat it, or you will get sick trust me im a sixth grader

Harold Sink
Hurry up an cook it before it goes bad. Cooking will kill any bacteria that may have started growing on it. I would boil it for five minutes only to "clean" (prepare) it for the way you want to cook it.

my experience is probably - in the cooking - if the meat
is not "safe" - an odor will be present that is unusual
and quite noticeable.
Also, many times other measures are taken to "add" color
back in to the ground mixture such as adding hearts or
some source of the red appearance --- even fresher
mixtures of "newer" supply..Also, the type lighting within
the market can "fade" the "outside" KENTUCKY USA

everyone's mom

if you have to ask, don't risk it. with all of the recalled ground beef in the U.S.....I wouldn't serve it to my family unless I was 100 percent sure.

The pinker the meat the better, I think its still good as long as it doesnt smell. Sometimes it may be a little brown on the outside due to light hitting it. If it smell bad 99% of the time it is bad.

The brown on the outside is oxidization, from exposure to air. As long as it smells OK and is cooked well, it is safe. Use it soon.

long as it dosent smell it is swell

yes but need to cook it longer

Yes, it's okay. Be sure to cook it until there is no pink.

Adrienne K
Yes, should be........smell is a good indicator. NOTE:Don't eat raw meat longer than after 3 days max in th fridge. <3

yep, it is still good. i hope u know the bad oder from a good one so you will know the difference. sometimes u may see a shine of green, bad.
it is a good thing to wash u'r meats and get the old blood or bone off of them before cooking.

Should be fine-I always go by the smell

its ok, just use pretty quick...cook done though, not med rare??

I agree..it's fine but needs to be cooked within the day.

Yes, it is fine. As long as it is still pink in the middle and doesn't smell bad, as you stated, then it is fine. Make sure it is well done!~

Jimmy Mick
It has just been exposed to the air. It's fine.

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