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and i dont want to do lypo.

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If I stop eating for a month how much weight will I lose?
I'm 14.
My height is 5'4" and I weigh 115 pounds.
My thighs are huge and I want them gone.
Playing soccer for 5 years has obviously not worked.
I've become a vegan.
But my fat hasn't gone away.
So I've decided to stop eating.
How much weight would I lose in the first two weeks?
Additional Details
I get it I'm stupid!
It's just difficult.
My entire family aren't exactly the nicest people!
My cousin who's months younger than me is a bit heavy, gets teased ALL the time.
Not in front of her though!
It made me wonder what they say about me, and all the girls at my school are skinny and I always feel insecure around them.
Don't get me wrong I love them to death, but I feel obese around them.
I'm sorry, stupid question.
I'll just go to my mum for help.
Of course, she'll insist on shoving food down my throat, but I'll just jogg it off.
I apologize for being an idiot as Heather put it.

If you want to lose weight you need a better program. Try some exercise routines, maybe a 30 minute jog every day and keep eating healthy food. You might need to cut back on how much you eat but you still need to eat. You will turn out worse if you stop eating.

youve read the magazines x seen the documentaries x dont put pressure on other people to give you an answer that you already know x that is ------- not good for you x even life threatening x

A very dangerous thing to do and if you survive you will end up looking worse not better, don't do it . Seek advice from the NHS website

Drink plenty of water and you should survive.

Frankie S
Your body will probably try to hand on to what it has. They call it 'starvation mode.' The body thinks it might not ever get any more, so it wants to keep what it has. That sort of dieting never works. Why don't you try just eating fruit and vegetables for a week? That does wonders. Don't go any longer than a week though.

Veronica Alicia
And I thought you looked intelligent from your photo. Obviously I was mistaken!
If you started playing soccer and continued for 5 years, you will actually be gaining weight because of your sporting activity - all the flab you might have had is now healthy muscle and muscle weighs a lot more than flab. So you can discount that from some of your "worrying" weight.
I have a friend who was a vegetarian and is now a vegan - it's a real nightmare trying to feed her something interesting - now she is really chunky and carrying a lot more weight than me; so that's not a cure.
Stopping eating - yes - that will do it. Of course, before you die you will have to suffer a few inconveniences along the way, like scurvy (your skin will be dreadful and gums will bleed and you will have internal hemorrhaging) your sight, especially night vision will deteriorate due to lack of Vitamin A, you will suffer severe cramping and bone damage due to lack of calcium, you will become anaemic felling tired all the time, you will have nerve pain due to lack of vitamin B - do I have to continue?
If you have a Granny - speak to her. Grannies know what they are talking about!!!

Um... please don't do that. Your stats are just fine and if anything, I'd gain a little. Fat is such a phobia in today's world... especially for young women. You need some fat on your body! It's just the way it is. If you stop eating, the only weight you will be loosing is when your body starts feeding on itself and eats away at your vital organs and muscles... and ya kinda need those to live. And please tell someone you trust about what you're thinking about doing. It's such a harmful way of thinking. Best wishes to you kiddo!

You wouldn't lose anything because in order for your body to lose weight, you have to eat something. What your body doesz isz it burnsz the fat from the food you eat. If you have no food going in, it won't burn anything. And it'sz not only that but you have to exercise. That'sz a part too.

And starving yourself for a month isn't probably the best idea....

And I don't think you're stupid. It wasz just a question....

You'll loose about 114 pounds when they cremate you, accept what you are and try exercising to reduce your thighs

your thighs are massive? i bet its muscle and not fat from the sports u play- if you dont eat for a month you will probably die and even if you dont the amount of weight loss will make u very ill and will lead to complications throughout your life-sensible diet sensible exercise its the only way but dont expect miracles in a month

Do the special K diet...i.e. two bowls of special K one at breakfast one at lunchtime, then have salad/fruit etc at teatime, for two weeks. You should lose half a stone. After that, try this.
lunch.......sandwich/wholemeal or brown bread.
tea.........veggie meat/salad/vegetables raw.
then nothing until the next morning when you have muesli again.
I have done this for years and am slim and fit. If hungry in between, eat fruit or raw carrots.

swelly belly
dont be so fooking stupid.

cutting out food as a quick fix to lose weight doesnt woek. Why? Because as soon as you start eating again you put on twice as much weight.

So you would have to stop eating all together for a long long time, and me, an ex- anorexic and bulemic that battled with it for years, hearing this, im pretty insulted.

Not only did it mess with my body it also messed with my mind and took years of hard work to recover.

Dont be so stupid, if you want to lose weight then do it the healthy way by cutting out all junk, eat fruit & veg instead, drink loads of water and exercise - aerobics/running/tennis etc to burn carbs and lose the weight and go to the gym for muscle strengthening exerceises.

If you go down that path then you will never get out of it, ever, i still have my bad days now and I have to be honest, as i said, im pretty insulted by this.

the problem with starving yourself is your body then goes in stave mode, which means when you do start eating again, it stores all the fat in case you decided not to eat again, you'll end up bigger. your thighs are bigger because you play soccer, (football in england). its not fat its muscle. you weight isnt excessive. your not even close to obese. health is more important than weight. dont compromise it, just eat healthy, with a balance of all food groups, and exercise hun, vary your exercise also. but dont worry yourself into an eating disorder, its not worth it. it takes over your life and you'll find you'll never be skinny enough and the worst result is death.

i suffered from depression january 2006
i didnt hardly eat for 3 weeks and i lost 12lbs
but i wouldnt recommend it!! you will make yourself ill!

So you WANT a sometimes lethal eating disorder....? By the way, soccer probably did a lot for your thighs. Adding muscle helps burn a certain amount of calories. I'm sorry, but get help. Really.

You may well lose weight, but soon as you start to eat again you will pile on the pounds that you lost and a lot more

When u go anorexic u lose muscle first, not fat. Since your in soccer, i dont think u want that to happen. but to answer your question u will lose about 5-8 pds. The thing is though, once u start eating again u will gain back all the fat u may have lost and still have no muscle.

That will depend entirely upon whether you are buried or cremated at the end of the four weeks. If your parents opt for cremation you could expect to lose 114lbs 10 oz. If they opt for burial you will eventually decompose into a skeleton weighing perhaps 24lbs, so you would have lost 80lbs.

Doesn't matter how much you lose now you will screw up your metabolism for the rest of your life, and will have nothing but problems. when you start to eat again, even the tinyest bit, your body will store it as fat for the next fast and you will gain weight. all of what you have lost and more.
be smart! claculate your Body mass index and go from there. you don't need to lose weight. and your thighs are prolly all muscle. muscle weighs more than fat and burns way more calories, even at rest

young twig

You'll definitely lose A LOT!
you'll lose your sanity too...
how are you supposed to live without eating?
do you have a plan for that?
oh yeah..the best thing about not eating is losing your life.

Peaceful Heretic
Your body will react to this fast/starvation by holding onto all the calories & fat you have for as long as possible.

If you loose anything, this will be dramatically offset by the addition of pounds after you start eating again. A body which was recently starved will store calories as fast as possible & work harder to keep them locked in your fat cells.

If you don't eat, you die. The only way to loose fat is to exercise & eat right.

Being a vegan carries the responsibility of not simply obstaining from animal products, but also making sure your diet is well balanced with healthy carbs, proteins, good fats (like omega3s), vitamins, minerals & plenty of water.

You need an education on the function of the human body, maybe start with a personal trainer, or even a health-nut at your local organic food store.


PS: Your thighs probably have more to do with your bone structure in your hips & your muscles, rather than excess fat.

You are at a healthy/normal Body Mass Index, and loosing more than 5 pound would put you into the "Underweight" range, which is unhealthy AND unattractive.

Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you work out & eat healthfully, you may actually gain weight while loosing fat. But the weight you gain is muscle, which actually burns more calories when you are resting, and being toned is FAR more attractive & healthy than being simply skinny, but unhealthy.

You won't lose any. You will in fact gain weight. By not eating your body kicks into starvation mode, your metabolism slows down and any stray calorie you intake will be stored as reserve energy.
You cannot just not eat for a month, you'll drop dead. Go to a gym, eat healthy foods. Just because you are vegan doesn't mean you are necessarily eating healthy.
You're actually underweight anyways.

First off Bella, being a vegan is an admirable endeavor in my book. It is important to study up on what to eat that is a non meat product AND not high in fat. Many vegan diets are high in fat. Check around on line. Fried foods and nuts are condensed. Nuts do have some nutrients but it is easy to over do it.
If you stop eating you won't loose any weight.
Your body takes the signal as an emergency and puts the brakes on your metabolism. It slows down to conserve energy so it will have a reserve. When you eat after starving your body of necessary nutrients, your body is frantic to store fat for the next time might have to go without food. This is why so many people do Yo-yo dieting.
Your height and weight you gave indicates that you are on target for a healthy body fat %. If you have your period, it will flexuate every month.
Without talking to you, I am guessing that you are loosing some of your little girl figure and starting do trade it in for a womans figure.
You play soccer, your not obese and you eat vegies. Hey! You sound healthier than your average American girl. Relax Bella, try not to compare yourself to other people, I am sure your a beautiful young lady with a caring heart. Maybe some spunk too?
Life is too short not to eat. Bon Appetite.

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