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12 year old.
If I just do sit ups can that get me a 6 pack?

depends on how many you're doing and how many sets.

do 5 sets of 30 or 40 every other day.
that's what i do.
but then again, i've been doing them for a long time...working my way up.

i'd start at 15 or 20

No, a 6 pack is a guys version of seeing your ribs. It means that you have a very very low percentage of body fat and am almost starving yourself. They're actually not good for you.

yes, but do alot of them so you can get them faster. and after u get them u hav to keep them up

┼Emily H.┼
try doing 50 per day tht might help

Yes. I did 200 full sit ups every day last year and now I have a 6 pack. I am doing 250 everyday now and I am forming an 8-pack. All about dedication

probably but you would have to do 50 a day I got a 12 pack but I did a lot more than 50.. I did like 100 a day

Angelica L
You would have to do a lot and i mean A LOT of sit ups a day. My brother told me there was a famous old wrestler he did 900 sit ups a day and it took him 3 years to get a 6 pack. So be ready to crunch your stomach until it achs dude!

Actually, nope. Crunches or sit-ups(same thing) are the least effective way to make your abs visible--in plain english---WASTE OF TIME dudeee. Try scissor crunches, or if you realy wanna gr8 burn--do 'roman crunches'. Google it, it should be somewhere on the web. Also--diet and cardio (running, boxing) help make your abs show. long story short- No crunches, more cardio, less KFC. REALLY easy once you get it.

If you do them religiously..
BUT..without eating healthy you wont .

No, you need to do resistance training as well. I would recommend a mix of weights, jogging and sit ups.


There's a popular misunderstanding about getting six pack abs that all you need to do is strengthen your muscles. This is simply not true, yes, you need to strengthen your muscles, but if you do all the situps in the world, your abs won't show if you haven't burnt sufficient calories to allow the abs to show.

Only cardio does this, and most people need at least an hour a day to burn enough calories.

Titanic Fan
Do about 50 sit-ups per day.
And do lots of running.

thunderthighs mcgee
sit ups will not make you look older. you will need to ask someone who is 21.

to get a 6 pack u should do more than just sit up.
there r different exercises to work out different parts of your abs

pshh, no! u have to work out HARD. 6 packs aren't easy to get, my friend. They require sit-ups, crunches, and tons of abdominal exercises. Ya and take it easy on the fatty foods. you can get a six pack and lose it by gaining weight and getting belly fat, covering up your abs. Plus you have to maintain your bod so a few protein drinks wouldn't hurt. If you are serious about getting in shape, join a gym/health cub or hire a personal trainer. I have a great bod and abs from doing taekwondo which involve a ton of cardio exercise and strength training.

No you need cardiovascular exercise. That means exercise that gets your heart pumping, like jogging.

Joshua T
nope, believe it or not just doing sit ups will not get you a six pack because sit-ups are not a cardio exercise, and in order to get rid of the fat that may be around your mid section you must burn it off doing a cardio exercises(running, swimming, walking, etc). Then when all of the fat is gone, sit ups are just the beginning, for one there are many different kinds of sit ups, there are crunches and a host of other things that you can do to get ripped.

Depends... Are you overweight? If you are you will have to loose the weight. Abs will only show on a slim / trim body..

NO, never will the muscle will only build under the fat, resulting in making you look even "fatter" or "bigger" than before, so your best bet is to lift weights, eat healthy, and do cardio.

NOTE: you should check your body fat, if its low enough then yes it will, generally 10% or less body fat is where its visible enough for people to see the definition .

yes and no. Doing suit ups will strengthen your abs, but if you have fat on your belly- you will never see a six pack. A combination of cardio, diet and exercise will bring them out

Sir Poops-A-Lot
a fake ID would help

Unfortunately, just sit ups alone will not give you a 6 pack, unless you have no belly fat at all. I have tons of abdominal muscle, and used to have a 6 pack, but in the past 2 years, it doesn't show much because I've gained about 10 pounds of fat over it. =(
A six pack is the result of a good diet and adominal exercises like sit ups.

You can get a 6-pack for $3.50 at your neighborhood liquer store.

sorry to say no, you can do all the situps you want. but if you have a certain amount on body fat that six pack will never show. i recommend doing alot of cardio (running or swimming is the best way to go) to get your body fat percentage down and after that your 6 pack will show.

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