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Jack H
IF i only eat when I am hungry will I lose weight?
I alwas eat when in i am not hungry but if i only eat when i am hungry(not starving) will i lose wieght without going into starvaction mode?If i do this for lunch ,dinner,and snacks will i lose weight?

eat what u want but do some running and make love more that should burn a bit off a bit....

Crystal C
Wait a sec! You have to eat 5 times, 2 snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. But you have to eat healthy and good! If you don't eat nothing and then when it came to that hour 1st- u will eat MORE and 2nd- when it comes to your stomach it will work really fast and all hydrate carbons will go to your blood! And that's not good because u won't get thinner! If u are hungry between the meals eat something, not too much and something healthy!

Yes, you will lose weight as long as you stop eating before you're too full.

yes you would. sometimes u might confuse hunger with being thirsty drink lots of liquids.

Mrs. Edward Cullen
yes, but the key is to stop when you are politely full. you will be suprised at how little food your body actually needs. try to eat very slowly to give food a chance to fill your stomach so you dont overeat. good luck! :)

Just eat your 3 squares a day. If you must snack make it to
your benefit apples, bananas veggies too.

yes you will lose weight but be sure to eat healthy foods and don't overeat c;

Emmanuel M
Yes if you eat moderately ,you can loose weight

depens how often u get hungry bt dont not eat when ure starving coz thats called anerexia, eat as many cals as ure sposed to 2000 for women & 2500 for men, & exersize coz that helps.

izzy 1
you should only eat when youre hungry anyway! anything else is just greedy!


i dunno about that...

mah friend doesnt eat breakfast or snack, and she does not realise she is hungry till she actually eats something...

if u wanna loose weight, eat a little less, and excersise regulary (about an hour or 2 a day - if u dont eat much, maybe half an hour excersise)

tip: wen running, jogging or walking, u loose more weight on natural dirt ground than on pavements

yeah probably

You really should eat three meals a day even if you are not hungry. Your body needs nutrition to stay healthy and give you energy. Portion control, eating healthy food and excercise are the best ways to lose weight.

flower power
yes...that's what i do. i do not diet at all...i don't deny myself anything...that way - my mind is not obsessing about food & i stay the same or lose a little weight. it's the best way!

Not really, you have to check not eating to much. Stop before you think you're full, cause it takes a while for the brain to register that you're already full.
If you look at the calories than you'll loose weight when eating less.


yes but make sure you still eat three meals a day. breakfast is most important!

NO don't listen to anyone else believe me, I've done extensive research on this! You won't lose weight if you only eat when you're hungry BECAUSE your body is starving, so it will cling to whatever food it intakes, it will actually stop losing weight. That is why crash diets DON'T WORK. Ugh I can't believe so many people think that this actually works. All you girls up there, you need to knwo that this doesn't work because you're just going to go nowhere. The best way to lose weight is to eat small meals throughout the day, small enough to be snacks, keep your metabolism going, never let yourself get to the starving point, everytime you feel a little hungry, have a snack, it's good energy for you to burn. And this way, your body feels like it doesn't need to hold onto any extra calories to stay alive, it's not in survival mode anymore.

Anime Guru
....Well it depends how often you get hungry.

If there is one secret to losing weight, that would be eating regularly, and keeping yourself busy away from the couch.

eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and as a snack fruit. Also drink a lot of water like 2 liters a day! Then you will lose weight... and also try not to make your meals too big cause then it wouldn't work! :p

Jacinta R
It depends how often you're hungry. If you're hungry 20 times a day, not necessarily.

I've found the BEST thing to do to lose hunger pangs competely (to the point where I really did forget to eat) was to go on a low carb diet. Protein fills you up and makes you feel fuller for longer. Plus, your body doesn't store protein as fat, like it does with carbs.

Depends what you eat. Cut out the carbohydrates and snack on vegetables instead of chips. No soda, drink water and lots of it.

yes, you will if you ate alot before.

if you eat salad and veges, yes
if you eat cake and pizza, no

That is a hard question to answer. Sometimes we get false sensations of hunger when we aren't really hungry, but certainly if you cut out eating when you are NOT hungry I'd think you'd lose some weight. If you add exercise to it so much the better :)


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