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 What should i do? I have a holiday in Ibiza in 5 months time and i must lose 6 stone in weight?
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I want to lose weight, but I'm broke!?
I'm about 30 pounds over-weight and I don't have any money to buy pills or anything. I've tried dieting, but I never lose anything. What should I do?
Additional Details
I have arthritis, so walking a bunch kills my knees, and I live with my single mom and she's too broke to buy anything except fat enducing type foods. She never buys fruit. And my job only pays for my bills. I never have anything left over.

Exercise Exercise Exercise!! Pills never work, ever. The key to losing your weight quick and making sure it doesnt come back is working out and eating a healthy diet. Try subway instead of mcdonalds if you are a fast food junkie. Run around a local park for 30-1hour a day. There is no easy way out. If you really want to lose this weight follow those two rules and i guarantee success!

♥ Peach
I think you should add a exercise plan to your diet. Excercise at your nearest park, run the track or even walk.

does your mother need to lose weight? why don't you try to talk to her about the benefits of spending the grocery money on healthy food. it really doesn't cost that much more if any. and like everyone else seems to agree on--exercise is free for the most part. walking, in the summer it is not that much to go swimming and that is good exercise. good luck

♥ Jae ♥
O.k. You want to lose weight on a limited income. First cut out any unnecessary bills. Second; budget your money to were you have enough for groceries for yourself. I will say about $40.00 a month depending were you live. Ask your mom if she would like to diet WITH you. It will make the grocery bill alot easier. The only thing I can recommend to you is eat 5-6 small meals a day with what you can afford. Get generic items. Try these inexpensive meals & snacks: 1/2 P&B sandwich, 1/2 grilled cheese sandwich, 1 cup of rice, box of raisins, sugar-free jello, 1 cup of Soup, low sodium crackers, Nutri-grain bars and a frozen box of fish (like vand de kamps or gortons). Drink plenty of water and if you can't afford fruit & vegetables get some vitamins like Centrum Only $5.00. You mentioned you have arthritis. If you eat more fish and take vitamins your joints may feel alot better. Fish has Omega 3 and oils in them to naturallu lubricate your joints. If you walk just 30 minutes a day you will lose weight quickly. I hope this helps. If you need any more tips. Just e-mail me. lovejae247@yahoo.coom

The best thing for you that cost nothing is exersize.

Mr. Scandalous
run the track at a local junior college.

johnny utah
don't eat. that's free.

meditate and eat smaller portions when you eat

well seems to me that you are all set. you are too broke to eat, now all you have to do is to start walking.

your broke, so your about to partake in the most effective diet in the world...POOR. trust me, it works

summer beauty™
I don't want to spend money on losing weight either. By just eating right I lost 4 pounds in a week or so. Exercise also helps. Just by doing 20 situps every night and some abs helps alot. Trust me you will see results soon if you stick to it.

This comes down to calories in- calories out. Watch your diet and keep a strict log of calories that you take in. Up your exercise to a level close to that mark. It takes no additional money to do this.

stop eating.

actually, seriously... cut your portions in half. the weight will fall off. even more if you add exercise.

portion size and exersize

Think yourself thin - not as stupid as it seems. Also, check out what blood type you are and research what food best suits your blood type. Learn how to cook from scratch, love it and just eat healthy. If you think you are beautiful then you will feel beautiful. You have to believe it, else your wasting your time. Enjoy the journey, have fun! Good luck!

Pills are useless, start doing cardio and eat better

Running is free, eating fruits and vegetables is very cheap, start cooking your own food from scratch, no more pre-packaged anything, sit-ups, push-ups, lots of stuff to do, just gotta do it

Simple, just cut out all "whites" in your diet. (Flour,rice, ect.) all of those things can be replaced with wheat products. Pasta especially. I started this with my boyfriend about 11 months ago and he has lost 63lbs.
He also walks and works out his upper body.

Please dont try diet pills unless they are prescribed by a doctor! And just being 30lbs over weight I dont think a doctor would recommend medications.

Good Luck.

You don't need money to loose weight!

To loose weight: eat a balanced diet, eat less, and exercise more.
To keep the weight off, you should loose about 1 pound per week.


"Changing for Good" by James O. Prochaska, John Norcross, and Carlo DiClemente
This book shows the steps people go through to change themselves and gives several techniques for moving from each stage to the next. It is based on 12 years of studying people who had successfully changed themselves. The technique has been applied successfully in smoking cessation and weight loss, among other applications.

Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Collins
Language: English
ISBN: 038072572X

If you got no money you got no food, so sounds like you are set!

Walking is free. It requires no special shoes, (although some are better than others) and no special clothes are needed. It's low impact (or can be high) and causes minimal stress on the knees. Try it.

Meg...Out of Hybernation
Change the way you eat. You can probably actually spend less money by:

1. Eat a pack (one packet from the box) of instant oatmeal in the morning (if you like oatmeal) or 1/3 cup of serial and milk for breakfast and a piece of fruit
2. For lunch buy salad greens and prepare a salad everyday. Do not use salad dressing (use oil and vinegar - not a lot of oil)
3. Eat a very light dinner (no more than 5 oz of meat) a vegetable (carrots or green beans are good)

Walk briskly for 30 minutes in the morning and an hour in the evening (everyday) and you should start to loose weight quickly.

try taboo
WHAT to eat for losing weight

• Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially NC (negative calorie) food.

* Print these lists. They will be your ... "Bible", from now on !
* Dill and parsely - include them in all your salads. Also ognion + garlic.
* Try eat mostly fresh vegs & fruits (whenever possible, of course)
* If you really want a book, then check this out: The Negative Calorie Diet Workbook & Cookbook - eBook (Win95/98 only). Read more about this e-book here.

• Eat fish, chicken, beef, pork. (preferences are in this order)

* If you are a vegetarian, then ignore this!
* Avoid fat meat

• Eat 2-3 slices of bread/day. Don't EVER exclude bread from your diet!

• Snacks between meals (if needed): apples, oranges, grepfruits and other NC fruits

* Don't cheat ... NO cookies, chips, candies, brownies etc!
* EVEN if they have "low fat" indication... They might have low fat, yet they can have lots of CALORIES !!!

• About rice, potatoes, beans, [xxx]nuts, pastry, pasta... you know!

* Don't eat too much of those, at least during the first weeks of the diet. I'm not a low carb addict, but I've noticed weight gains if consuming those in large quantities, especially when associated with other foods.
* If you like them a lot, try and eat them like one meal. A nice delicious plate of spaghetti could be your lunch (never dinner!), followed by a nice big apple. These rich starch foods are not good for dinner!
* At dinner time, chose mainly large mixed veggies salads... with fish, lean meat or cheese (if you are not a vegetarian).

if u want to lose weight the best food to it are baked potatoes with nothing on it. no salt no nothing just plain. u can eat a 10000000000 baked potatoes till ur stuff and not gain a pound. i heard that from a weight loss tape. the best drink is water or gatorade. thats a start then when you work out do some taeboo. if u want a macine. run with dumbells on a treadmill. u could do the rocky workout. but thats a new story. u could use a butterfly macine i think it works the abs

1) It is not just the amount you eat, but what you eat. Lean meats and vegtables that snap are a good place to start. And by snap I mean fresh and not boiled or doused with better or whatever.

2) Exercise moderatly but for about an hour every other day. Spend half of that walking or running at a good enough pace for you to feel labored. The other half of the time use weights, or exercises such as push ups or situps to get a muscle "burn". A gym is also an option, but I don't know if you have the money for or want to spend the money on it.

3) Sleep well. To bed earlier and up earlier. Exercise in the morning when you wake up, not in the evening before bed. 7 hours of GOOD sleep is a must.

4) Occupy yourself with a hobby that keeps your attention for a long period of time. A hobby like this keeps your mind focused and gives less of a chance for snacking from boredom.

That is a good place to start... if you see good results, keep it up and modify to fit you... if it does not, see a doctor AND a trainer

Keep working out, drink water a lot, eat 5 to 6 meals a day but in small quantities, vegtables are important specially cucumber and lattice, fruits not be eaten after meals except by 2 to 3 hours, minimize the starch quantities in your meals lots of salad is important, your last meal must be before you sleep by 2 to 3 hours
the most important thing is you don't lose patient wait and have a strong will to be as what you want

you might have some more ideas from www.ivillage.com

good luck

It's all about burning calories. The more calories you burn up through exercise the more weight you will loss IF you are eating the right foods. If you take in 1800 calories and burn up 2100 calories you're going to loss weight. And it takes time. You have to do a little everyday. There is no magic pill. If you lose weight with pills you haven't change your eating habits and the weitght will come back when you stop the pills.

dance about in ur living room! for 15 mins each day! it works!

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