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I stop drinking beer and soda for three days, and I almost have six pack abs, how?
I wasn't overweight before, but I had a little bit of fat on my stomach only, and now it's almost gone, how is this possible?

I haven't exercised at all!
Additional Details
I'm not even close to being a teenager.

I'm almost 30!

yeah sure.

count your blessings. gl

Elizabeth G
yeah well its prolly because u stopped drinking and maybe if you dont drink beer and soda then you will be fine

i was i could do that but i dont drink and i dont want a six pack cuz im a girl!!!!!! but good for you

Joao S
sign that you are old

Maybe somethings wrong with you.

ever heard of a pot belly? thats what you had.

What ever you did bottle it and sell it.

the lack of calories from your beer and soda in your diet did the trick

OMG wow dude you have stopped feeding your body harmful toxins so it reacted in stopping the fat building process on your stomach.

Math Wiz
Don't tell me. You're what, sixteen years old I bet. Wait until you are in your mid-thirties or later, and see how easy it is to lose the belly fat.

Becuase soda and beer is bad for you :D

those two items do contribute to high calories

Raymond B
Beer and soda will go straight to your tummy.
So when you stop drinking them you will loose a good amount of weight in the tummy.

Also try to drink a half gallon of water a day that will help flush out the fat in your body.

Good luck:

FROM THE STAFF OF BOEAFITNESS<a href="http://boeafitness.com/index.php?o...

? Stranger ¿ in Indiana
Same thing happened to my moms friend when she stopped drinking soda.

easy. the ugar content in the soda and beer was putting weight on you, also beer is very fattening so if you lay off of it for longer you will probably get fitter and lose more weight

when you drink alot of beer and soda it makes you gain fat and gain water weight. so when you drink it you dont really move as much. since you got rid of it you lost the water weight and fat.

Go Yak!!!! Yeah! Woot! Keep it up!!

Um, yeah, anyways, you should keep not drinking, who knows, maybe you'll have a ripped body in a few days.

city girl
ummm beer and soda is fatening and so none of that you start too loose weight

have you ever heard the term 'beer belly' because you stopped drinking the 'beer belly' is gone

happy day (sickofviolations)
maybe cause you finally cut back on the bacon

beer is badd

Both are incredibly bad for your body. When I quit drinking pop, I lost 30 lbs in two months.

Water weight perhaps?

I see...perhaps EVERYONE should stop putting toxic fluids in their body! ;)

maybe since you've been sober for 3 days you're just realizing that you're not as fat as you thought. lol.

You must have been drinking a lot of beer...especially if not having any for 3 days in a row is noteworthy.

Sugar and crappy food will hide your muscles. If you work out and are in decent shape but eat and drink crap, your body will not be at its best. It's possible to have a thin layer of fat that kind of "disappears" over several days, depending on how much you were drinking. I know people who drink 12 beers and 3-4 sodas a day - almost their entire daily allowance of calories!!

So yeah, it is possible. When I stopped drinking sodas I lost almost 4 inches off my waist in two weeks. But to have a 6-pack stomach and you're not exercising? Liar. :)

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