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I have a slow heart rate. What can I do to speed it up? What's wrong?

Some people have slower hearts rates and some have a faster heart rate. I wouldn't worry about it. And I certainly wouldn't do anything, but exercise, to increase my heart rate.

idk whats wrong.

run, and dont walk. just keep running and when your done dont walk, just rest.

Baby sit some of Laquisha's kids...Then you'll have high blood pressure

try to be a little more active. try walking on a treadmill for 15 minutes a day the slowly increase it. weekly, or at your own pase.

Ask a doctor who went to medical school, not morons on yahoo answers.

Well, obviously you could exercise. Also, you could try eating healthier, both of these choices you've probably heard before.
In answer to you're second question, if you are elderly, overweight, or just are not very "active", yu would be suseptable to a slow heart rate.

Start by running and breaking into a sweat, then run for about ten minutes while you are sweating. Then two days later, do the same. Keep doing that every other day and your heart rate will go up. It is good to have a slow heart rate, I have one and the only problem is that I pass out alot

get ur heart pumping...work out, go for a run, eat more fruit & vegtables

ami je tumar
nothings wrong. it gets slow as you age. if u want a fast heart rate run allot and eat healthy.

Fransuasa G
Do sports, drink coffee(but don't kill yourself with too much of it!!!). Sometimes people who are skinny and miniature get slower heart rate and lower blood preassure.
One way or another if you are really concerned and if it really impairs your physical activity talk to your doc.

Amanda L
Gradually start running, but don't start off too strong. Make it a gradual thing. Good luck.

This is a question for a medical doctor, not some random answerer on this board. Get yourself to a doctor who can advise you on this.

Wrong? I doubt anything is WRONG. people are different but if you feel you need to speed it up take some all natural supplements like niacin (found with the vitamins) or cinnamon. Other foods can also help with speeding up your heart rate and metabolism.

Joe W
Slow is good. You don't want it faster. Slower = healthier.

Unless you mean you don't think you're being active enough... in which case, be more active. 8-)

work out more

The slower your resting heart rate the healthier your cardiovascular system! So I wouldn't worry. To determine your resting heart rate, take your pulse for 15 seconds as soon as you wake up and times it by 4.

Normal resting heart rate for adults is about 72 beats per minute, so if your under that good job!

So nothings wrong with you, it's actually a good thing :)

haha ur lucky u have a slow heart rate
the less blood ur heart pumps out the easier it has to work and that means u are in better shape
it also means u will live longer

Slower=healthier. Faster=not healthy

start excersing and eating healthy

A slow heart rate is a good thing. It is a sign that you are healthy. Don't change anything.

Sean S
if you have a slow heart rate then that means your healthy, unless its below fourty, my heart rate is 48. if you can tell me your heart rate then i will beable to give u more info

A slow heart rate is not neccessarily a bad thing. Talk to your doctor. You may just have an athletic heart.

nothing is wrong....do you exercise a lot (it can actually slower your heart rate, which can be good) BUT drink things like coffee or cokes and get that caffeine higher if you think you gotta raise it

What is your heart rate? If it's around 70-75 while at rest, it's fine. It'd be even slower if you're an athlete. That would be due to your body's adjustment to a more strenuous environment. If your heart rate is slower, it's better for your body because otherwise, your heart's chambers wouldn't have enough time to fill up with as much blood to distribute throughout the body. And of course, since your blood carries oxygen to other parts of your body, it's not a bad thing lol.

A slow heart rate means that your heart is so strong, it can pump more blood in one pump than someone else's meaning yours is strong and healthy.
Don't Panic!

Mint Mouse
You're probably just born with it, and it's usually pretty natural. For example, I have a really high resting heart rate, but I've had this all my life and there's nothing actually wrong with me. Having a slow heart rate may even indicate that you are especially fit and that things take less exertion for you than for others. However, there is a condition called bradycardia that would explain this, and is usually associated with symptoms like dizziness, tiredness, difficulty exercising, chest pains and palpitations, confusion and faintness. If you experience any of these, I would recommend you see your doctor to determine if you have this. They can help you find treatment in order to regulate your heartbeat. Good luck!

|Absolutism| vs. |Relativism|
It's good that is slow. it means the heart doesn't need to pump as hard to do the same job as other's heart because you're probably healthy.

slow is ok...especially if you are already athletic. people think that athletes have a fast heart rate...thats not true. now, too slow is bad. without knowing exactly how slow i cant really say for sure that youre ok. anything less then 55 and we start to worry. and anything more then 120 we start to worry too. i would recommend that you get checked by a doctor and see what they want you to do.

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