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Laura B
I gained 8 pounds when I quit smoking. Having trouble losing it, what am I doing wrong?
I have been eating a 1300 calorie a day diet, with no processed carbs, only whole grain, and few of those. Mostly protein, fruit and vegetables. I've also been walking briskly for 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I've been doing this for two weeks, and I have not lost a single pound. Do I need to cut even more calories, or what? I am not overweight, just got a little soft with the extra eight pounds. Should I be working out more? I live in the middle of nowhere, so don't tell me to go to the gym. I thought a 1300 calorie diet with moderate exercise would have me lose 2 ponds a week, but I am losing no pounds a week. What's up????? I am so tempted to start smoking again, and I don't want to do that!
Additional Details
Thanks, Amber, but I don't drink soda. In fact the only sugar I get at all is from fresh fruit.

Lucy Jane
start smoking again

Start smoking again. B

Well when you smoke most of the time that replaces meals. Your body is used to smoking instead of eating. Good job by the way for quitting!! It's hard if you don't take care of yourself. Here's what you need to do.
You're off to a great start!! What a lot of people do is eat ice. Models so this too because it takes your mind off of eating and the crunch will make your mind think you're actually eating for a while. Little by little start with a 1100 calorie diet and work your way up slowly, like a week and a half add on 100 calories, to a 1500 calorie diet. Exercise, like running, a lot. About 1-2 hours a day for working out.
Hope this works for ya!! It worked for one of my close friends. And if all else fails... love those extra 8 pounds!! :)

try doing a jog around the block for 30 min. once a day.
as for ur smoking problem there are alot of pills you can find at the store that my friend says works great!!
hope i helped

Walker L
Welp the thing to do is NOT start smoking again and keep up your routine! If you're not overweight then why worry? This probably is a sign that your body is healthier. My grandfather has been smoking for 60 years and he's skinny as a rail. The doctor tells him he needs to gain weight and the best way to do that is to quit smoking because of all the extra strain it puts your body through. Just keep excersizing(sp?) and stay on a healthy diet!

☆Fancy Effects And That Pazaz☆
well it's better than losinga tonne of your weight when u get cancer. Don't be tempted to start smoking again, 8 pounds in exchange for a healthier life is a good deal.

ALWAYS< ALWAYS eat a good breakfest of High protein and low sugar.

if you eat a lot of small meals throughout the day that are good for you, and work out more, you will lose the weight

to lose weight it's recommended to be working out for 30 minutes daily, and if you're not especially overweight, it's that much harder to lose the pounds
when you work out more than you usually do, or especially if you start working out when you never really did before, you're going to gain some muscle, which weighs more than fat

i find it a lot easier to take a look in the mirror and notice the changes myself in my body rather than relying on the scale's numbers to see whether i've lost anything

losing weight the right, healthy way is definitely not easy, but if you stick to it you WILL see results

good luckkk :) !

Lesa M
no dont start smoking again, just work out a lot more and eat more healthy foods.

well you quite a routine. i think that it is because your brain cells are missing something and need to fill it with something else, i don't think that hardcore dieting is the answer for you..

just wait it out..keep a 1500 calorie diet and walk for about 30 minutes at least 4 times a week..

just give it a try...whatever you do, DON'T START TO SMOKE AGAIN!

When you were smoking the chemicals in the cigarette altered your brain activity. Now that you have stoped smoking your hormones, dorphamines all of that are reajusting to being able to deal with stress with you brains natural stress relivers. And you are gaining weight. It has nothing to do with your diet or exersize rutine although walking for only 20 minutes a day isnt doing much. You should atleast walk for an hour. Do not smoke again you have made it this far. And look at how better you feel. Smoking is nasty it makes your breath smell, it makes it harder to breath, it makes your teeth yellow, and most importiantly (it slowly kills you) as well as ages your face from the daily esposure to the smoke. It isnt good to eat less. Or feel hungry its better to eat an apple or something good for you instead. Instead of counting calories you should try to reduce your salt and sugar intake and do not drink soda. I stoped drinking soda a year ago and it was the best decision of my life. Soda can actually make you dehydrated. Drink alot of water and get extra sleep your body is healing its self from the damage you caused it from smoking. Dont worry about loosing weight instead worry about not being stressed and getting exersize and eating to be healthy not skinny.

Make sure the protein you're eating is LEAN protein - no bacon burgers or fried chicken! Also, cut out the fruit (including fruit juices). The sugar contained in fruit can add lots of calories. You probably already know this but drink as much water every day as you can.

When you exercise, if possible, put some 5# ankle weights on and your brisk walk will be a lot more effective.

Another tip: try eating 6 small meals every day instead of 3 big ones. That always works for me -- boosts my metabolism through the roof and the pounds melt off!

Congratulations on quitting smoking, you should be very proud of yourself and happy to get that monkey off your back!!

u probably gained weight b/c instead of smoking ur eating... its normal. Exercise more, do some cardio. Cut down to a 1000 calorie diet.

im no expert, but im pretty sure protein helps build muscle. muscle weighs more than fat. muscle is also much more attractive than fat (not too much, mind you). keep working out, weight is just a number..

Jaime J
no point starving yourself you'll just end up putting more weight back on, your probably more hungry and food tastes better since u stopped smoking.
lots of excerise

Joey P
eat less...

be patent your body is going through a change it takes time just continue

you substituted one addiction with another. do something to keep your mouth busy besides putting food in it. drink more water.

When I smoked I had quit before with minimal weight gain, but this last time I quit (it has been two years now) I have gained almost 40 lbs, which is quite frustrating because I really have not been eating any differently since quitting.

The Dr. told me that once you get to your mid 30's your metabolism slows way down especially after you quit smoking and basically that I would have to work out like a mad woman to get the weight off.

You have to do more than walk briskly, I have been doing 40 minutes of step aerobics along with strength training and yoga to equal 60 minutes a day 6 days a week and I was eating 900 calories a day and it took 4 weeks to lose 6 lbs.

So yeah, your metabolism has probably slowed down and you need to exercise to get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes at a time.

You may be eating too FEW calories. If you don't eat enough, your body will think it is starving and will store even more food as fat for future use. Try kicking up your calories to around 1800 or 2000. Keep exercising, drink plenty of water and keep eating those fruits, veggies, and lean proteins like chicken, fish, and soy.

the reason why you have gained 8 pounds is because when you were smoking you had the cigarette with you all the time, and as you havent had you cigareete with you you need ed to do something and in this case it was eating. i cant really explain why you wont loose a couple of pounds. however i think it might be because as you have eaten alot lately after you have quit smoking the body is working hard to fill all the gaps in your body, for example it might be working on your fat, you need fat to keep you warm and even to be healthy. that is one reason, mabye your muscles are growing and getting stronger and the would weigh alot more. there are many reasons why. i hope this helps, and dont ever ever go back to smoking again ok. x x

Joe or Shell J
Drink more water. I quit smoking one month ago and thats the real only thing that helped me.

i think ur eatin more instead of smokin....at least its better than smokin.......anyway i think you should buy a work out video that is fun for you maybe dance..yoga..pilates..areobics..anything...
but i dont think walking is enough..if you can run try ..it doesnt have to be for 20mins .....start at five and each day add a minute of half a minute till you get to 20 ....and then if u feel u are capable to go farther do it!Good luck!

no. you're doing everything right. your body is just trying to get used to no nicotine.

Sarah C
Congratulations on quitting smoking!!!!

You are doing everything right, but 20 minutes of cardio is just barely enough to enjoy the health benefits. Try upping your time walking to 30 or 35 minutes, and see if that helps.

Whatever you do, don't resort to smoking! Make a list of all the reasons you quit and post it somewhere visible, so you can be reminded.

Your diet sounds about right, you won't want to go under 1000 calories or leave yourself hungry.

You'll probably need to exercise more, 20 minutes a day is not enough for your goals.
Keep diet under 1200 and try to excercise enough to burn 200 calories per day

OK, two weeks could be too soon! Everyone's different and it doesn't necessarily follow that you'll lose weight quickly. I suggest you check your weight once or twice a month. Your diet sounds great! You really ought to do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 5-6 days a week or even longer if you can! 30-45 minutes is good--try a variety too, not just walking. I rode a stationary bike for months and it didn't do anything--I needed to do different kinds of exercises, not just the same kind. Take up jogging, swimming, bike riding or whatever you enjoy. Good luck and good for you for quitting smoking! Don't go back to it!

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