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I eat tuna sandwiches for breakfast instead of normal breakfast stuff would this hurt my diet?
Im on a diet but I read i should eat my biggest meal in the morning well i would normally eat my biggest meal at lunch ie the sandwiches but i swapped lunchs meal for breakfasts and now eat cereal at lunchtime. Is this perfewctly ok for weightloss?

Alyssa Powles
NO as long you have something in your belly you will be fine> trust me my mom is a nurse!

~ alyssa

1.) A real diet is prepared by a Nutritionist.

2.) There is very little actual nutrition in cereal unless it is a whole grain, unhulled type like Kashi.

3.) The only thing that causes weight loss is eating fewer calories than you expend.

Olivia U
nope i do it all the time

Yes, a very good start, and a valid program.

Ebony Eyes
I believe so because regardless of When you eat these things, it's still the same amount of caloric intake at the end of the day.

with white bread definitely!!!!

my suggestion is to stay away from dairy products.

No - Also Prizerebel helps you lose weight


Tuna sandwiches? As in more than one? Do you do this every day? You may want to do a little research on a metal called mercury.

Mary & Mike
The tuna won't hurt you but everyday is a bit much considering the chance of it containing mercury; too much can be harmful. As far as diet (and further health) you would be wise to use lemon instead of mayo (pure fat) and if you cannot tolerate that go with a thin layer of low fat mayo. And most importantly, use only WHOLE GRAIN BREAD, not 7-grain, not whole wheat, and certainly not white! If you are young be sure to drink some milk or soy, if you worry about being overweight, use non-fat. And lunch meat is like carbonated drinks, they contain loads of sodium which will make you retain water weight and worse.
You'll be fine. Go get em. Mary

Randall E
Tuna has mercury - Ok once or twice a week but not every day.

Also sounds like maybe too many carbs.

Other than that no - lunch food for breakfast and breakfast food for lunch, no problem. I try to eat a real breakfast and a small but real dinner and then eat fruit and veggies and drink water in between.

I work out a lot though.

Painted Jumper
no this is actually better for you beacause it has good fats and protien it will Kick- Start your metabolism

Tuna contains a lot of mercury. I would strongly recommend not eating tuna every single morning. While it may not be bad for your diet, its bad in a long run for your health.

nina c
Easting tuna is kind of weird, but having a breakfast with protein is a good way to keep you going through the day.

Along with having a big breakfast, you may want to try having home made veggie juices throughout the day by adding equal parts of veggies and water, some spices, & 1 clove of garlic.in your blender. The mixture will clean out your digestive system and colon in addition to peeling off the pounds.

FYI: the avg. person carries btwn 7 & 25 pounds of fecal matter (poo) in their intestines at any given moment. Juice mixtures like the one mentioned above are nutritious and also clean out the 'plumbing.' Drinking 6 glasses of water a day and going to a sauna/steam room will do wonders for your complexion too.

P.S. People have been freaking about mercury in tuna. For every silver filling you have in your mouth, you carry .5 grams of mercury. Eating tuna is the least of most people's mercury problems.

While wild tuna is best, seafood is still good twice a week. Other high-protein, low fat alternatives are zucchini and eggplant sandwiches with tomato and lettuce, 4 bean salad, chick peas and fava beans with curry, boiled eggs, beef liver, chicken/turkey breast & various types of nuts (almonds are best).seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, etc,)

If the mercury doesn't get you, then the salmonella, GMO foods, pesticides, growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics, chemical additives will. Eat well and detox your body with filtered water, "juice shakes" and saunas/ steams. It's the best you can do in our polluted world.

Jesse T

Endy C
It doen not hurt your diet. Unless your using a ton of mayo...

its a good source of protein, make sure to eat carbs as well. Wheat bread.

The only downside to Tuna is that it makes your private area smell like it. (this is a fact).

▌║││█║▌│║▌║ ™
eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. it makes sense cuz u can work off the biggest meal throughout the day and you'll eat the smallest meal before you go to bed.

Deyon W
yes, but eat fruit and veggies

Jennifer S
yea its o.k for weight loss but not for health just exercise more

No you are just right, as the day goes on you need less and less energy so it makes sense to have something substantial in the morning, but I would then have a normal lunchtime meal such as a bowl of soup and a piece of fruit, and then just have cereal for dinner.

i dont see anything wrong with it as long as you eat healthy food and you stay within your calorie limit. tip:go easy on mayonaisse its really bad for people who want to lose weight

It is not good to eat tuna every day. Once ore twice a weak is healthy.

Haiti babii
not really cuz in some countries the eat dinner/lunch for breakfast, and breakfast for supper. its fine

Jamee N
It doesn't matter if you switch breakfast and lunch foods, just so long as your meals are balanced. Follow the food guide to make sure you are receiving your required daily nutrients and make healthy choices like choosing whole wheat bread over white or mustard over mayo.

There is lots of mayo in tuna sandwiches, so maybe don't eat them every day. Mayo is really fatty!

CallmeLizza S
That sounds perfectly fine.
Anyways tuna is healthy for you & it's only fish & seafood is known to be very slimming food and excellent for diets. I'm assuming you eat lunch around 12 o'clock? Well thats still very early on in the day so do not worry about it! Yes, eating your biggest meals early on in the day is much more healthy than eating in the afternoon when your least active and less likely to burn it off, but twelve o'clock is still early and you still have a lot of time to work off your calories. I can give you some advice however.. you said your eating tuna sandwhiches right? Make sure to use whole grain bread since white bread is really calorie packed and it really doesn' do anything good for your body. Also for the cereal make sure it's not loaded with sugar. I sugguest you eat organic cereals with natural sugars such as sugarcane.

other advice;
-eat lots of seafood since its much less fattening then meats
-eat lean & organic meats(healthierchoice)
-cut out all white bead and replace with rye or whole grain bread
-increase your intake of fruits and vegtables since they contain a lot of water and will satisfy your hunger ..they make great late night snakes and great desserts(try cantelope, oranges, pinapples, and apples since they are known to be pretty filling and low on carbs/calories) ..oranges escpecially)
-eat atleast 3-4 small meals a day
- try to stay under 900 calories a day(ex. one bowl of cereal is 150-250 calories depending on the brand)
get your info at calorieking.com
-exercise can speed up weightloss& build muscle


I followed the Michael Thurmond Total Body Makeover Diet for years and tuna was a big part of it...even for breakfast. Just add some sort of fruit along with the sandwich and it's pretty much a breakfast. You have a protein, a starch, and a fruit which is what most nutritionists recommend for breakfast anyway. I don't think it really matters what each actually is.

Start to keep track of your weight loss though and if it seems like you're not losing any and you haven't hit your plateau-time yet, you may need to at least have just a half of a sandwich until you can see whether that's what is making the difference or not.

Eating cereal for lunch is fine as long as it has whole grains, possibly wheat. Make it a simple cereal. Not one of those that's packed with marshmallow pieces or even raisins and fruit bits. And you should add in some sort of vegetable. I know cereal with a vegetable sounds bizarre but you need veggies to balance everything out.

Good luck!

that's fine, if you dont feel sleepy after having a big breakfast,
generally lunch and breakfast are not much important in weight, the only important thing is dinner which must not be heavy, you can eat salad with yogurt instead of using sauces, in this case you will never gain weight, i have done since i was 16, and i had a complete breakfast and coplete lunch, and most of the time no dinner except party nights ;) or if i get very hungry i am having salad with yogurt and a piece of bread, without adding any oily things to my dishes, like butter, ......

As long as you eat breakfast, and make it a healthy one, you should be fine. Also, make sure to get some protein like eggs or meat, fruit, and milk. That can be used for breakfast and get some veggies in at lunch and dinner!

Reg B
Yes it is fine... Your body does not know morning or lunch time or night time... I had a Meatloaf Sandwich about an hour ago @ 8am

by definition a "diet" is nothing more than the regular food & drink of an organism.

I would 86 the cereal for lunch and eat something like a salad topped with lean meat, poultry or seafood. most cereals are nothing more than heavily processed grains and offer to real nutritional benefits. the less processed foods in your diet the faster you will lose weight and the healthier you will be in the short and long term.

It is fine, it is a myth that the time of day you eat effects weight as food is digested slowly by the body over about 24 hours, however eating well in the morning will help stop you picking during the day, and that is one of the tricks to weight loss, eating enough to stop the blood sugar drop that has you reaching for the custard creams with every cup of tea! The other BEST tip is the more you move the quicker you will loose, so get on your feet and walk as often as you can!! Good luck!! x

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