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I eat alot but don't gain weight?
I eat the amount like any normal human does. And I do eat alot sometimes. But I just don't gain much weight. And I realise I don't see my tummy bulging when my stomach is full or too full. While a bulging tummy is commonly seen in many people, especially after meals.

Why is this so?

Don't question it, just be happy and thankful, but watch out in a few years when you start getting older and your metaolism starts to wear down, because it will catch up to you.

I'm the same way. 2 words "high metabolism." It's a blessing!

You got a high metabolism

I would say your metabolic rate is high and your body can burn all the food you eat before it turns to fat. Or maybe you have worms. If you want to experiance a tummy, go to your favorite fast food place and get alot of food, stay up late one night so you are really tired, and don't eat anything all day so you are really hungry. Then right before you go to sleep eat all the fast food and go to sleep it might hurt at first take some NyQuil or something if you have to, to make sure you go to sleep. once you're asleep your metabolic rate will slow down and all that food will have a chance to turn into fat.

i dont know but it is the same for me, i think its somehting about your metabolism

your metabolism just works better than most people especially if your veryactive. i was the same until i became bedridden for 6 months now im fat

I dunno. Consider yourself lucky (or unlucky). I eat very little and lose way to much weight... It's school. I'm going to head a protest. TOO MUCH WORK IN COLLEGE!!!!!

Just a guess, so dont go crazy or anything.

You could have a condition called hyper-thyroidism, which means an over-active thyroid. Thyroid is the muscle in your neck responsible for your body's metabolism and breakdown of sugars. If its over-active, then your body is breaking down food faster than normal.

As a result, a person who has this (including me) can eat as much as they want, but hardly gain any weight.

WAY TO CHECK: if you have hyper-thyroidism, then your body will feel hotter than usual, especially when you are outside. Best to check with a doctor as hyper-thyroidism can lead to death in extreme cases.

me too.......

you are blessed with a fast metabolism! your body processes food and breaks it down faster than normal.be thankful. if you want to put on some weight talk to your doctor about the safest way to do it, otherwise enjoy eating whatever you want and not having to worry about it.

A person I know was told he`s allergic to 34 different foods, including rice, beans, chicken, pork, corn, etc.

He is very skinny, and it was explained to him that it was because of his allegies. Because his body rejects these foods (it`s not like he get all swollen or anything) his body doesnt take their nutrients.

He cant eat them for 4 months, but he gradually will. In the meantime, he`s taking some medicines.

It didnt make any sense to me before, but now I understand that really skinny people suffer as much as fat people because they feel like there`s nothing they can do about it...

Maybe you should vivit a specialized doctor...

Good luck!

high metabolism




You must have to much nostril hair

Because you are a lucky lucky person!

y r u worry about this!!! think ur self lucky!! most people complain about gettin a bulging tummy n ur askin y u dunt get 1!!!

Mickey's gurl
Count your blessings.

whats ur age?

darn you - i can't look at a chocolate bar without gaining weight

a lot of times the best way to LOSE weight is to eat mnay times during the day...you're keeping your metabolism going...lucky you!

How much you eat is less important; how much you digest and assimilate is most important.
You should exercise regularly to keep you body atmosphere - homeostasis - natural.
You should not eat unless you feel a good hunger.
Avoid overeating in any case. These tips will solve your problem.
Best Luck.

You just have a high metabolism. It is completely and totally genetic for some people to FORTUNATELY have flat stomachs 24/7, whether they just ate the entire Dollar Menu at McDonalds or not.

Oh, if we all had this problem.

Stewie Griffin
you're fat

Enjoy it. When you reached middle age, you'll make up for it.

You have a high metabolism. This may be genetic, or it may be influenced by your age (which you don't specify); a lot of teenagers have higher metabolisms, so can eat more without putting on much weight. This may change as you age, so be careful about developing poor eating habits.

I have the same problem, (yes fatty, being skinny is a problem) all i do is eat, and workout, or sit here and answer questions,

so i should be gaining weight, I am cut and happy with my body, but my arms have no meat other than muscle. and it makes them look twiggy,

tho it does help in a fight, since they think your small

you have a high metabolism and you would have to eat a lot more than would feel comfortable to distend your stomach

Congratulations on your high metabolic rate and yourself lucky. Some big people want to lose weight and can't no matter how hard they try. This goes the same to those thin ones who want to gain weight but can't no matter how much they eat. But then again, your metabolism might change as you grow older, as it tends to slow down...thus you start to put on some pounds. So be as active in life as you can to maintain your metabolism in a tip-top shape!

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