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I cant stop eating i always feel hungry why do i feel like this?
i have just eaten loads of crisps chocolate and donuts. i try not to buy them in i just cant seem to help my self tried getting help from my husband. i work part time and i have to very young children/toddlers.

you feel like that because you are always craving and have always big appetites. i know it's hard, just try not to think about food.

drink water it helps

Jess xxxxx
well do you know you tend to end more junk food when you watch TV!! so try get away from the house for the day you know like meet up with friends etc. so then you wont get a chance to eat them!! x

Sallie W
Eating high calories junk food that tastes great, like donuts, has nothing to do with hunger. You still feel hungry because you don’t really feed your body, no matter how many calories you swallow. Half of the calories in a donut will come from fat…you don’t need that much and you’ll never feel full. I could tell you to eat healthy, fruits and veggies and whole wheat stuff but that’s not the point.

The question is…why are you doing this to yourself?
The pleasure you can get from eating food can replace the pleasure you do not get in your life.

You should start by feeding your body properly and then work on your issues.

Try drinking when you feel hungry, your body cannot tell the difference between hunger and thirst so all you may need is a drink.

x Grace <3 Alex x
u may be bored? I eat loads when i'm bored.

Anonimus ;P
Try to eat something healthy when ya feel like eating.Oh and when you feel like eating chew gum,eat some banana or wahs your teeth.I've heard those are natural ways to "fool" the brain that you're not hungry or something like that.They work on me.Also try to teach yourself self-control.It's gonna be hard but when you learn it it will be usefull not only for eating,

Live life to the full
sometimes you eat beacause its a way of keeping your emotions relaxed.

you may have heard the expression "eating your emotions"

and thats what your doing, maybe stress, unhappiness or even bordome

when this hapens to me i try and find a way to occupy myself.
the computer is great for this because you loose track of time.

try not to think about food


Maybe your using the food as some vent for your emotions? do you feel frustrated and low when you eat these unhealthy foods? What your doing is binge eating (eating high fat foods when you feel depressed or anxious) and is obviously not that good for you. I suggest you go and see a dr, if you constantly feel hungry you could have a problem with your thyroid (it produces hormones that let your body know you are full- and sometimes it does not produce enough of these hormones) At any rate, if you go and see a dr, you can discuss your relationship with food and hopefully things will improve for you.

Life's too short - go and see that dr!

Drink all the time..have a bottle/or glass of water with you at all times...every time you feel hungry drink some water..you will not feel so hungry and you will lose weight... and youre eating too much sugar.. eat healthier foods and you will feel better

richard k
Worms ?

you are eating the wrong foods,you need to fill up on wholemeal breads rice and pasta,they will keep you fuller for longer.The foods you are eating are full of sugar and they fill you up for about half hour then you want more.Eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks and drink plenty of water.

Well, it depends how long this has been happening. If it has been for awhile, then you might of some type of eating disorder (my friend has it). Try eating healthier foods, like salad. Salad won't fill you up, but it's always a good diet food.

Stop buying the crap & you won't eat it. Do some light exercise & start eating healthy. Get your 2lts of water a day & don't expect miracles. It may take a few months, before you start to look and feel better. Stay commited and you will kick the sugar addiction You'll be a happier person for it too.

eating alot is not a bad thing. it means you have high metobalism and you burn the calories you gain quickly. you also digest food quickly and need alot of nutrition. what yo need t o change is not how much you eat...but what you eat. eat healthy snacks and you will find yourself feeling better and not wanting to eat as much. also it wil be great for your health and it will lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, and stress among other things.

You may be BORED and you feel the need to eat.

Friend, I feel the same way but I eat healther foods.

The Ghost
you eating the wrong things , the foods you mention do not prove your body with the correct nutrients and vitimins and so your body is craving more food trying to sort out the inbalance

It is probably stress related. I have the same problem.

think of the detrimental effect that all that crap is having on your body

the reason why all that junk makes you feel hungry all the time is because they have a high GI and mainly sugar and so are digested very quickly (most is turned into fat)
These foods will result in an energy crash (i bet you feel tired after eating them don't you?)

eat healthier foods like light fruit and high fiber, complex carbs, these are digested slowly, will make you feel much more energetic and keep you going for longer

Eat foods that will fill you up with protein and fiber, not sugar and empty calories. You sound stressed too, try to do something to relax. While the kids are asleep, go for a quick jog or nap, something to rejuvenate yourself.

sometimes people eat when there bored. It's what almost everyone does when there bored. But lets say if it was that then you can buy a healthier food so whenever you think" i have to eat"just eat something healthy. Or make something of your time, such as hobbies. iT'S A GREAT TIP

All the above answers are useful. Often when someone is bored or feels like they have nothing to do, they will eat. I do all the time haha. It's often just something to do.
Also, snack foods like donuts will not fill you up. You may be satisfied for a short period, but you will then be hungry again soon after. Even after getting ''full'' from junk food, usually you stop eating because you feel more sick than full. I know sometimes at night ill eat a lot of cereal and feel almost sick...but still feel like i could eat more. Eating better foods for you in one meal will fill you up for longer.

you are focussed on food and use that as a pick-me-up or a reward
try to eat only when hungry
try to stop when full - you will have to eat slowly and consciously to know this
eat only what you fancy
if it's fish and chips , it's fish and chips but only eat what will fill you not stuff you

♥☼≈Keira’s Mummy ≈☼♥
the stomach, is a very strange part of the body, it can stretch to accumulate more food making you feel hungry. Just eat wholesome food that will fill you up like bread, rice, pasta. They are slow releasing carbohydrates so you wont get the sugar slump as you do with junk food

You work part time, and you also have young children, which is a full time job. I think you may be stressed and confusing stress with hunger. Since food is a temporary solution to your emotions, you're reaching for a snack instead of he real problem. Try looking for ways to reduce your stress. Yoga, playtime with your kids. Just let the laundry sit an extra day, let your husband do the dishes here and there, it won't be the end of the world to take a moment for self-improvement.

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