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I ate one piece of chocolate candy today. Is my diet ruined?
I'm on a 1200 calorie diet, it was a small piece of chocolate.
Additional Details
I work out an hour a day.


Flying Sky Broom Riding Witch
Chocolate made with hydgronated palm/coconut/vegetable oil is unhealthy.
Chocolate made without those ingredients is healthy.
Masters Choice brand Swiss milk chocolate from A&P.
Toblerone is great.
It depends on which type of chocolate you ate.

your cool

Oh, gag me with a spoon!

No, probably only had a couple of hundred calories tops. Breathe.

Nah. You have to let yourself have something you enjoy every now and then.

The difference between thin people and fat people is often this
When a thin person "falls of the wagon " or indulges a little they get right back on track
When a fat person messes up their diet, they figure "well, I screwed it all up now" and keep on eating bad stuff

basicly all you need to do is work out an extra fifteen minutes or so, depending on how many calories were in the chocolate... If you are on the atkins diet it is different, if it is a low carb diet you pretty much just need to wait it out, you will most likely get a headache as you body returns to ketosis, (burning ketones instead of glucose for fuel) but by tomorrow you should be fine.

No! You can eat what you want in moderation! Like one tiny piece is not going to mess you up. If it was a whole bar than maybe but, a little treat is fine!

Chris S
better to think about it as you got your dairy for the day.
It's okay.
But on this diet, make sure you don't starve yourself our get mal-nurishied (know I spelt that wrong)
but no, you did not ruin your diet.

Of course not. Now if you were to eat about five pieces...you'd have a problem.

ur absolutely fin
in fact, occasional small treats like tht will help u keep away from larger tempting nasties that can REALLY ruin ur diet

Not if you drop and give me 20 pushups!

no, it may even do you good, I am on a 1000 cal diet and ate 2 cup of sugar free ice cream only 360 cals, i had it for lunch and a mid afternoon snack, and still ended up under 1000 cals, God Bless so dont fret about 1 piece of chocolate !


Yvonne S
I eat chocolate every day. Its good for you if you dont overeat and it doesnt put weight on me.

Andy b
no your diet is not ruined you just need to keep from getting a habit of eating chocolate.

Just a Friend
Not at all! in fact, eating a bit of dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you! Its fine, just don't worry about it! =)

My Name Is Ken
No, you probably already burnt it off. I ate a whole Twix Bar today and I'm probably not going to turn into a blimp any time soon.

excrise and recover from it

no, do a little exercise and itll be fine!!! cheating every now and them will not ruin you!

Please don't go on a diet. That's ridiculous. 1,200 calories is not enough, you should be eating around 2,000 minimum. And you need to be working out. Just cutting calories won't do a thing. And that piece of candy isn't a huge deal, but don't get in the habit. If you are serious about losing weight, then you should dedicate yourself to healthy eating.

Um no. Not even close to ruining it. You have to have that cheat once in a while otherwise you'll go nuts and binge.

Only if you choose to let it ruin your diet. You slipped up, it's in the past, as long as you get right back on track you'll be fine. :)

Denitely NOT! One piece is good. One basket isn't.

Bond girl
Your diet is never ruined. You should just get right back onto the diet for tomorrow. One piece of candy will have little effect, but it will have some effect, and one effect is that it may make you more hungry later, hungry for more chocolate candy. So be prepared for tomorrow, and plan part of your allowed diet for those times when you are tempted. If you divide your food into three meals and two or three snacks, then you will be prepared with something to eat every time you want to eat, something that is on your diet and will not interfere with the goal that you have.

No its not ruined.
Now if you start eating more then one a day then maybe but you really shouldn't worry about one little piece of chocolate.

NO a small piece every day woulden't hurt

For starters a 1200 calorie diet is not enough, you should aim for 1500 a day. Also make sure you are exercising as well. I try to do about an hour a day, but you should start off with say 15 minutes a day and work up. If you are worried about this small piece of chocolate I wouldn't be sitting at home I'd be out the door and going for a power walk. DON'T sit at home worrying about it GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!!

No. Walk around the block and burn the stupid chocolate.

I dieted obsessively once, and actually pinged about a 7 calorie Hershey's Kiss. Calm down, ok?

NO!! Don't think you've screwed up your diet. You're still right on track. That candy was probably only 25-30 calories. No big deal. Keep up the good work!! :)

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