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Erin B
I am overweight and I have no energy what do I do to get back into shape?
I am 5'4" and I am obese by BMI standards. I have no energy anymore. Everytime my husband suggests we go workout I just want to cry. I use to be very slim. How can I snap out of this rut and get into taking care of myself. Serious answers please.

Eat well. Cut out all the white poison: white bread, white rice, and sugar (white or brown!). Switch to whole grain products. Eat lots of veggies and fruits. Drink lots of water; 8 glasses a day! Eat moderately. Go on www.howstuffworks.com and search in the Health Stuff tab for how diets work. You have to find out how many calories you need in the day to function at rest. Usually its around 1500 - 2000. Once you find that out, your goal should be to eat less than that amount in order to lose weight. When you eat less calories than you need to function at rest, the body uses it's own calories (from the stored fat) to work and function.

Also, get a fitness DVD. You can exercise in the comfort of your very own home if you dont feel comfortable doing it in front of people. Start slow and do what makes you comfortable. Gradually increase your pace when you have more endurance. I really like Denise Austin's Blast Away the Pounds: Indoor Walk. There are 3 workouts 15 minutes each. Each one covers a mile walk. The first one is Easy Walk. It's good for beginners. It doesn't strain your body. The second workout is the Fat Blasting Interval Walk. This one is faster and you really break a sweat. The last workout is Power Walk and Tone. This one uses weights (1-3 lbs each). At the end, there is a Stretch segment for 10 minutes. This you should do before and after exercises. The great thing is that you can program the workout to whatever you want and in any order you want. If you only have 15 minutes, you can do one of the workouts. If you have an hour, you can do all of them together and do 3 miles of walking. Plus, it's not just plain boring walking. There are a lot of other moves to give variety.

You can look it up online (Amazon.com) for details on the DVD. Walmart sells it for only $10! Give it a try, you'll love it!

Good luck!! You CAN do it!

go jogging every morning. if you cant jog start with walking for 30 minutes at a fast rate, and as you get better at doing it go faster still.watch what you eat

diet first. eat less of what you are eating now. and drink water. once you get some energy start off with walks

start by talking to your doctor to see what exorcises to do and what foods to eat

stop being a whiney *****, the reason you don't have energy is because you don't get out and run.

you don't get out and run because you have no energy

Just start running even if you odn't have energy, muscle structure will build up, not to mention everytime you do physical work your body sends out endorphines which actually put you in a better mood and have a more positive attitude.

it's hard to start to do something with little motivation, but once you start it's something you'll enjoy

I dont really have that problem, but I have felt very, very unmotivated before! Try doing something that you really love doing, and start by yourself at first. If you like it, find someone that does to so you will have a reason to keep at it. I used to model and to keep my figure down I would cut out motivating pictures from magazines of people I envied and posted them all over my home & when ever I wanted to go eat something just because I was bored or watch an extra hour of TV, I would see one of those pictures... and i would remember why i shouldnt! I know it would be hard to start, but once u start to see results you wont be able to stop!!
And another thing, dont step on a scale for 2 weeks... i know it will be hard, but when u finally do and you see that you've lost so much it will feel amazing!!

Set small goals. Like I will loose 5 pounds this month. When you reach that goal move it up a little more and you'll find you have more energy when you see the LBs going down.

David C
Walk every day for at least 30 minutes. You can walk anywhere you want, it doesn't have to be boring. You could also bring a portable music player with you.

Learn to enjoy eating things that don't have a lot of fat and carbs.

But start off with the walking, even if you don't change your diet right away.

Well, exercise-wise: Take it slowly.. take walks, and after a while, pick up your pace..

Also, eat healthy

Make a plan as to what you will do each day
eat what you are suppose to eat each day
Stay on a schedule

Don't "work out"
Go do something fun that takes energy...and HAVE FUN!

Try changing your diet to a healthier one. Be more active even if it is simply walking more around the house. Don't push yourself too hard in the beginning. Try to have a positive outlook of life in general. Have a clear picture in your mind of your goal and eventually you will reach it.

please make an appointment with your doctor. make sure what you are experiencing isn't due to a medical condition and you always want to check with your doctor when starting a new exercise regimen

Tom K
Well, make goals for yourself. Go out and run for a little bit everyday. Say "I'm gonna run 15 minutes today." and keep doing that everyday. Just set aside 15 minutes, then when you feel you can go further, up it to 20 and so on. Thats my sugestion, just make sure you set a reasonalbe goal to start with.

Have you been to a doc to get a full medical checkup? You could have hormonal issues or thyroid issues. I have several friends who took meds for thyroid and totally changed.
I would also consider depression to be a factor.
Go to the doctor first, and get checked out.
Stop beating yourself up.
Just go out and do something. Start slow. Go for a walk after dinner, go for a swim. Go bowling, golfing, take up tennis or hiking, etc.
Do something fun. If it's something you like, motivation will be a lot easier to come by.

maybe you can seek help from medication? some medicine can helps you slims down real fast.

My lil bro (who's looking over my shoulder) said, "DDR, that is the answer."
I have to agree with him. It's fun and is a great work out.
you can buy it at, like most things, at Wal-Mart or GameStop


Sweetheart, you just have to want it. Start slow. take a walk around your block. just making an effort works. Don't listen to harsh criticism. Many people don't have to deal with it, and others just forget. I've personally gained 10 pounds since March, and I've now joined a gym. My husband is just about obese himself. it just takes desire. He got up and started at the gym too, just walking. If you keep your heart rate up, that's the main goal. It makes no difference if you sweat or not, just don't hurt yourself, and watch your heart rate. (too high can be bad-just research what is best for your age).

Good luck, remember how much energy you had when you were slim, and think positively! :-)

Try to set up a goal for yourself that every week you wil go to the gym at least twice, then increase that goal until you get to around mayb 3 or 4 times a week. It will be hard but take it easy and in time it will become a necessary routine that your body will push you to do. The hardest part is starting because once you have the ball rolling you'll realize that exercising isnt only to get slim but also good for your self esteem (not saying you have an issue with that- but its almost scientfically proven that you feel better about yourself once you exercise as a result of hormones being released in the body) and also for your health. Hope this helps somewhat and good luck.

ralph w
Incorporate physical action into your daily routine somehow. Use the stairs at work. Walk to work. Do less driving and more walking.

Dear Erin,

What you are in now is a vicious cycle.

Because you are overweight, you find it takes more effort to do things and as a result, you have no energy left over at the end of the day to exercise, because you do not exercise, you stay overweight and you continue to take alot of effort to do things and continue to have no energy...

The cycle goes on and on.

All you need to do, really, is to break the cycle by 'taking care of yourself'.

However, that is easier said than done. I think your problem is a mindset problem.

DO you find happiness in staying fat? Actually, whether you would like to take care of yourself or not, whether you are fat or not is also very much a mindset issue.

- What is your most ideal weight?
- When was the last time you were at this weight?
- Would you want to be this weight again?
- If so in how long and how short a time?
- What happinesses will you gain if you went back to this weight (pls think of at least 100 reasons, that will help to make you motivated)
- What pains will you suffer from if you stayed fat? (100 reasons)

I used to be fat as well and have never been slim in my life. My attitude when I was fat and single was that, "Nevermind, there's no one to appreciate my figure anyway."

WHen I got attached, it became, "Nevermind, there is already someone beside me now anyway."

I had to write 175 reasons before I took action to really slim down. After that, I lost 15kg within 2 months and stayed that way all the way till i got pregnant ;)

Good luck!

PS: My mother always says "Lazy women dun have the right to look beautiful.." I am sure you are a beautiful woman.. come on, let's get out there and get moving.

PPS: After you answered those questions and decide that you DO want to lose weight, you can email me. I would gladly share how I lost weight with you ;)

Love Exists?
3 letters DDR........... my friend lost 5lbs in one week by playing it 4 hours a day

Just take walks like I do. But watch out for neighborhood dogs.

xoxo rocks
What you should do is eat healthy, drink lots of water 8 glasses or 15 also do more exercises and don't eat fats alot just 2 times in a week.

padrote chingon
You have to start with small steps, and keep at it. I suggest at first just start out walking up and down your street, as much as you can. As that gets easier do more each time. I think if you get to the point where you excercise 4 times a week for 30 mintues, you will come down in size.

star drinking green tea...with out sugar..... increase metabolism..no fatty food.... start going on daily walk and stuff like that. in no time you will be back intoshape.. you can do group things.,..because they motivate you more

Lisa the Pooh
Start slowly.
Don't try and "work out" all at once. Maybe take a walk to 10 minutes daily. Then next week add 5 more minutes and so on.
The idea is to build on your success and get your body used to exercise again rather than wearing yourself out and then losing hope over it.

Hang in there, I know you can do it!

Start off slowly, like maybe walk up and down the stairs a few times. Or try swimming so your joints won't be under as much stress. I know this may sound cheesy but my mom told me playing table tennis is a good a workout than going to the gym. She saw that on the news. Good luck:)

Begin with a doctor's appointment to get cleared for being physically healthy enough for exercise and then see a nutritionist to begin planning out your specific caloric intake for your daily routines. I wish you all the luck in the world!

walk a lot ,water, diet

Have you ever considered that you may be depressed? That's why you have no interest in helping yourself? I lost 55 (and counting) pounds after I was diagnosed....and I find it much easier to get out and exercise now!!!! I also eat a lot less, because I feel so much better!!

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