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I am addicted to pepsi what can i do?
i crave it and actually feel bad and grouchy when i dont have any i drink 20 ounces or more a day if i hv it

How about stop drinking it , pop, is one of the main things tht gives you pipples .. very bad for that. Cafeine is one addictiv thing i tell you.. have you ever noticed, for example, you parents to "wake up" they drink their coffee ... Well caffein helps to wake up only for about 10-15 mins.

que otro hay
pepsi is not good for the body. it leaches calcium out of the bones and concidered an unsafe beverage.

just like any other bad habit, it can be stopped. you can treat it like quitting, similar to people who stop smoking.
all of the bad health risks associated with soft drink consumption is ready & available on a yahoo search. just put 'carbonated drinks, soda health' and many informational articles come up.

Wean yourself off slowly.

You're addicted to the caffeine and sugar. Try switching to caffeine free Pepsi and force yourself to drink other drinks (I like Dasani water and Vitamin water). In time, try to cut all caffeine out of your diet. You'll go through about a week's worth of withdrawal, but if you can make it, you'll be better off. Fewer calories too! :)

Good luck! :)

drink water, it will flush you out and make you feel lots better. I do the same thing with mountain dew.

My mom's the same way. I'd say to limit your intake. and to go from there.

Like you , I used to be addicted to Pepsi or Coke. I dont like the taste of diet drinks. Ugh.... However after researching - I found that soft drinks --even diet ---are very bad for you ! Caffeine makes you retain water & the carbonation bloats you. Increases your Calorie intake greatly !

I completely deleted soft drinks from my diet. I did this by drinking lots of water & flavored water. If you will do this for 2 weeks --you will feel the difference. You wont go back to soft drinks !

I also tried the apple patch diet at the same time.

try it !


It sounds like you might be addicted to either the sugar or the caffeine. First thought would be to ween yourself off by alternating with Diet Pepsi or some other diet beverage.

If this is unacceptable, try drinking a few ounces less a day until you don't feel a dependency on it.

Joseph, II
Sometimes- I think I have the SAME problem with Coke! :) Try to cut back to say- 12 ounces a day. As long as you can "manage" your "addiction" to caffeine, you'll control IT- & not the other way around. THAT way it won't get out of hand- & start taking over OTHER parts of your life. :)

I know what you mean. I love it to. Maybe we should try caffeine free Pepsi.

It is the caffine, not the pepsi, start mixing half pepsi and half diet caffine free pepsi, then slowly (within a couple weeks) use more of the diet caffine free and less pepsi until your weened of the regular pepsi. I had to do this with my wife with coffee. Stopping all at once can produce headaches from withdrawl. I stopped dring all sodas and swithed to crystal light (great value brand), no sugar, caffine or calories and no gas.

Drink water, and take walks when you start to crave a pepsi. Ensure that you don't have any handy or convenient, and try not to keep cash on you if you have a vending machine fairly close to where you work.

Try to slowly lower you caffiene intake as any smoker would lower their nicotine intake.

It's about control. How do you feel letting PepsiCo get seriously rich and you get brittle bones from calcium leaching, you get fat storing because insulin levels are high ( 1 can of pepsi has about 16 tsp sugar) and you get addicted to caffeine? If you are ok with that, that's that. If you're not, picture the future you that you are creating by present actions when you drink it. Bent, brittle, fat. If that's not enough, try hypnosis.

wow..i was like that at one point..i had a bladder infection that helped my addiction

lol umm..bye bye teeth =)

It's not the pepsi itself. its the caffine, suger and all that other crap in there your addicted to. diet' is'nt any better, i went thru the same thing i just stopped drinking it all together. you get a little withdrawl from the caffine and thats about it. look to other drinks like crystal light, water, milk, hot or cold tea. there's alot of alternitives.

You have to get your body used to not having the caffine.
Drink a little less each day.

try drinking more water for example when you are going to buy soda get water instead. Also when you feel the need to drink Pepsi think of how bad soda is for you.

girl i am the same way...they say that soda is bad for u and that u should drink more water..but i cant even have a meal without soda...i just hav to have it..i guess just try to drink less..then replace some of it with water or gatorade..drinks that are good for u..good luck!

You have to slowy get yourself off of it. Try to replace it with Snapple and then go to water.

Good luck.

you need to wean yourself off it and replace it with a healthier addiction, like water.

pepsi will rot your stomach lining. just think of that next time you crave it - do you want to end up in hopsital over pepsI?

It's the caffeine. Could you try drinking one regular Pepsi and then a decaffeinated and sort of ween yourself off the caffeine a bit?

The acids in all soft drinks will slowly deteriate your brain cells

that frutose will make you fat, drink water and you,ll grow out of it

Get a fat lawyer and SUE Pepsi for about 20 million bucks. Then settle out of court for 2 million.

maybe its the caffiene. try replacing it slowly with tea. get a smaller size pepsi each day and drink it slowly (it will wean you off the sugar). then when you get thirsty again drink tea. i used to be addicted to soda and now i cant stand to drink anything with sugar in it anymore.

You can go cold turkey or diminish your intake by a few ounces a day until you no longer drink it. While doing this, replace what you diminish with the same amount of water.

Make yourself drink as much water as you can (but no less than 20oz.) before you drink any Pepsi and try to wean yourself off of it slowly...

This is not an addiction to take lightly, unless you like to get FATTER and FATTER as you get older, and become DIABETIC and GET ALZHEIMER'S and CANCER...ALL of these things can be linked to overindulgence in sweetened, caffenated beverages...If you don't stop soon, it will only get harder, there are no less that 2 addictive drugs in Pepsi, and if you don't think that Pepsi co has LARGE financial interest in the pharmaceutical corporations that treat the illness that their highly addictive products can cause...Then you probably don't believe that Pepsi co, Coka-Cola, and Phillip Morris (tobacco) are more powerful and influential than 75% of the worlds nations...Which they are...BE AFRAID.

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