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I am 25 years old my height is 5 feet I want to increase height please do tell what should I do?
I am 25 years age living in india my height is just 5 feet i want to go for 6 feet please tell me some way presently I am using YOKO height increaser but i dont think it is working please tell me some affordable way to increase height I feel very ashamed in between friends and as I heard girl like the boy who is tall some times even i think to sucide due to my height what should I do please help me
i want to be tall every time i am the part of joke due to height

Take your inperfections and make them to your advantage.Don't give a f*** about what others think or say.Importantly you have to be happy in life, there are better things to see & do in this world than worry abt your height .

K maX
be confident.. dude..

some girls like tall guys that they feel secure and dependable.
but it's just a small factor of love and being loved.
and you should try outdoor sports, like swimming and more active works, with better nutrition.
you will achieve certain limit, but 6 feet is really tall.... for asians.. i guess..
there are many people becomed success despite their height.
dont be so depressed..
here's all the famous "short" people.

Anastasia, American Singer 5'3
Prince US Singer 5'2-1/2
Gillian Anderson US Actress 5'2
Tori Amos Singer 5'2
Christina Aguilera US Singer 5'2
Paula Abdul Singer 5'2
Honore de Balzac French Writer 5'2
Debbie Black US Basketball Player 5'2
Rachael Leigh Cook Actress 5'2
Sally Field US Atress 5'2
Yuri Gagarin, Soviet cosmonaut 5'2"
Laura San Giacomo US Actress 5'2
Gerry Halliwell UK Singer 5'2
Avril Lavigne US Singer 5'2
Margaret Mead U.S.Anthropologist 5'2
Terri Runnels, WWF wrestler 5'2"
Shakira Columbian Singer 5'2
Dudley Moore UK Actor 5'2
Elisabeth Shue 5'2"
Paul Simon (of Simon and Garfunkel) 5'2"
Josia Thugwane (winner of '96 Olympics marathon) 5'2"
Reese Whitherspoon 5'2"
Paul Williams (songwriter, actor) 5'2"
Danielle Fishel (Topanga on tv's "Boy Meets World") 5'1-1/4"
Sheena Easton 5'1"
Nicole Eggert 5'1"
Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia in Star Wars) 5'1"
St. Francis of Assisi (Italian saint) 5'1"
Soleil Moon Frye (of tv's "Punky Brewster") 5'1"
Janeane Garofalo 5'1"
Tara Lipinski 5'1"
Rose McGowan 5'1"
Bette Midler 5'1"
Kylie Minogue 5'1"
Debbie Reynolds (mother of Carrie Fisher) 5'1"
John Keats (English Poet) 5'3/4"
Danny DeVito 5'0"
Dolly Parton 5'0"
Pia Zadora 5'0"
Gloria Swanson 4'11-1/2"
Tammy Faye Bakker
Engelbert Dollfuss (Austrian statesman) 4'11"
Estelle Getty 4'11"
Olga Korbut (Soviet gymnast) 4'11"
Cathy Rigby 4'11"
Willie Shoemaker (horse jockey) 4'11"
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (painter) 4'11" (other source: 5'1")
Joan of Arc 4'11"
Nancy Walker ("Ida" of tv's Rhoda) 4'11"
Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie & Clyde)
Mother Teresa (died '97) 4'10"
Linda Hunt 4'9"
Gary Coleman 4'8"
Edith Piaf (singer) 4'8"
Dr. Ruth Westheimer 4'7"
Gail Gamble, Owner of this website 4'7"
Alexander Pope, English poet 4'6"
Lil' Nasty Boy (wrestler) 4'4"
Luis De Jesus ("Ewok"-Return of the Jedi) 4'3"
Angelo Muscat (movies: Willy Wonka, Magical Mystery Tour) 4'3"
Billy Curtis (actor: High Plains Drifter, Planet of the Apes) 4'2"
Rusty Goffe (UK actor, movies: Willy Wonka, Star Wars) 4'2"
Wano & Plutano ("Wild Men of Borneo" of Hallnson Circus 1882) "a little over" 4'0"
Billy Barty (actor, 1924-1999) 3'9"
Charles Becker (mayor of Munchkinland-The Wizard of Oz) 3'9"
Cowboy Lang (wrestler) 3'9"
Kenny Baker (R2D2 of the Star Wars movies) 3'8"
Eddie Gaedel (shortest pro baseball player ever) 3'7"
Emmanuel Lewis (as child star of tv's "Webster") 3'7"
Olga Nardone ("Munchkin" from the Wizard of Oz) 3'4"
Josh Ryan (19 yr old "Timmy" on tv's "Passions") 3'2"
Herve Villechaize ("Tattoo" on Fantasy Island) 3'2"
Michael Henbury-Ballan 3'1"
Patrick Scanlon (London, England) 3'0"
Carrie Akers (Barnum Circus) 2'11"
Princess Wee Wee (1917 Dreamland Circus) 2'10"
Verne Troyer ("Mini-Me" in Austin Powers' "Spy Who Shagged Me") 2'8"
Nelson de la Rosa (also known as Mahow Mahow) 2'4.3"
Lin Yih-Chih (world's shortest living man) 2'3"
Calvin Philips (1791-1812) 2'2.5"
Madge Bester (shortest living woman) 2'2"
Pauline Musters (Princess Pauline) 1'11"
Lucia Zarate (shortest woman, Barnum Circus) 1'8"
Ruby Wax, Chat Show Host 5'3"

You stop growing after age 21.
You shouldn't think about suicide, especially over your height. Learn to accept and love yourself the way you are, once you do, you'll gain the respect of others. Be comfortable in your own skin, if you're not, people perceive it and you become an easy target for jokes. As for girls... not all girls like tall guys, especially short girls. And when you meet the right girl, she'll love and accept you just the way you are.... Take actor Tom Cruise... short guy married Nicole Kidman and is now involved with Katie Holmes, another taller woman than him.

There is one to help,but I wouldn't do it..But any way...Here's a way.There's a technique I heard of that they do in hospitals.They break your legs.Then they grow back attached.Then you'll get taller because the leg has to grow up and reach the other end.Keep trying this till you keep getting taller.Try it if you want.I think they said it hurts.But if it comes to deciding to do sucided.I'd rather have you try this.

Kelly Cat (SpyroSunnySmudgy)
There is seriously nothing you can do, I am 22 and 5'2 trust me you wont grow anymore...just accept it and tell all the tall people at least you dont fall down as much because your center of gravity is lower...seriously though short people are way less clumsy than tall ones so start making jokes about tall people and dont take jokes about height so seriously you are fine the way you are!!

There are so many women out there for you who are petite and under 5 feet tall. Most of my friends are petite women and I look like an amazon woman compared to them. But the nice thing about this is that for every short woman there is a short man, and for every tall woman there is a tall man, and sometimes tall women fall for short men too. You need to stop worrying about becoming taller and start working on your self-esteem, and realize that God made you PERFECT just the way you are. Please stop buying into this VERY LIMITED "hollywood" idea of what is beautiful and handsome....it's all BS. If you are feeling hopelessness and suicidal, then you should talk to your doctor about medications and/or therapy that can help you out of the dark place you are in.

Dr Benway
I like small women...become stronger inside girl and shine!

I dont think you are all that short. My friend is 5ft, when we made of fun ( not seriously), he always laughed with us. People dont realy mean to put you down when they
call u 'dedfutiya' or somethin. Its jus friendly banter.
And besides, i never saw him gettin insecure abt his height, and he had his fair share of girls fallin for him, finally landed a sweet pretty wife too.
So it all depends on how you carry off wat you got.
Insecurity and low self-esteem shows and its not attractive at all. You can try the techniques given here
in case they work, but pleaseee stop obsessing over ur height. Its not a big deal.

Well now you are 25 i don't think anything will work now apart from exercise. Don't use any thing its not gonna work. Just do exercise only. And why are you feel so bad. It's ok. But if u really feel so bad then you can buy some hills from internet and fix inside your shoes. Well one of my friend do that.

I'm sorry. There is no way to increase height.

can't help..anymore..just accept it..

sgt. pepper
You are already 25... you need to get over it. You should already be accustomed to the jokes. Why not let them roll off your back? The jokes shouldn't matter to you anymore. There's nothing you can do to grow... just face the facts... you should know better.

There's a practice going on in China whereby they purposely break your legs and then add rods inbetween the broken bones... then the bones will set in... and result in the increased height.

It dosent matter you are short
there are so many great person who are short but they did very big things.
such as sunil gavskar,sachin tendulkar from our country.
So dont think so much about that just be happy be as it is.

Kyle C
I am sorry that you feel out of place because of your height. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with you. Your height is your height. It isn't something you got to choose; it is something you were born with. If other people make fun of you for it, you need to recognize that it is THEIR problem and not yours. I know it is hard to realize that when most of your society disagrees, but I hope this helps even if you don't agree with me.

The only option to get talker is surgery.

I know how you feel... I'm 5'1 and I wish I was taller, but I'm me and I can't change me...

Say to your friends, you know why no one picks fights with small people? Because we're very aggressive. Well it works for me ;) (But then again everyone who know's me knows I can be very aggressive :P)

Cunning Linguist
There's no way to increase your actual height.

If you want to be a foot taller, buy 12" platforms. Other than that, you get what you get.

there are more important things to worry about than your height
accept it and move on

shankari n
come on, think of short people who are celebrities and top in their career, our own jaya bhaduri in guddi, have you forgotten. your self confidence in your own self will take you to heights. never let yourself down with such rotten feeling, think what tall people do or achieve, as height has got nothing to do with your destiny. rather you develop your overall personality and you will become the darling of everyone. ok coming to your height problem, you can do skipping and join swimming, surely you will grow tall. be a positive person, and make others happy by your glowing behaviour. be always cheerful, think of people who are only 4 feet and what kind of achievements they have done in their life.

Nat c
I am 26 and I am 4'11. You have to take what you were born w/ and accept it happily. Just wear platforms!

sOuL dOcToR
I am a Homeopath and have helped many youngsters to gain help, but I am sorry you can not increase your height at your age if you would have been under 20 years you could have been helped . Here is the prescription for gaining height it has worked on all youngsters who were under 18 years I don't know if it would help you but you can try and I am sure it wont harm you perhaps it might work at your age.
Best of Luck and God Bless you !

The following Prescription of Homeopathic Remedies will help any youngster in gaining height: -
Three drops each in a sip of water just once a week.

Follow it up with these Tissue Salts: -
Four tablets each all together 3 times a day half hour before meals on an empty stomach. After finishing the whole bottles of these salts (30 Days).
If you feel that they are not making a positive difference just raise the potency of these three salts and get them in 30 instead of 6X and keep taking them till they start showing positive results.
Keep me posted about your progress if you do decide to take these medicines!
Best of Luck and if you are having Suicidal thought please do not hesitate to take AURUM MET 200 once a day Half before bed time till your depression is cured works miracles with people who have Suicidal depression due to any reason .

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